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  • FROST- Jotun Chronicles #1
    19M 612K 72

    "*Completed*"I froze the first boy I ever kissed. And I don't mean he got cold feet..." Megan is pretty unhappy when she's forced to move to a tiny, freezing town in Canada. It's going to be totally boring, right? Things heat up when she discovers that she possesses a growing power that's becoming more and more diffic...

  • A Pirate in Time (Completed)
    2.9M 154K 50

    After finally graduating high school, eighteen year old Elizabeth Proctor is pressured into a party at sea. When things go wrong, she finds herself thrown into an entirely different world. Waking up on a pirate ship that sailed hundreds of years before her time, Elizabeth must figure out how to adjust to her new life...

  • To Catch A Unicorn
    3.9K 434 16

    "Remember, Aurum: if all else fails, throw a little magic at it." When the dragon goddess, Selini, grows tired of her servants' restless behavior, she gives them a mission: go out and catch a unicorn. For the five Head Dragonborn, the most powerful among the Draconic people, this should be a simple task. The only...

  • Mermaid Tear (The Fated #2)
    25.1K 2.5K 75

    Her entire life, Iliana has heard that those affected by the hands of the gods will live harsh, grand lives. Unfortunately for her, over the past month she has learned exactly how true those stories are. For Kain, that means learning how to deal with what it means to be a hero. Selflessness and bravery are required i...

  • Siren Song (The Fated #1)
    217K 13.5K 73

    Iliana Katrakis couldn't care less about the will of the gods, and she's certain they feel the same way about her. After all, it's rare for the god-touched to live normal lives--and that's all she wants. Having spent the last three years aboard the merchant ship Airlea, Iliana couldn't be happier. Sure, her best frie...

  • What's at Stake
    321K 22.2K 53

    After failing as a vampire hunter, 17-year-old Cleo is sent to an academy full of vampires as a false peace treaty. Her true objective is supposed to be finding the hidden heir to the dark world while befriending the current one, but the current heir has a plot of his own. To kill the peace treaty human and start a wa...

  • The Witches on BellaRow Street
    24.6K 3.5K 50

    Four African-American Witches on the run from a Warlock detective, a jilted lover, and a ridiculous super clingy cat named Mister Purr. *** Hey, If you're reading this, my sisters and I are on the run. What started out as a night of celebration quickly turned into c...

  • A Kind Of Bravery: A Mulan Retelling [1st Draft]
    437K 23.2K 24

    Harriet has always been the type of girl who would rather ride horses than stitch embroidery, practice her sword-fighting than practice her curtsies, and she'd rather dream about being the first female knight in all of history instead of a docile wife on some nobleman's arm. When a war between the allies of Ecrivenia...

  • The Legendary Female Strategist
    1.2M 73K 50

    Eight years after the Great War, the world is now ruled by four kingdoms. On the surface, there is peace and prosperity. However, nothing is ever what it really seems. Each Emperor seeks power. Each ruler is searching for the key to winning over the others. Each one is looking for the unknown legendary strategist. Oh...

  • Crystals & Crows || A Collection of Short Stories
    1.3K 293 12

    This is a collection of short stories, featuring crystals, crows, soccer fields, bloody skies, and more. Most stories will be based off prompts from writing contests across Wattpad, and some may be based off the splinters of my soul and the waltzing of my imagination. These stories will discuss the crystals and crows...