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  • Jack X Dr. Schneeplestein Smut Oneshots
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    This book was requested (lie) don't hurt me

  • ABDL Markiplier (DISCONTINUED)
    10.2K 199 15

    after matt and Ryan moved out Ethan, Tyler and mark move into a new house. Tyler knows about Mark's ABDL Ethan finds out when mark is sleeping Ethan and Tyler take care of mark BUT what will happen when darkiplier comes and takes him away form Ethan and Tyler

  • Darkiplier Smuts
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    Darkiplier is Markiplier's demon double who lives deep inside of him. Smut, fluff, etc, you know the drill. If you know Mark, you know Dark. No exceptions. Enjoy, creeps. Requests are accepted, votes, comments, and follows are always appreciated. The artwork belongs to HaleysComet of Deviant Art. Pay her a visit!

    Completed   Mature
  • Random Ship Thingssss
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    Hai , I'll just be over here writing horrible ship stuffs ;3;

  • Random Smut In Here
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    yeah this is full of smut i take requests yada yada i do more then septiplier smut trust me and yeah good day have some fruit <3

  • In Your Head • Jacksepticeye X Antisepticeye (boyxboy)
    42.8K 2.4K 51

    Highest ranking: #1 in Fanfiction on 4/17/2017 ____ [COMPLETE] He's annoying. That one kid behind you in a plane, kicking your seat nonstop. The chatter during a test. You know... you tell them to stop, yet they keep on doing their thing. That type of annoying. That's what Jack thought of Anti. Anti would always an...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Inner Demon Named Dark. (Darkiplier x Markiplier)
    28.2K 635 11

    (Markiplier x Darkiplier) Mark is a YouTube who lives in Las Angeles. He wakes up in a different room involving a wall that has pictures of him all over it. He didn't know whether not to kill the person who stalks him...or be nice to the person who obsesses over him. After that dream he's been staying up at night play...

  • The D.S. Chronicles: A Story Told (Darkiplier x Markiplier)
    2.6K 43 21

    Hello, My name is Sierra D.S. Fischbach. The daughter of Markiplier and Darkiplier. I am 12 years old so far and my birthday is coming up soon. I'll turn 13, my very first time being a teenager. I'm a Normal girl by Day, though by Night...I'm different. Every night before my very birthday. I have this urge to...Well...

  • Ask the Family!
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    (Dark x Mark) (Jack x Mark) (Anti x Mark) (Die x Felix) }{And any other ships you can ask about}{ All the YouTuber kids and mascots from my books are in here. Including my friends (if they want to) -Smoky -ACETIMEGAMING -SheeraAyame -AND ME! (Any ships including me or these guys must be told to me so I can write ab...

  • The D.S. Chronicles: "Everyday A Little Death~"(Darkiplier x Markiplier)
    150 9 4

    "No need for a description, all you need to know is that death will always be in front of you, whenever and wherever you go." ~ Anti "Everyone has forgotten of my power. Dad was right there, papa did not care. I'm nothing, that's unless I'm wearing a crown upon my head and sitting on a throne beside my king." ~Sierra ...

  • Meeting Your Match (Sirius Black FanFic)
    356K 9.6K 33

    She's Sassy, she's Sweet, she's Outrageous, Loud, Insane and Short tempered not to mention she's Sexy as she reassures everyone constantly. Has Sirius met his match with this crazy girl? She won't back down from his arrogant remarks No she'll just fight back. Sirius is already in shame from his Pure Blood family will...

  • Good Side (Darkiplier x child reader) [FEMALE OR MALE READER!]
    11.9K 304 20

    the worst of people can have at least a little good in them. even if they're the cruelest people on earth, they have a good side. but, people don't take time to see the good side of these people; they jump straight to conclusions. will you see the good side of him? he did save you after all. will you see the good...

  • A Burning Desire. Jacksepticeye x Antisepticeye
    2.3K 56 5

    Jack has been feeling and seeing strange things ever sense the first appearance of 'Anti' not knowing that his little jokes and trying to please the followers actually intrigued the demon. Anti has always been there. Through out everyday. But he didn't let himself show. Now he is going to take what is rightfully his...

  • Random Sin
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    ...oh god why- welcome to my random sin writings... please ignore all cringe-

  • My Random Art!
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    Cover made by me don't expect much.

  • My art book (idk...)
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    just doodling, coloring, Etc.

    305K 6.3K 15

    MAGIC ❝ all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. ❞ feel free to request scenarios. i am also open to new characters not on the list. [ comment your request on first part ] requests : closed includes : [ genderbend ] ↬ cinderella (cinderella) ↬ snow white (snow white & the seven dwarfs) ↬ a...

  • Save The Slave
    96.8K 2.9K 15

    Jack, or Seán, is sadly a slave Duh duh duh duuuh -- Jack gets a new master, and hopefully, he gets one that doesn't hurt him. If only his prayers came true. -- Mark meets a slave at the store.... And he's.. Different.., and he wants to save him.. But the thing is, Mark doesn't really care for slaves, he does but the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Matters in the Dark (Septiplier/Jack x Dark AU)
    45.8K 2.9K 31

    Lovingly dedicated to @Sinpaicasanova ❤️ Jack McLoughlin is one of the best personal assistants in the business, and just wants to get back to what he loves to do after a horrible lay off. "Love Matters" is one of the most exclusive online dating sites out there, and it's mysterious owner Mark Fischbach is now hiring...

  • Art Edits
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    Just a book for my art edits. Art credit goes to the respective artists.

  • My art Book
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    a book of my art lmao I still suck

  • Septiplier- Last Days
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    Four years in a apocalypse. Walkers increase by the month.. day... hour. There's no telling whether or not there will be a day when the world is back to how it use to be. We're running in fear, supplies are extremely low and people are traveling far just to find water. Groups are becoming more common, everyone is tryi...

  • Sander Sides fluffs and smuts
    1.8K 42 3

    The title says all. Lol, have fun. (There is going to be a lot of Virgil x Deceit {its my favorite ship})

  • The Bullies
    65 3 4

    A new kid is at school,Jack,he thinks this will be a great breakthrough from his old life,but....I something's might not go as planned.....

  • King of Dominance
    9.2K 294 16

    "Wh-Why are you doing this t-to me?" "I am your King, and you obey anything I want, got it?" "Y-Yes s-sir." Male omegas are such a fascination, they have to endure heats, have risk of pregnancy, and are so submissive. Alphas are also quite beautiful, able to bend an omega to their will. Warning, this story contains: ...

  • Jordan's Smut Shots
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    Welcome y'all Trigger warnings will be at beginning of chapters Pairings for -YouTube -Harry Potter -Supernatural -Steven Universe -more to be added Credit to @TylerTheStone for making the cover :3 (will be changed soon tho) *bows* enjoy yourselves, horny bastards Sincerely, Jordan xoxo

  • One shots, rewritten
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    my last one was deleted *smut* Cover made by @Hetalitale ❤

  • Diabhal
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    {File: 02071990: Contains: Unsolved Missing Persons Case Would you like to open?} (Yes) |No| {Now opening...} [Antisepticeye x Reader Fanfiction] DO NOT COPYRIGHT. THIS IS MY WORK AND I WILL NOT TOLERATE WITH PLAGIARISM OF ANY SORT. I do not own Antisepticeye. He respectfully belongs to Jacksepticeye (Seán William Mc...

  • I Poofles I ~Short stories~
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    Just a bunch of short stories and ones that I didn't really make into an all-out fanfiction! :3

  • Fluffs and stuff?
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    Random fluffs and stuff i just make of the egos. I get bored lol.