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  • Forbidden to be his (sample)
    162K 1.6K 6

    [Not available in wattpad any more. Not a free book . You have to buy coins in dreame to read the story . ] Ayan was madly in love But, not with the girl who he was supposed to marry. But to the girl who was her sister and whom he rejected at first. And, the most important thing was she hated him from the core of her...

  • Always At Your Side | ✔
    466K 4.6K 8

    [Highest ranking #1 in spiritual] [#2 on What's Hot list] "What are you doing here?" I asked her through gritted teeth. She looked at me confused. For the sake of her, I have to do this. "I asked what are you doing here?" I now shouted at her. She flinched. "I..I came here for you." She stuttered, playing with her fin...

  • The Heart Want What It Wants
    111K 8.4K 37

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi was astonished as he looked unbelievingly at his wife, Annika, who never stood up for her right did , looking at her he felt his heart breaking into pieces . Wasn't he the one who was suppose to take care of her but thinking what he gave to her all this while was nothing a normal lovely husband wo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bonded By Hate
    33.8K 3.1K 24

    Shivay Singh Oberoi A handsome, dashing and amazingly intelligent and talented singer. After losing his parents in young age the only motive of his life is to avenge the murderers of his parents, of his childhood, his happiness and peace. Annika Saxena A beautiful, intelligent and honest girl who have craved for the...

  • ✔️The Womb Connection (Completed)✔️
    308K 28.5K 59

    A forced marraige to Shivay but a dream marraige to Annika. Some moments of togetherness which finally led to separation. She loved him enough to let him go, but what will he do when he will get to know that she holds the seed of that night in her womb? Will he be with her or leave her again to suffer? Join Shivika...

  • My Heart Belongs To You (Complete)
    153K 8.1K 69

    Ananya Mehta : 22 years old. She is caring , loyal , honest. A bit conservative but trust people easily. Madly in love with a person from the day she understood the meaning of love . Armaan Jain : 22 years old He is a Greek god. Loves travelling , extrovert and have many friends.Dont believe in love but fell head ove...

  • My Brothers Best Man (editing)
    548K 13.1K 25

    Riley Medina, a 26 year old who works at Hooters,her true passion is to be a designer. she is outgoing, witty at times and likes men in suits, but she wants nothing to do with men and relationships, so what will happen when she meets her Brothers best man? He is the kind of Man her parents warned her about, charming...

  • Married To The Heartless Guy (Dolan Twins)
    47.9K 1K 38

    "You have to marry him honey. That's the last thing I asking for." "But why me? He is a heartless guy." This is how the story goes. Where her Grandmothers last wish before she dies is to see her granddaughter marry her friends grandson. But the grandson of her friend is a heartless guy. Is he simply like that? What...

    Completed   Mature
  • THE DARKER SHADES OF WHITE- A love Story #Wattys2014(Book 2-TDSOW SERIES)
    1.1M 54.6K 51

    Spiritual #2 Romance #13 Life has been unexpected for Khadijah. First her family is engulfed by fate, and then her life is taken by force and molded by destiny. But now she will fight. After finding out the horrid truths behind her husband-the handsome and mysterious Shehzad Atish, she decided to recuperate her life...

  • A Secret Service [COMPLETED]
    20.1M 946K 60

    "I LOVE IT!" - CarniaHolmes "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face," Carter said. She pointed to Zac. "I'm going to dislocate your other shoulder, just to make them even." She cocked her head and gave the main guy a sickly sweet smile. "I'm going to break your wrist, taking away your bas...

  • It's an Accident
    6.4M 215K 85

    He is smart, rich and handsome. A child prodigy. Girls love him and boys respect him. In short he is the epitome of perfection, looked up by everyone. The perfect one. But one thing. He hates the female population with a passion right from his childhood. She is kind, gentle and sweet. She lives in her own world often...

  • Shraman One Shot Series (COMPLETED ✔)
    35.3K 2K 32

    #180 in Fan Fiction as on 08/06/2017 #188 in Fan Fiction as on 06/06/2017 Random One shots of our favorite couple shravan and suman. Peep into their married life and enjoy the fluff.. 😉 All rights reserved. Do NOT plagiarize.

  • A Touch of Love
    6.7K 464 10

    Braelynn West hasn't felt love since she was 21. You know the unconditional love you receive from your parents and siblings. She lost her family when they were in a car accident on Boxing Day, seven years ago. Since then she been alone, until one night she mugged and left for dead, until her night in shining armour ap...

  • Best Completed Wattpad Stories
    4.8M 35.3K 115

    If you don't like stories with bad boys this isn't for you :) I am sucker for bad boys in stories. Best Completed Wattpad Stories is list of the best stories I have read so far. I am always open for suggestions what story I should read next :) You can also find me on tumblr :