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  • Kotlc and Hoo crossover- elves and demigods in high school
    1.4K 10 6

    What happens when you put 10 elves and 10 demigods in high school? Will they become best friends? Or will they kill each other first? This will take place after Trials of Apollo, with Emporer Neero gone, Reyna as a hunter, and Hazel as Praetor. Never seen has been defeated and Lady Gisella and Alvar still betrayed the...

  • Elves and Demigods (KOTLC short story)
    29.2K 399 9

    Two worlds, kept separate from each other...until now. (short story) Sophie and her friends decide to take a trip to the human wold so they can "learn" more about Sophie's background. However, the council is only letting them go to do research on humans. Should be a piece of cake. While they are at their new school, G...

  • When We Met: A kotlc and Pjo/HoO crossover
    15.9K 339 25

    A kotlc and Pjo/HoO crossover What happens when there is suspicious activity in the forbidden city of New York and our favourite group of elves are sent to investigate? Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, and maybe a few characters here and there, all other credit goes to Shannon Messenger and/or Rick Riordan Star...

    6.5K 95 6

    Basicly, HOO meets KOTLC.

  • Worlds Collide~KOTLC HOO Crossover
    61.1K 982 43

    What happens when Sophie and her friends are sent to the Lost Cities? Back the T-rex up! That shouldn't happen. When the elves are just getting comfortable at Camp-Half Blood, disaster strikes. How will the heroes win when they're fighting the Neverseen AND monsters? :) DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS! Seque...

  • Kotlc and Hoo crossover
    6.3K 68 5

    The kotlc crew go on another adventure. This time, to the forbidden cities! There, they'll go to the local high school, Goode high and meet The 7. What will happen to these adventurous teens when Fintan takes a visit to this high school?