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  • Lights, camera, pose! // Mina Ashido X Reader
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    ~Character info~ Name: Y/N Kioku Family: Ato Kioku (father, alive), Ame Kioku (mother, deceased) Birthday: May 30th Sex: Female Quirk: Manual. This quirk allows the user to create a perfect visualization of things, and make on their minds a precise guide to make it. Of course, it enhances things like visual memory and...

  • Sea Of Clouds // Tsuyu Asui X Reader
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    ~Character info~ Name: Y/N Shirakumo Family(besides parents): Oboro Shirakumo (older brother/deceased) Yume Shirakumo (Grandmother/alive) Birthday: April 30 Sex: Female Quirk: Cloud. It's the same as her brother's, same mechanics. Everything. Her quirk allows her to generate clouds dense enough to carry a large amount...