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  • CeaseFire
    80 9 7

    In the year 2137 A.C., war broke out between two great nations. This war lasted for 7 years, and among the vast troops of men and women were a selected few with the power of the 6 elements; Water, Ice, Ground, Wind, Grass, and Fire. When the Great Elemental War finally came to an end, peace was created between the cou...

  • The Best Years of My Life
    16 2 1

    This is a futurist story that takes place in a run-down America. A former musician rebels against his iron-fisted Islamic extremist government by playing guitar and singing in his apartment. He knows the consequences could lead to death but he is too captivated in the moment to stop.

  • Bloom
    1.4M 43.2K 44

    (This is the first book of the Bloom Trilogy. The sequels are also on Wattpad!) Chosen individuals have been gifted with extraordinary abilities in order to restore balance to the world-a balance that suffers amidst endless chaos. HAVEN KINCAID is seventeen. After moving away from her friends before the start of her...

  • s k a t e || nhl fanfic version
    555 8 6

    "The Olympics are strange." A not-so-typical NHL short story. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018 | twinkling_fireflies

  • Remain
    14.5K 1K 74

    *Sequel to Linger* remain |riˈmān| verb 1. to continue to exist, just as my admiration for him always did so in my heart. 2. to stay in the place that one has been occupying, exactly how he did by my side throughout every high and every low we went through. ...

  • Linger
    246K 7.5K 113

    [PREVIOUSLY TITLED "SHHH, JUST GO WITH IT" // JUSTANAMELESSWRITER] * * * linger |ˈliNGgər| verb 1. to stay in a place longer than necessary, usually because of a unwillingness to leave, just as the thought of him did so in my mind. 2. to spend a l...

  • Spandex Is Mandatory
    518K 38.2K 41

    "Great power comes with great..." I raised my eyebrows at Guardian, looking his skin-tight suit up and down. "Urges to wear spandex, apparently." "Are you using altered famous superhero comic book references to insult me?" he asked incredulously. I snorted. "You bet your fucking ass, I am." ***** Tessa Kingston has li...

  • Star Vs. The Forces of Evil: Torn
    5K 247 13

    One guy's hot. The other guy's kind. One guy knows all her secrets. The other? Well, he's just trying to figure her out. One's an ex-boyfriend demon hellbent on getting her back, even if he has to change. The other's her best friend and knows her better her better than anyone. Star Butterfly's torn-between Tom and Mar...

  • Wheelchair Accessible
    106K 5.2K 21

    A story about a tough jock who's only friend was a girl in a wheelchair.

  • The Rouges
    4.7K 568 38

    Lyra is a survivor. A fighter. Ever since witnessing her parents' assassination at the age of eleven, Lyra's only motive in life has been to uphold her mother's dying words- to be strong and survive. But surviving outside of The Walls- outside of The Sanctuary- is more like a drawn-out death sentence. A cruel...

  • The Kuch and Cram Show
    35 6 1

    Join the various one-shot adventures of Nikita Kucherov of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Joseph Cramarossa of the Anaheim Ducks as they take on the world off and on the ice. **** Characters: -Evelyna's Characters Kuch (Nikita Kucherov) Vladdy (Vladislav Namestnikov) Jo (Jonathan Drouin) Brayden (Brayden Point) Stammer...

  • (#1) Roommates by Day, Enemies by Night
    256K 13K 67

    WARNING: CONTAINING AMOUNTS OF SASS PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN TO MANKIND In the city of NYC--- Ok. Hold up. First of all, New York City. What, are ya gonna assume everyone here knows what NYC is? Anyway, this is about two people. I can almost hear you rolling your eyes. Another cliché teen fiction with a bad boy and a good g...

  • Three Sisters
    701 97 13

    Highest rank #23 in HISTORICAL FICTION. A story about 3 sisters lost in history and fate...... Cerulean,Serene and Destiny Brooke are sisters and love each other from their bottom of the heart. Their parents had abondened them when they thought they can't handle them; keeping Cerulean,the eldest as their guardian.Th...

  • I'll Fly Away
    700 104 8

    Octavia Harris is depressed, suicidal, and anorexic. She has been depressed ever since her only friend Kaitlin moved to Virginia. She has been suicidal ever since her mother died of cancer a few years ago. She has been anorexic ever since she learned what the word 'fat' was. Octavia wants to die so bad, but she can't...

  • When You Come Back
    1.1K 263 13

    "I'm back" he whispered softly in my ear. I winced and tried to pull away, but it was too late. His strong arms wrapped me in a hug. Slowly my body relaxed and accepted his embrace. He was back.

  • Hidden Evil: Book One In The Sons Of Necrom Series
    199 33 6

    Ryan Lancaster was an average guy with an average life and average grades. At least until his mom came home one day telling him his dad was dead. Ever since then, he started having nightmares about his dad's death, got glowing red eyes whenever he was angry(which was basically all the time. ) and a weird tattoo whos...

  • Nashville Predators Imagines
    12.9K 212 47

    A book full of imagines of the sweet, attractive, and dorky hockey players we all know and love. This team makes me so frustrated and angry but I love them anyways. (I also do non Nashville Predators imagines so feel free to send in requests!)

  • schizophrenia ☹ l.h.
    1.8M 118K 14

    "luke, you are really here, right?" "of course i am, why wouldn't i be?" // watch the amazing trailer made by arianataylor2939 on the side // [highest ranking: #1 in short story]

  • Diary of a Teenage Superhero (The Teenage Superhero Series Book One)
    2.9M 23.3K 41

    A teenager wakes up in a seedy hotel room. He has no memory of his name or his past. A man lies dying on the floor next to him. Someone starts pounding at the door. He runs. He is chased. While staying one step ahead of his pursuers, he begins to assemble the pieces of his life. His name is Axel. He is the victim of...

  • NHL imagine
    15.1K 418 123

    A whole bunch of MHL player story's....Hope u like them❤️

  • This is Fiction: Random One-Shots to Help Pass Time
    1.3K 61 23

    Well, this is my attempt to kill some time when I am bored, and I wanted to try my hand at writing for a while now. I realized that I can't keep up with a story at all, and then started reading some amazing one-shots. This is a result of my first attempt at writing, and I hope you enjoy it! These one-shots will be...

  • Complications
    117 22 3

    Life is complicated, as you probably know if you exist. Life is especially complicated for one teenage girl who feels like she is living inside of a cliché book. A really, really cliché book. Between friend drama, parent drama, sister drama, and school in general, how will she survive? (Lots of chocolate and a fast m...

  • A Love Strong Enough to Kill
    1.5K 41 3

    Jake Owens is a very unsatisfied teen. He gets moved around a lot without making a single friend. Life feels like a lonely blur until one day his entire life turns around when he accidently bumps into the most popular girl and is suddenly hot gossip. He totally loves the attention and the girl of his dreams looking at...

  • Eventide [ON HOLD]
    1.6K 393 12

    The invasion has begun, as aliens have opened a black hole at the surface of the Earth which is sucking all life from the planet. Aletheia wakes up in a mysterious cave, with none of her belongings except her great-great grandmother's locket which was given to her when she turned 16. Only the locket can put an end to...

  • Верность (Allegiance)
    276 31 27

    One day, Tyler MacKinnon walks in on his math and politics teacher, Lucifer Wassmuth, who is creating nuclear weapons of mass destruction. He learns that the teacher is planning on using them on the country of Russia and is working closely with the Italian Mafia. Tyler is caught snooping and is captured by the wicked...

  • The Apocalypse: The Cause
    392 56 20

    One Choice. A choice causes one to Fall, four to quarrel over the Fall. One Choice causes a sacrifice. A sacrifice may not even be realized until the Fallen One returns to her own world. What happens when she returns home? One choice could be the demolition of a whole world. *This piece is fiction. Also, some events...