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  • I Love You Idiot!
    110K 2K 128

    Hayden Black hasn't had the easiest life. Mother died, father's in prison, and the only biological family she has left is a bunch of cruel, sadistic evil bleeps that she wants nothing to do with. She may stay with her dads best friend, Remus, but besides him, she has no one. Well, no one besides Remus and her best fri...

  • Backfire • Cedric Diggory [✓]
    59.7K 1.4K 30

    Cedric Diggory and Holland Avery have spent three years toying with one another with their annual hexes and slime pouring. With one craving triumph, the other craving difference, what could work better than a love potion? But how badly could things go wrong when one had accidentally drunken their own love potion? Wha...

  • Going Unnoticed || Cedric Diggory
    698K 19.3K 19

    {completed - UNDER EDITING} ❝It's sad that many people won't get to realise this❞ She was going unnoticed, quite happily, until Cedric Diggory stormed into her life with a charming smile and a slip of parchment for the Goblet of Fire. They're only dragons, right?

  • Too Shy To Tell You (Cedric Diggory x Reader)
    744K 19.8K 22

    (Y/N) Middlebrook was terribly excited for her fourth year at Hogwarts. But at the same time she was extremely anxious. This year was the year she wanted to tell her crush she was hopelessly in love with him. But how? Cedric Diggory. He was practically unattainable. Not to mention the unspoken rule about Hufflepuffs a...

  • Honey & Spice {Cedric Diggory}
    1.2M 42.1K 160

    "I care too much, it's kinda a problem."

    1.1M 12.2K 17

    UNDER REWRITING "Checking me out?" "In your dreams, Diggory." 🥀 Starts in ~ Prisoner of Azkaban Ends in ~ Goblet of Fire Book 1 of 3 Any original characters and plot belong to J.K. Rowling. Anaya Bellerose, Jade Rivera, Romeo Dawson, Tom Goodman, Lia Goodman, Elodie Holland, James Holland, Leely, Valerie Bellerose...

  • PARALLEL {Cedric Diggory | Harry Potter}
    1.5M 48.9K 82

    Lori Weasley is the golden girl of Gryffindor, prefect and Quidditch Captain. {Goblet of Fire - Deathly Hallows}