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  • ℂlementine
    44.5K 1.4K 21

    ℋave you ever longed for a place that is only real in your heart, ever been infatuated with a face whose name is on the tip of your tongue? A seventeen year old beauty, declared insane, is homesick for a place she's told she has never been to. A handsome young artist, with only the money in his pockets keeping him a...

    Last updated May 04, 2013
  • Remember (GirlxGirl) Watty Winner
    1M 19.4K 28

    She scoots the leather seat closer to the hospital bed and lays her head on the soft mattress. She puts her hands together and begins to pray. It was hilarious. She has never pray before and she definitely didn’t go to church. After her mom died of cancer she just stopped believing. However, she knew if she lost thi...

    Completed   Mature Last updated Aug 28, 2012
  • A Criminal's Kiss
    3.4M 69.2K 21

    Skye Moreno's life is pretty different to most other girls her age. For as long as she can remember she's been involved in a world full of guns, drugs and criminals. At only 19, she's been molded into a ruthless killing machine who will stop at nothing to keep her family happy. When her eldest brother, Elliot, retu...

    Completed   Last updated May 01, 2012
  • My Fair Lady
    2.8M 32.3K 47

    Juliet Rosewood has never been one of the attractive young ladies whom gentlemen favour just liker her sister, Titania. Resigned to a life of being left of the shelf, she is ardently surprised when she catches the fancy of a handsome earl, Edmund Aughust at a masquerade ball. However, as she prepares to accept his han...

    Last updated Mar 28, 2014
  • Sweet Love of Mine
    2M 35.6K 33

    Emily Weatherly was no gently-bred London debutante. In fact, she had thrived on the streets of London, a pickpocket and urchin, until Fate threw her lot in with the Weatherly's, a prestigious family who unselfishly raised her as their own and protect her from a heinous secret that could destroy her life. Despite this...

    Completed   Last updated Sep 03, 2012
  • When Like Minds Collide (Brightmore #1)
    2.3M 44.1K 35

    Lord Marshall Sutherland wanted a wife. He had also known exactly who he wanted as his wife for precisely a year. Unfortunately, Miss I.P. Bright was a pseudonym and locating the wench had taken a considerable amount of time, effort and money on his part. He had spent the better part of his time last year at the blas...

    Completed   Last updated Feb 06, 2012
  • In 27 Days (Watty Award Winner 2012)
    19.1M 699K 34

    Hadley Jamison doesn't know what to think when she hears that her classmate, Archer Morales, committed suicide. She didn't exactly know him, but that doesn't stop her from feeling like there was something she could have done to help him. So to Hadley's surprise, on the very night of Archer's funeral, she has a r...

    Completed   Last updated Jul 22
  • Promise Me (Book One of the Kirkland Family)
    7.6M 109K 49

    Hannah Baker cannot stand to breathe the same air as Justin Kirkland...but she adores his daughter, and his parents, and she even dated his younger brother back in high school. So what will it take for those two to fall in love? A screwy family tree, a bitter ex-wife, and lots of long, hot, summer nights.

    Completed   Last updated Oct 09, 2012
  • Letters From Afghanistan
    44.1K 1.4K 11

    When 19 Year Old Haley Anderson loses her older brother to the war in Afghanistan, she's left broken and alone. A year later she receives a letter from his best friend and fellow comrade, Chase Turner. He goes to into great detail to explain what happened on the day of her brother's death, including how he died. Altho...

    Last updated Jul 31, 2013
  • The Black Knight (Watty Awards 2012 Finalist)
    8.2M 194K 40

    She found him on the beach. His clothes spoke of wealth, his hands told of work, but it was the scars on his face that told Nan who the man before her was, Sir William Horton, the resident Hero of Ashford. He was the richest man in five counties and a well known bastard. Rumors of every kind were whispered about Ashfo...

    Completed   Last updated Sep 29, 2012
  • The Last Dance
    19M 168K 36

    Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady' if she can help it, is not looking forward to coming of age and attending the High Ball which she thinks is nothing more than a market for single gi...

    Completed   Last updated Jul 07, 2011
  • The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters)
    9.3M 103K 66

    This book is now available on Amazon and unfortunately they won't allow me to put it up elsewhere for free, not even the unedited draft. Sorry! The Vikings! Aelswyn had heard about them, all the tales of their barbaric behaviour, the rapes and pillages, the massacres, the burnt villages. But she never thought they wou...

    Completed   Last updated Jun 12, 2014
  • Take My Heart (Heroic Rogue Series - book 1)
    3.2M 30.9K 22

    Switching roles and the pursuit of freedom come together in the hunt to discover who can be trusted and who is really the traitor during the Colonial times. Mercedes Maxwell’s sister’s last wish was for Mercedes to find evidence against Kat’s husband, William Braxton, and have him hung as a traitor to the crown. Merce...

    Completed   Last updated Nov 29, 2011
  • Soldierboy
    184K 1.6K 30

    This story is set in Belfast Northern Ireland in the 1980's Fed up moping, after her break up with her two timing boyfriend Johnny, 18 year old Kelly Caruthers agrees to go along to a night out with her brothers girlfriend Chrissie to a disco at a local army Barrack. Here she meets Danny Phillips a young soldier...

    Completed   Last updated Oct 26, 2011
  • THE Marquis's Mistress: Historical Fiction
    2.1M 39.4K 21

    Natasha Grayson knew she was not pretty. She was also not expecting great things from her meager life, with her father being a servant in the house of the Marquis of Crowcombe. She was treated like a maid servant by her wicked stepmother, whose only ambition was to send her baby brother Benjamin, off to boarding s...

    Completed   Last updated Jul 20, 2015
  • Roots
    1.5M 16.2K 34

    In the summer of 1918 a tragedy echoed across the world when the Russian Imperial Romanov family was murdered by communists leaving much of the country crying out in mourning. Yet, there was a myth that one daughter, the youngest daughter; the Grand Duchess Anastasia had escaped. Though many disbelieved, for some thi...

    Completed   Last updated May 03, 2015
  • His Secret
    1.6M 16.1K 37

    August Price had grown up and was no longer the little girl too afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself. After her fathers' death and split of her Lycan pack August hoped to never see her mother and sisters again. However a invitation to her younger sisters wedding changes everything. August is not only up...

    Last updated Aug 04, 2014