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  • Magical World Academy
    4.7M 171K 102

    Her name is Sofia Isabel Gonzalo or "Pia" for short. Simple lang syang babae.Nasa simpleng mundo ng mortal world pero yun pala ay akala nya lamang. Hanggang sa mapadpad sya sa eskwelahan na hindi kapani-paniwala. Paano nya matatanggap na sya ay nabibilang dito? Isang Magical World Academy na kung saan hindi normal ang...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Night, One Lie (GLS#2)
    105M 2.1M 65

    It was wrong to be near her. No. He shouldn't be near her. Nilalabanan ni Brandon ang kanyang sarili dahil useless ang attraction na nararamdaman niya. For him, it was all just a game. For him it's pretend-love every night and the show is over every morning. Kaya illegal ang makaramdam ng constant attraction para sa i...

    2.4M 55.9K 62

    Revenge. The only word that's into her mind. All the way from New York, Vera Jean Moore came back to do her revenge for those who killed her Mother. Together with her grandfather, he conducted a mission for her to find all those person involved. What will awaits on her mission? What are the secrets will reveal? Will s...

  • The Gangster Transferee (Completed)
    2.6M 55.4K 66

    There this one Girl, a gangster, who will be transferred to a private school. She feels oblige to follow her parents desires. Then she thought, "I will forget my past when i transferred". Will she be able forget her past? or is it the other way around? but one thing did happen unexpectedly. Will her resolved will be i...

  • The Long Lost Powerful Princess (Publish On Dreame)
    345K 8.1K 71

    Mundo kung saan nakatira ang mga imortal kung saan ang imposible ay magiging posible Tunghayan ang kwento ng isang babae kung paano nya malalampasan ang mga pagsubok sa buhay nya at ang sakit na kahit minsan ay hindi nya hinangad Isang babaeng lumaki sa mundo ng mga tao ngunit hindi sya nakatadhana sa lugar na iyon d...

  • Enchanted Academy: Enchanting With The Devil
    481K 13.5K 100

    Rain Tyler is the name everyone A hard freaking 16-year-old girl who loves to fight boys Cussing is her hobby And you know what she is the only girl I know that who doesn't give a sh*t about her biological parents But what if she enters the Academy that will fit her attitude?? It will be a really wild Academy -EDITI...

  • Janine:The Lost Gangster Queen(Completed)
    3.8M 92.6K 88

    She's cold and heartless, ruthless and merciless, fearless and emotionless... Everybody respects her cause she's the one and only queen... She's janine takashi the most powerful of all, she's the legendary queen "Don't you dare mess up with the queen if you don't want to experience what hell really is...." SHES...

  • BS02: The Mafia Boss Son✔️
    327K 7.1K 46


    Completed   Mature
  • Worthwood Academy
    4.5M 128K 62

    "There's another heartbeat in the darkness." Worthwood Academy, a school where extraordinary is only ordinary. Everyone is special in their own ways. Nathalia Delacroix wished for a life that is normal and peaceful yet she's destined to something more chaotic and miserable. She promised to all odds that she'll embrace...

    310K 9.8K 28

    EMPIRE HIGH Book II "He died. I died. They'll die."-Empress Fuschia M. Morrigan Death is always upon her. Hunting and Dragging her there. She's used to it. Being the Three Personas is her fate; She's the Living Legendary Gangster known as Bloody E. She's the Queen, the Second Queen of Empire High. And she's the Empres...

  • Badass Genius
    1.2M 30.8K 72

    Her name is Akira Jade Alford. Hindi siya Gangster, hindi siya kabilang sa kahit na anong Mafia o Yakuza at mas lalo namang hindi siya Assassin. She's just a "Badass Genius." Halos lahat ng tao hinihiling na maging matalino sila. Oo, masarap maging matalino pero minsan ang pagiging sobrang talino ay ang siyang magdada...

  • That Mysterious Nobody(COMPLETED)
    407K 10.5K 45

    [The Badass Nobody Book 2:The Generations] The Death that turned the events upside down, Alexia Lyan Night Kitagawa "The powerless princess of dimensia"... will she find her way back? Jewellyn Pink Vasquez a simple ordinary nobody who simply uncomfortable of others seeing her face always wearing a hood,alone and gloo...

  • Getting To You (Azucarera Series #2)
    27.2M 1.1M 43

    Crisanta Camila Alcazar is the baby girl of Altagracia. Bunsong anak ng may-ari ng isang malaking azucarera, she was pampered and always prim and proper. Walang mag-aakalang may magagawa siyang isang bagay na ikakahiya ng kanyang pamilya. When it happened, she was devastated. The truth was revealed and yet everyone se...

    4.5M 122K 63

    Empire High was built for the Empire Society: Reapers, Gangsters, Assassins and Mafias. And as the classes starts, a nerd girl named Fuschia will enroll. A lady who has the key of secret about Three Personas; The Legendary Gang Leader, The Queen and The Empress. Demons who'll you wish not to wake up and mess with. Cu...

  • Making Deals with the Billionaire (Completed)
    9.5M 204K 48

    He's a billionaire. She's a thief. He was inside the bathroom. She was running from the guards. The maid left his door open. She saw the open door, and what do you think she did next? Yes, she went inside and hid in his closet. League of Billionaire: Book 1 Demitrius Levin Crivelli Highest rank: #1 in General Fiction

  • The Mafia Heir's Nerd Wife
    662K 14.5K 67

    WINTER D'MITRI'S POV Isa lamang akong simpleng babae na maraming alam tungkol sa martial arts. Pero madalas ibully ng mga kapwa estudyante, kesyo raw baluga ako at di nababagay pakisamahan ng mga kagaya nila. E ano namang problema sa pagiging nerd? Ehhh. Matalino naman ako, minsan nga nagta-top ako sa buong campus, tu...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Mafia Heiress #Wattys2016
    318K 5.4K 62

    Twisted fate with different personalities meet in one destined place with the thirst of blood on their veins. Such a clichè story if you think about it. But, is it really that clichè?

    Completed   Mature
  • Snatching tough woman's heart (Completed)
    1.8K 816 47

    Yasmin Forcia a tough girl who wants attention of his parent, she can live without Any people around her, But one day the tough girl can be a soft woman someday... We're not friends. We're not even close. Then how can i found my self falling in love to someone who snatching my tough heart. Ctto:pinterest for the boo...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Don't Mess With The Bad Nerd
    197K 1.6K 13

    "Lahat ba ng nerd tahimik at harmless?" HIGHEST RANK ACHIEVED #1

  • I was Controlled by a Mafia Lord
    851K 25.5K 105

    Isang Inosente at napakagandang babae kinababaliwan ng isang Mafia lord na akala mo ay di makabasag pinggan ay may tinatago din palang kabrutalan. Heaven Red Turner- The Walking doll, sweet, Innocent and also a kind hearted girl. Alistair Cloud Livingstone -Mafia lord, Cold,Heartless,Rich and handsome. ...

  • The Billionaire's Mysterious Lover (Book 3 of The Billionaires' Trilogy)
    3.8M 77.6K 29

    Rated SPG-18 Three hours before she turned twenty-eight, isinuko ni Evangeline ang kanyang pagkababae sa isang estranghero para lang patunayan sa sarili na hindi siya frigid. Na may kakayahan din siyang mag-init na katulad ng isang normal na babae. She only know his face, not his name. But she couldn't care less a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Wife
    10.1K 1.8K 28

    Billionaire Series #1 | A JaDine fan fiction

  • Pregnant By The Young Mafia Lord(COMPLETED)
    893K 14.7K 81

    🌟#1 action-romance 🌟#1 mafiaprincess Gawing madali sa akin, Paki-usap. Hawakan mo ako ng malumanay tulad ng simoy ng gabi sa tag-araw. Dalhin ang iyong oras, gawin itong mabagal. Mahal ko, Mahal ko. Hayaan lamang lumago ang pakiramdam. Gawing malambot at magaan ang iyong mga daliri. Hayaan ang iyong katawan ay a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carrying the Vampire's Heir (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED)
    14M 367K 58

    (Reagan Series #1) "My baby hates milk but he savors the taste of that red thick fluid we call 'blood'." --- Aaliyah Lopez

    Completed   Mature
  • Avenues of the Diamond (University Series #4)
    79.3M 2.9M 48

    UNIVERSITY SERIES #4. Samantha Vera from Ateneo De Manila University, the epitome of kindness, empathy, grace, and solicitude got her life ruined when her parents told her that she was marrying Cy Ramirez, a med student from UP, after their graduation.

    Completed   Mature
  • Reyna Ng Section F✖✖(Sec.#1)
    284K 9.4K 56

    Highest achievement Rank #3 Mga pasaway,at barumbado. All boys at sya lang ang naiiba. Mababago ba ito nang isang babae lang? Makakaya nya kayang makasama at mapatino ang mga kalalakihan na magpapasakit sa kanyang bunbunan? ABANGAN PS:New story ko po....Inspired sa 'Ang Mutya ng Section E' by:eatmore2behappy Lodiiii~~...

    Completed   Mature
  • Holy Scarlet Academy; The Lost Daughter Of FERRA, High Of All High
    1.4M 42.6K 58

    In a world full of ordinary people, one seem to be extraordinary. Sa mundo kung saan ang salitang "magic" ay haka-haka lang at hindi kapani-paniwala, isang babae ang nagkaroon ng kapangyarihan na kung sino man ay hindi magnanais na magkaroon. Ang buong buhay ni Ianna Vivien Ynn Hentero ay hindi naging mapayapa. Siya...

  • Dealing With The Billionaire
    207K 4.4K 38

    Formerly Dealing with Axel Jax Monterde :) She's funny and He's the serious type of person. What will happen if their wold collide? He's the Boss and she's the Secretary. Read at your own risk!! This is not RATED SPG!!! Maraming errors dito kaya kung sensitive ka mag skip ka nalang. Thankyou!

  • Running Away from the Billionaire (Completed)
    2.7M 63.7K 39

    He is a playboy billionaire. She's an assistant's daughter. He loves her. She loves another man. She wanted the love of her life to be hers, but things didn't go according to her plan and a little twist made her end up in the wrong billionaire's bed. League of Billionaires series book 4: Niklaus Klave Driveo

  • Ordered To Be His Wife
    38K 2.4K 32

    (COMPLETED) ALVAREOZ SERIES 1: What will you do when you suddenly need to get married to a billionaire because of your brother's sin? Will you accept it? DS: December 16, 2019 DF: April 29, 2020