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  • The Clone Wars: Automatron (Ahsoka X Reader)
    653 54 1

    This is a Star Wars the clone wars fan story, revolution. This is the tale of a Padawan, recruited by unusual means. And with his newly disc access to the force, he takes under the wing of the Skywalker, And onto his romantic relationship relationship with a Tano.

  • Ahsoka x reader The Bounty hunter Chiss
    5.6K 63 25

    I am Y/n the son of Cad Bane and my mother a Chiss named Nora Mitth a spy for the Chiss to spy on the Republic's War. My mother was shocked when I was born as a Chiss Force user like my mother was before it "disappeared" on her. I was given to the Jedi to learn from them and grow in strength. I had been sneaking out t...

  • The Omni Disk Dueler!
    227 13 1

    Y/N Kaiba Muto is the son of Seta Kaiba and Yugi Muto, and the next king of games... He goes to Duel Academy and things snowball from there!

  • The Boy with the Watch, and the Robot Girl
    399 15 2

    A long time ago, a young boy with a strange watch met a girl with bright eyes... Years later these two will meet once again and a love unlike any other will be born!

  • Rise Of The Mandalorian Empire
    3.5K 84 9

    When two jedi and a group of clones leave the republic they rally the mandalorian clans and free mandalor the peace loving leader to show the gaxaly that mandalorians are the best in the gaxaly

  • Dagashi alien
    146 4 1

    With all the commotion with the aliens and villains on the down low in Bellwood, Ben Tennyson, wielder of the Omnitrix, has decided to take a little well deserved vacation. Headed to Japan, funny surprise on his mother's side, he is now staying with two of his cousins during the summer. Only having a shapeshifter as a...

  • Ratchet and Clank + 10
    243 3 1

    When Dr. Psychobos teams up with Dr. Nefarious nothing can come from it. So Ben 10 and Rook team up with Ratchet and Clank in order to stop them. The only problem... how long will either main hero last when both of their socially impaired teammates start talking and going on and on with no chance at stopping?

  • Kangaroo Jack (OC included)
    252 5 1

    Basically a redone version of the funniest movie relating to marsupials, Charlie Carbone and Louis Booker are on their way to Australia to deliver a package when all of a sudden a certain kangaroo messes with their plan. And imagine what happens when a mutant human named Darrel Baxter joins this predicament. Got the O...

  • Kino's alien Journey
    763 11 4

    The classic manga and anime series about a single girl and the world. Only this girl, Kino, travels around her world with her talking motorcycle, Hermès. The two have wild adventures together, or rather that was how it was supposed to be. When a certain green eyed extraterrestrial boy appeared and joined her journey. ...

  • Zettai Alien Children
    1.8K 25 4

    Espers, one of the many pinnacles of a evolution, having the power to manipulate the world around you. Three Espers in particular have immense power and use their skills to keep the peace in this world of psychics. But what happens when you add a certain extraterrestrial shapeshifter to the recipe? Enter Ben Tennyson...

    2.3K 70 4

    Izuku was average ordinary quirkless teen but that all change when the heavens above decided to give young Izuku a power.....THE POWER OF THE MASK with the help of own craziness and the help of friends and lovers Izuku is going to be a hero filled with comedy,love and a BUNCH OF 4TH WALL BREAKING

  • Chaotic, codes of the ancients: monsters meet machines
    592 9 2

    In the world of Perim, there are several tribes, several include the overworlders, UnderWorlders, Mipedians, Danians and the banished M'arrilians. But now a new old tribe has awoken, enter the ancients. Long forgotten creatures that were lost to time until now, the ancients come in two sub tribes. The beasts and the m...

  • The Strongest Man Alive (Hiatus)
    109K 1.5K 17

    Izuku was deemed quirkless and ruined his dream was of being a hero Izuku's father came back to help izuku to come over this sadness So Izuku's father took him to go camp to have some fun in nature and to teach Izuku quirks aren't everything but izuku finds a weird fruit and everything changed

  • the Hero Like in Comic Book
    5.7K 147 2

    My Hero Academia is the Most popular anime in Remnant. after It release, It inspire many people to not Give Up to Life Just Like the main character. but What Happen if the main character of that anime showing Up in Remnant? Prepare Yourself Remnant! because he's Here. and He's gonna be the Hero, the symbol of Peace in...

  • Izuku in Marvel
    3.1K 140 9

    Storyline is that when the Tesseract is activated it actually grabs izuku from his universe and forces in through the hero Deku must now work with The Avengers to save New York from Loki the God of mischief.

  • The New Guy's JROTC?- Kim Possible/ Marvel Harem x SHIELD Operative OC
    2.7K 83 8

    Derek Meisters, the new student at Middleton High, has a secret to hide. Though, with how he behaves compared to an average student, he's definitely not that subtle. For Kim Possible, there's a new guy that appeared at a recent mission, stealing her thunder. What does this mean for the town of Middleton, and possibly...

  • Favorite Anime Male Characters' Harem Wives
    533 21 4

    Just as the name suggest, this is just my own little book outlook of some one my favorite anime male favorites with their own harem and married to them as well, and not just from the same series too but also from different worlds too. Hope you all enjoy it!

  • What's New, Remnant?
    2.2K 153 25

    (OC Son of Scooby Doo x RWBY Harem) In RWBY universe Scooby Doo was an legendary Faunus Huntsman.

  • Chained Love(Yoko Littner x Male Reader)
    45.1K 1.1K 29

    A Yoko Littner x Male Reader Story in which you are put into the world of Gurren Lagann

  • The Goddesses Son (Anthro MLP x OC)
    5.1K 89 5

    An adventure-based of friendship and Magic, Helping ponies around and showing them kindness, we follow the story of Shadow Harmonia Star. A stallion born from the goddess of Equestria herself Harmonia, While shadow brought happiness and joy to all the ponies in the land he also made lots of enemies that tried to kill...

  • Forbidden | Ahsoka x Reader
    495K 11K 108

    The story of you and Ahsoka Tano. A great love story with the background of the destructive clone wars. Every challenge and fight you face will take you by surprise. All the mysteries and questions, shocking you once the answers are revealed. The fate of all the Jedi, all of your friends and the whole galaxy lies on y...

  • Star wars clone wars : Ahsoka tano x male reader
    142K 1.1K 13

    A star wars story to fill up the lack of Ahsoka tano x male readers stories out there This will contain a dark side/light side reader with guns, knifes, black lightsaber, grenades, Who knows what more I don't own anything expect the story blah blah blah

  • male reader x Ahsoka tano
    666 22 4

    you are the second Jedi that came out of mand'alor from the vizla clan.

  • All that Matters... (Ahsoka x Male Reader)
    15.1K 479 49

    It's the midst of the Clone Wars, and things have never been more tense. Your 15 year-old self along with your Mother and Father are living on the planet of Coruscant when things take a turn for the worse. Your family, along with many others, are the victims of an attack, but you find out that maybe you didn't know yo...

  • I Am No Jedi: Ahsoka x Male Reader Jedi
    48.3K 1.4K 82

    #10 in Ahsoka #1 in aaylasecura /// Ahsoka Tano. Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker. What if Ahsoka was romantically involved with another Jedi, similarly to her own master? Meet y/n. From youngling to Padawan, his and Ahsoka's friendship develop...into love. Learn about y/n's Dark past, and how the two Jedi will hide t...

  • Let's Get Chaotic
    948 22 3

    Jack is a pro when he plays Chaotic. Whether it's in real life or online. Then he gets a package with a scanner that leads him to the world of Chaotic. This was no ordinary scanner as it gave him the power to change into creatures, use battlegear and mugic when he's in Perim. What will he do with this unknown power? C...

  • The Lost Barian Emperor (Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal X OC Reader)
    568 11 1

    On an ordinary day, the Tsukumo family found a young boy named Davis who has total amnesia of everything except his name. The boy was soon adopted into their family and had become close with everyone, including his adopted brother, Yuma. Years later, Davis and Yuma meet Astral whom they help to recover number cards, w...

  • The King of Summoning (Yu-Gi-Oh GX X OC Reader)
    333 10 1

    Attending Duel Academy, one of the best duel schools in the world, is a great opportunity for any up-and-coming duelist. Markus, a young duelist with self-created decks, has his sights on this school. He's the only one who's achieved the summoning methods: Fusion, Synchro, XYZ, and Pendulum. Now, Marcus and his friend...

  • Ahsoka Tano x Male Reader LEMON
    68.3K 258 2

    18+ enter at own risk

  • A Forbidden Love [Jedi Male Reader X Ahsoka Tano]
    319K 9.8K 72

    The rules of the Jedi were held sacred by all Jedi, they followed them and aimed to be the best Jedi they could, but once Ahsoka Tano and (Y/n) (L/n) meet and fall in love they put the rules aside and do what they feel is right. But how will this play out for the war ahead of them? Don't own star wars