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  • Bakery➳a.i || au
    16.9K 582 33

    "What do you mean you've never had one of your cakes before? You work in a bakery!" "I don't like cake." ••• In which a curly haired drummer shows a sarcastic witty girl to love cake, and maybe love something or someone else along the way.

  • anti-depressants || ashton [au]
    16.1K 692 19

    ❝if the pills trick me into thinking i'm happy why can't they trick me into thinking that things are okay❞ Ⓒ mildparanoia [2014] all rights reserved

  • cold // a.i
    15.4K 517 12

    "She had beautiful eyes, the kind you could get lost in, and I guess I did,"

  • savior
    507K 23.5K 72

    in which a girl fears for her life while trying to save his. 2014 © aeryncole