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  • His Heartbeat [His Series 1] {Completed}
    343K 16.4K 30

    This beautiful cover is by @Anoniem024 That was all he could describe when asked to him what was she to him... For him it was as simple as that, his heartbeat one without whom he could not survive for whom he would go against the world... She has the power to bring him to his knees not just one...

  • Second Chance At Love ( Forever Series Book 3)
    201K 5.7K 36

    What happens when life gives you another chance to be with someone you love more than anything? But what if your past with them stops you from doing so? Follow Sebastian and Amaira in this emotional journey where they meet again after 18years and overcome and relive their love, creating new memories in doing so... Bu...

  • Forever Yours (Forever Series Book 2)
    720K 17.8K 35

    He wanted her from the first moment he saw her. She was the most innocent creature he had laid eyes on and the most beautiful.. He would do anything to make her his.. Anything. For Ria, life is almost perfect with her college and music till one incident causes her beg in front of the ruthless tycoon Zian.. ...

  • I belong to a stranger (PUBLISHING) Belong Book 1 - Unedited
    1M 32.3K 66

    WARNING: THIS BOOK IS CUTE, HOT, SWEET, SEXY, ROMANTIC, MUSSY, DRAMATIC, EMOTIONAL, INTENSE. Beware. EXTRACT (SUMMARY BELOW): “Like father, like son” The truth of the words hit me then. A cruel smile caught up with me. Somewhere at the back of my head, I couldn’t believe what I had just said, but I refused to let the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Mistake
    30.5M 449K 39

    (Completed) Emma Collins never planned to bump into him ever again. Not to mention the fact that she hated him. But fate had other plans. Emma just had to make one beautiful mistake. (All Rights Reserved)

  • Damaged and Afraid
    89K 3.8K 20

    Sanjana and Arjun are from a small village in India. They secretly met each other and fell in love. Soon, Arjun changed. He'd done some unthinkable things to Sanjana that had broken her inside and made her becomed damaged. Sanjana is forced to move to America with her Aunt because her family has disowned her. Th...

  • Marriage By Law (Published)
    39.4M 338K 31

    Completed Novel: Can be purchased on Amazon - Kindle and paperback. What happens when two are summoned together by a long remembered deal between two enemies to force their alliance in the industry business. Heartbroken, angry and confused Ivory says yes to the first thing she hears as she barges throgh the door. Perh...

  • Learning to Love
    4.6M 103K 55

    Aman and Priya were forced to have an arranged marriage as part of a business deal made by their fathers. Aman Verma is a shrewd businessman. He is a total womanizer and fears commitment. Priya Malhotra may belong to a rich family but was sheltered from the wealthy lifestyle and given an upbringing immersed in tradi...

  • The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield
    66.7M 1.4M 38

    ***The wrong girl is sometimes The Right One.*** Charlotte Samuels thought she'd be stuck waiting tables at Marlow's until all her debts are paid off-in about ten thousand years or so. She definitely didn't expect a marriage proposal from the arrogant Brandon Maxfield who was blackmailed by his father to make her h...