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  • Jelousy
    107K 3.4K 15

    *FOR ALL THE FANS WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS : ADRIEN WILL FINALLY BE JELOUS!* Everyone knows about Adrien Agreste, but not all people know about his twin brother, Felix Agreste. Adrien admires ladybug, but Felix already had feelings towards her... I DONUT own any characters except for the akumatized villains that...

  • Two Of A Kind (Edited)
    88.7K 2.9K 18

    Marinette has had her Ladybug job for about 6 months now because the last Ladybug had given up on the miraculous. Master Fu had told them that the last Ladybug had moved to New York City. But what happens when the last Ladybug comes back? What happens when she wants her job back, and threatens Master Fu? What is Marin...