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  • One Piece Reader Inserts
    225K 6.4K 75

    Lol, me? Continuing any of the stories I have going? Unlikely. Me starting a new collection of oneshots? Yeah, whoops. Anyways I'm not super far into the series, but I love it and I'm gonna write stuff for it.

    Completed   Mature
  • One Piece One Shots [x Reader]
    38.3K 1.1K 16

    Various One Piece x Reader One Shots. Cross-posted on AO3/DA. Ongoing and updated as frequently as my schedule allows! Upcoming: Barto x Reader Shanks x Reader Mihawk x Reader Usopp x Reader ... :)

  • Memes 2.0
    288K 9.8K 200

    This is the second book of my first book Memes I don't own any of these memes besides maybe .5 percent the rest usually come from Facebook, instagram Pinterest, iFunny, Reddit I'll put in the chapter if a meme is mine

  • The Land of the Samurai ; 侍の国 (Gintama x Reader)
    223K 10.4K 86

    [Various! Gintama x Female! Reader.] [name] happened to just settle down in the Kabuki District, Edo. An encounter with an old friend, changed how she lived her ordinary life. Who knew she would see her old friends and make new ones? Certainly, not her. [This story will follow the Gintama anime.] STORY IS CURRENTLY O...

  • delivery girl
    392K 22.5K 77

    Lookism x reader In which (Y/N) is a soft, but sketchy little shit. Original comic by Taejoon Park

  • (One Piece X Reader) I Wish
    331K 13K 114

    A drab day of college results in our protagonist (y/n) getting caught up in some wacky experiment by a nutty professor. In agreeing to be his guinea pig, he promises to grant her a wish; a wish that results in her getting more than she bargained for.