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  • ✔︎ Winter Depression // Stucky ✔︎
    4.9K 230 6

    Bucky was never the same after he broke free from the Winter Solider- nightmares, flashbacks, depression. He couldn't seem to leave it all behind. Meanwhile, Steve watched Bucky slip further and further away from him. All he wanted was to save his husband. But, Bucky just couldn't seem to let him in. Can Steve save B...

    213K 4.1K 45

    Percy goes to live with the Avengers. The Avengers then realize something strange about the boy. There is an emptiness in his eyes and the way he and his girlfriend, Annabeth, are so protective over each other. What's his deal? The Avengers are going to lose against Thanos, luckily they made a new powerful friend and...

  • Nico meets the Avengers
    2.3K 78 8

    Nico di Angelo already spent the summer in camp half blood, so when the letter asking if he wanted to stay for the winter came, he spent a lot of time pondering whether to leave or stay. He loved his boyfriend Will, who had told him that he was staying for the year, the campers needed him as their resident healer, and...

  • A Golden Rose
    34.5K 1.6K 22

    When Killua starts getting a cough, he doesn't think much of it. It's probably a passing cough and will leave eventually. But then, he coughs up a flower petal. Now, he has to hide his Hanahaki disease from Gon. But how long will he last? Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, they belong to Togashi.

  • happy meals - solangelo
    21K 947 16

    Every Friday, I buy a happy meal. No reason for it, it's just a tradition I've kept. Until one sunny blond boy decides to show up, ruining things. The one and only Will Solace. - Solangelo High School AU !Personality change and self harm! (Completed)

  • I'll Fix You (Nico x Will)
    108K 2.3K 22

    Nico is still trying to recover from his trip to Tartarus. A trip to Hell doesn't leave a person unscathed. There is no one there for him. He is alone. Will sees how broken Nico is. He is determined to protect him, even from himself. He is determined to fix him. (sorry. This summary totally sucks) Disclaimer:...

  • The you from our past
    488 23 13

    Tamaki Amajiki and Mirio Togata have been friends as long as they can remember.They went to UA high to become hero's and now there dreams have come true.They are pro hero's.After 2 years of being pro hero's they notice an unspeakable truth they can't help but drift apart.There relationship has become muffled with the...

    Completed   Mature