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  • Speak Yourself (Self Series #2)
    351 50 32

    Self Series: This contains self harm and some scenes are not suitable for selected audiences. Please, read at your own risk. Turncoats. Mostly, that is understood for snakes around as they fool everyone. Traitors acting like angels but actually serve hell. In spite these, the question would be, what made them? What r...

  • Love Yourself (Self Series #1)✔︎
    3K 324 44

    Self Series: This contains self harm and some scenes are not suitable for selected audiences. Please, read at your own risk. [COMPLETED] Despite the great judgement, some people are just really good on not giving a single care of those people. Some may hide it, but deep inside, they are asking themsleves on where did...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Suitor Of Rose Ann
    30.6K 2.8K 33

    A teen fiction story of a girl who named, Rose Ann. --- Si Rose Ann ay isang babae na never pa nagkaroon ng ideya tungkol sa salitang, pag-ibig. Paano kaya siya magkakaroon ng kaalaman ukol sa salitang ito? How can his suitor/s make her believe that there's a true love that exist? Halika, ating tunghayan ang naging t...

  • Euphonious Rhythm of Genres: A Writing Contest
    1.8K 192 7

    A writing contest for Filipino writers. Status: Open

    377K 18.8K 35

    | THIS STORY IS A WATTYS2020 WINNER UNDER ROMANCE CATEGORY | Out of desperation, Harper has only one choice left which is to find a girl who will pretend to be his girlfriend in order to deceive his father, for he believes that being gay is one of the hardest secrets to keep. Luckily, his plan works, but not until wh...

  • As The Rain falls (Desired Passion Series #1) ON GOING
    343 110 21

    "He was always there for me. Never did a day passed by without me being all smiles because of him. Not until today happened." Kylie Iris Casillas is a hard working student. Having high hopes of getting good grades, she often gets carried away by the rain. But during those times, she'll have him by her side. Wiping her...

  • Calm amidst the Chaos✓
    996 160 40

    "Forgiving is easy, forgetting isn't." ••• Ashantie, an eighteen-year-old lady is a rebel. Having a broken family was never easy. She found love and comfort in the form of her friends. What if the friends she thought can be trusted betrayed her? How will she handle it? Meanwhile, she found her true calmness amidst the...

  • Chasing Sunrise (Boa Praia Series #1)
    10.1K 118 3

    [COMPLETED] - Under Revision Amelysse Sunniva Zegovia (Lys) is the obstinate heiress to the Philippines' biggest corporation. Growing up in the lavish life of corporate world, ano pa nga ba ang maaaring hilingin ng Zegovia heiress gayong abot kamay na niya ang lahat? She is known for her precise ability to make decisi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight Horizon (Sovinna Series #1)
    2.8K 706 36

    [SOVINNA SERIES #1] Relationships are fragile like glass. Once it's broken, it will never be the same. Even if you glue it back together, the visible cracks will still show. When the sunlight hits, it mirrored upon the memories she tries to forget. Behind the translucent texture is the reality she tries to escape. Bu...