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  • Random OneShots
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    This is a bunch of oneshots I'm gonna make because I'm to lazy to make them into full stories 👌🏻 I'm willing to accept requests, also go check out TaestyKookNow >:0 I'll be offended if you don't Requests are open, dm me or ask on my page

  • Back To Zero ( Haikyuu x Yuri on Ice// crossover// short fan fiction)
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    Haiba Lev, the tall goofy Russian boy who we all know and love has to face his past. Victor Nikivorof along with his husband Katsuki Yuuri are the current guardians of the Haiba children. Lev was a very adventurous kid, which means he could never find something to keep him pre occupied. Volleyball was never his first...

  • Kiss Viktor Not me! ~Yuri On Ice - Kiss Him Not Me CROSSOVER
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    Kae Serinuma is CRAZY about yaoi and bl. She will do anything to get any boy that she sees that would make a good couple together. Lately she has been going crazy over the anime 'Yuri on ice'. She's fallen in love with the two characters Yuri Katsuki's and Viktor Nikiforov's love toward each other. She wishes they cou...