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  • Be My Heart? (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)
    25.2K 686 9

    You had known the Maximoff Twins since you signed up to do the experiments to help Sokovia, in a world where soulmates existed. After the events of Ultron, you and Wanda found your way to each other as the true soulmates that you were destined to be. But more problems have arised as the team faces problems. As the civ...

  • Truly Blind | p. parker
    13.1K 774 30

    Peter Parker x Reader Blind AU | COMPLETED 2021 »•« "I can't even see! Why do you bother?" "It's not about what we see, it's about what we feel." »•« When Peter Parker was sixteen he was hit by a jet. From then on, he dropped being Spider-Man for one reason: he was blind. N...

  • Accidental Unofficial Member ( Peter Parker x Reader )
    22.1K 1K 22

    Life hasn't been easy for you, even with awesome friends like Peter and Ned, but after meeting Tony Stark and getting to know some Avengers, things start to look up.

  • NatashaxWanda
    1.2K 46 5

    Nat and Wanda are in love, but too afraid to tell the other. They have very intimate moments but they shrug it off as nothing, scared of how the other will react if they share their true feelings. Will Nat finally tell Wanda? Or vise-versa? This is going to be a short story. *all art is not my own, credits to the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Starks Son and Rogers Daughter
    37K 574 36

    This is a story about If Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoffs daughter fell in love with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts son Peter Stark