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  • |¦| Chaos |¦| # a dark harry potter fanfic #
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    After living a life of lies and betrayal Harry Potter is sent into the past in an attempt to fix his life. I swear my writing skills are much better than this shitty description. Also this will be a dark harry potter fanfic. James and Lilly will be both alive and bashing. Harry will have a shitty sibling (of course he...

  • Loved by Hades (SLOW UPDATES)
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    Hades A vacation on earth from the underworld sounded perfect. Like nothing could go wrong. I wasn't expecting much. I especially wasn't expecting to meet Persephone. The same Persephone I was told didn't exist for me, the same Persephone who was destined to be my wife and queen, the same Persephone who's the key to m...