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  • Chasing Lacey North ✓
    308K 13.3K 31

    •COMPLETE• One year ago Drew met the love of his life. Eleven months ago he found out her name and her twitter account. Ten months ago she moved to Germany. Now she's back. With his crude best friend Melissa, Drew takes it upon himself to find Lacey, even if it means chasing her around the country with only her spora...

  • Leslie's Study of Femininity ✓
    685K 30.5K 37

    •COMPLETE• Everyone tells Leslie she's one of the guys, so she sets out to prove that there are no rules to being a girl. --- watty award winner 'hq love award' 2014

  • Gifted
    585K 10.1K 37

    Something terrible happened in the World of Magic & everybody's talking about it. A fatal day at the prestigious Academy of Magic & Magical Studies ends with the loss of innocent life and a mystery in need of solving. While the World of Magic attempts to rebuild after the tragedy, many fear that the darkness is not a...

  • My Life Of Evasion
    457K 19.1K 28

    Passport? Check. Book of maps to every country in the world? Check. The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom? Check. My amazing boyfriend of over a year and a half? Check! The same crazy guy who'd been chasing us on our last exploration and the group of other crazy people he's basicall...

  • My Life In Code
    527K 19.1K 25

    Passport? Check. Book of maps to every country in the world? Check. The world's best treasure hunting dad and the most incredible stepmom? Check. My amazing boyfriend Max who I hadn't seen in over five months? Check! The new crazy guy who's after us? Ugh, check. And my new baby sister who will be here in just...

  • My Life In Ruins
    969K 32.7K 33

    Passport? Check. A book of maps of every country in the world? Check. Backpack and small suitcase that contains everything I possess? Check. The world best, international traveling, treasure hunting dad and the most awesome stepmom who is more like my best friend? Check. And new, totally gorgeous English intern o...

  • In Living Memory
    6.8K 302 7

    "...My sister died at the beach last summer. Well, she almost died. We won't know how, until she wakes up. If she ever does. She’s in a coma, lying in a hospital bed three miles away from home. She’s not dead. But she’s not alive either." It's all Angelica's fault, or so she thinks, that her sister Carmen fell down fr...

  • Unblemished (Watty Awards 2012)
    162K 2.2K 26

    Shay Woods hates being ugly. Her only wish is to be like her sister, Avery- Perfect. But once she is, she's haunted by the cause of her new found lifestyle. Now, Shay realizes the only thing harder than being ugly is being unblemished.

  • Unexpectedly
    5.1M 154K 42

    ‘He went out of the room. In his boxers. Again. Like the laws and principles of the universe, which were scientifically proven, I couldn’t help but scowl. He smirked. “Well, stop drooling all over me.” I wrinkled my nose. “Right. Good luck with your delusions.” With that, I prepared to leave. Cam’s jaw twitched. He...

  • The World's Wrong, We're Right
    22.3K 424 18

    Brooklyn Summers is like any other teen who breathes music... or so she thought. One night she finds out that everything in her life is a huge lie, that her father is actually not her real father. No, her father of blood is a retired rock star, Jamie Maze, from one of the bands she listens to, Melodies of Midnight. It...

  • ...Checkmate
    770 25 4

    "Looks can be so decieving." And so they can be as Mia learns. Mia is an amazing chess player and beats every single living chess player her age. However, when she meets Josh, she melts. And pours her heart out to him, giving up her dream of chess. However, does he have the same thing in mind? This is an original tal...

  • Burned
    80.6K 1.2K 32

    Ember doesn’t remember anything; who she is or where she’s from. A concerned family takes in the strange girl. Love arouses when she meets a boy she thinks she’s in love with, Trevor. She continues to quarrel with a boy named Omar, who is part of the family that took her in. When she is told to go to therapy, she meet...

  • You Are My Only Sunshine
    64.5K 1.8K 31

    I look around myself, and all I see is gray... 16 year old Quinn Heart knew something was wrong. No one should ever feel as sad as she does every day... Finally, she figures out she was right. She’s diagnosed with depression, Bipolar Disorder. Just like her mother had been. Her mother had committed suicide when Quinn...