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  • You Won't Have To Worry Anymore: Salem x male reader {COMPLETED}
    85.9K 1.3K 8

    One alone by a curse another alone by choice Find eachother and develop a bond beyond either of their original hopes

  • Touka's Little Bunny (Tokyo Ghoul xchild reader)
    9K 187 5

    Touka is almost your average 17 year old girl,and when I say almost I mean she's a ghoul.One night after "saving" a ghoul boy who says he's human she runs into a little boy who's mother has been eaten by her bother.Feeling responsible about the child's mother Touka take him in as her own.But is it as easy as it seems...

  • Little Wizard (Abused child reader x little witch academia)
    6.3K 109 5

    In a world and time where magic, creatures and fantasy exists with witches able to use magic in a all girl school this is a story where one child shows the true meaning of "A believing heart is your magic".

  • I am the Rose you broke (Abused and neglected male reader x RWBY girls)
    126K 784 19

    All you wanted was to loved by your family but instead they beat you call you a "mistake" or "worthless" and most they days when there beating you they ignore you act like your not there.There was one person who loved you and took care of you,your brother Ghost he would step in and take the beatings.Sometimes they wou...

  • ~Our Little Boy~ ( Yandere RWBY x Male child reader )
    4.6K 55 3

    This was given to me by HunterZim and was originally Yandere Summer X male child reader

  • Remnants Wild card
    158K 2.3K 28

    (completed) (Y/n) (L/n) was a normal boy, until one day he stopped a guy from assaulting a woman but was framed for harming the guy. He is now on probation and experienceing strange dreams. As he was walking back home, he saw a group off people about to hurt a Faunus. He unlocked his semblance that day and stopped th...

  • The King Of Cards (male x RWBY)
    44.8K 647 6

    Yn is the biggest and the Best card game player in the world. He also has a unique semblance. He was Born with tattoos all over his body. Only his hands, head feet and lower region has no tattoos, and they were tattoos of playing cards. Only years later he found out that when ever a flying projectile comes towards him...

  • Dying Isn't as Easy as it Sounds (RWBY Harem X Male Reader) [DISCONTINUED]
    113K 1.4K 20

    Dying isn't easy, not by a long shot. Everytime you die, you loose something precious, little by little. What if what you lost was the thing you treasured the most? The thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, the thing that makes you smile, cry, yell, or jump out of your seat? Do you still think dying is easy...

  • Revenge Solves Everything! Tokyo Ghoul x Male Reader
    29.5K 577 8

    Y/n L/n: A Chimera Half-Ghoul born and bred into a Ghoul clan in his Native country of (N/C: Native Country). Y/n was not treated very well at all due to his half human heritage. Only his Father cared for him, in fact, his Mother- being the Ghoul of the relationship and a Chimera herself (Rinkaku and Bikaku), had him...

  • Abused Male Reader x Monster Girls
    63.2K 611 6

    (Y/n) (L/n) was ordinary 20 years old man who hasn't have much luck in his life. His parents died in accident when he was 4, and was beaten by his foster parents and people in school. When he turn 18 he run away and start new life, unfortunately when he sing up for exchange progrom all bad memories come back. 1# - mre...

  • A Monster Against Demons (Male Reader X Hentai Harem)
    33.2K 698 11

    Y/N is far from normal. After being experimented from the the age of 5. Once he escaped he hunted the people who experimented on him and on top of that list was the entirety of Blackwatch and Gentek.

  • Interspecies Reviewers X Male Reader
    13.2K 105 1

    Y/N is a wandering adventurer who decides to take a stop at a restaurant in a monster town, but finds himself in a completely different environment.

  • Lone Wolf(female Smash Characters X Male destiny Hunter)
    82.2K 558 6

    You never trusted anyone.....that is until you are seen by a bunch of girls that see talent in then become closer than ever

  • Avatar Of The Void (Rwby X Male Reader) 18+
    347K 5.7K 54

    F/N was a weak and kind individual who always wanted to do the right thing, that changed when the one person he loved cheated on him leading to his sister's death. Now his true nature takes over and he wants to get his revenge on anyone who wronged him. Is it to late to save him from the darkness? I don't own rwby or...

  • Female cheaters x male reader
    87.3K 462 15

    Story's where the reader gets cheated on and maybe falls in love again or doesn't or dies. I don't own of the characters unless their my on or you which you own yourself.

  • Silly Me...I Forgot To Mention...I Cheated
    89.5K 1K 28

    (RWBY x Betrayed Bullied Salem Reader) (Y/N) (L/N) was a hated at Beacon. He only really had 3 maybe 5 people he could really call friends. However when serving detention exploring the Emerald forest a voice calls out to him and promises the one thing (Y/N) could ever want...anything. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth DTL...

  • The Silent Rose (abused and neglected mute reader x rwby)
    137K 1.2K 22

    So, I'm gonna be honest, I got all the inspiration from Twin Roses by MinusDark, go check it out if you haven't if you're into stories like this, so yeah. RWBY is owned by rooster teeth obviously any songs that are use along with any pictures are not mine. plz no sue me.

  • (Hiatus) Fake Smiles:RWBY x Abused and Neglected Male Reader
    267K 2K 33

    After the disappearance of summer {Y/N} Abused and Neglected by his own Family had to run away in order to survive, after meeting a man in the woods {Y/N} now lives a "peaceful" life on beacon, but a new batch of 1st year students has arrived. can the fucking plot armor that the author gave him even save his life? Wh...

  • yandere gangster girls x abused malereader
    95.1K 1.6K 7

    you always wanted to be loved for just being you. well you got it and you shoulda been more carful of what you wish for. Lemons will happen

  • Harley's New Toy | Harley Quinn X Male Reader
    5.1K 128 7

    A Remaster of my old X Male Reader, Harley's Toy? ---------------------------------------- You recently found employment at a place extremely close to home, in Gotham City, a prison well known to probably hold the most insane people on Earth. But you can tell with such a high pay, that this job won't be as easy as the...

  • No Home Without Trust (Distrustful Child x Possessive Dragon Maids)
    72.1K 1.5K 21

    A child from a very rich family was believed to have everything he ever wanted, new toys he liked, food given to him on a silver platter, private home schooling, a big house, and he did have all those, but here's what it was like to him. New toys so he wouldn't be allowed to complain, everything was on a strict schedu...

  • Lost and Found~ (Yandere Bleach Fem Soul Reapers x Child Reader) (On Hold)
    64.2K 1K 14

    You died in a car crash, but you don't know that. All you know is that you were somewhere else and there was chain on your chest and you were scared so you tried to find you mommy and daddy. Later in your search you saw a 'monster' (Hallow) and you ran, but it chased you and tried to eat you until a lady came to your...

  • The Lost Little Birdie
    55.8K 911 48

    During the war between the IMC and Militia, a young little boy witnessed his home and village attacked by IMC forces as his Parents and relatives Killed and his newborn baby sister taken away never seen again... 26 years later he fought as a skilled militia pilot, fighting and searching for his sister almost 7 years a...

  • the true hunter (male bloodhound reader x rwby Velvet) (Adopt Please)
    15.7K 111 7

    My legend was told after my first hunt. when I killed that beast when I was 10 I felt alive. I put my fate in the gods as I hunted bigger beasts. I never thought that there was more planets with life on them until the apex program started. I met so many people. I have won ths first ever apex and it felt Glorious. afte...

  • I Promise (Male SWAT Team Reader x Abused Yang, Ruby, and Summer)
    41.1K 557 9

    This one has been in the back of my mind for a while, and I can't help but make it now. I don't know how long it will be, but I already have more ideas after this story finishes. I am on my way with my team to serve a search warrant. When in a situation like this, we are trained to always be on alert and to expect an...

  • Brothers in arms (Rwby x abused and neglected metro ranger male reader)
    111K 974 30

    Y/n was never wanted or loved by his family they beat him neglected him till one day he couldn't take it anymore so he ran away and met A new family.

  • Wanting To Be A Hero
    37.9K 385 8

    Y/N is a sniper filled with secrets. Just trying to find his place in the world by helping people in any way he can, and becoming a Huntsman is his way of doing that. RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth and the pictures belong to their respective owners.

  • 'Cᴜᴛᴛʜʀᴏᴀᴛ' A 'Terrorist' male reader x Rainbow six seige girls
    14.2K 130 16

    this is a white mask male reader story! call it a new version of my other story. I no own r6s bro.