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  • [On Hold] The Reunion (The Bet Sequel) [Lesbian Story]
    107K 3.5K 8

    Sequel for "The Bet" It had been exactly ten years, two months and 25 days since I last saw Amy Addams. And now, looking at her, I had no words except for: perfection. You would say that after all this time I would have forgotten about her, right? Well, I didn't, and I don't think I ever will.

  • The Raven and her Wolf {GirlxGirl}
    45.2K 2.2K 17

    {gxg} •Where there's a wolf, there's a raven. The raven may be a source of unwanted annoyance or welcome companionship; a blessing or a curse. But, still, it will be there• Raven Garcia's first conversation with Spencer Lyall was brought about in the most cliche way possible; she bumped into her, literally, just outs...

  • The Not So Straight Senior Crush List
    24 4 1

    High school senior "Space Grace" Shultz wanted nothing more than to graduate in the shadows and remain in her own hidden little planet away from homecoming dances and sporty boys. She almost had made it too. But during the last two weeks of school, Grace manages to trip over a chair and land into the wrong attention...

  • We Kissed Under the Moonlight
    33 6 1

    Claire Williams has been openly lesbian for what feels like her entire life. Her parents accept her, she doesn't get bullied that much, she does well in school, a dream. But when her old bully Eloise Parker moves back to town things and feelings start to change. || THIS STORY IS GXG || || THIS STORY WILL HAVE SO...

  • If It's Only Us Left
    11 0 2

    There she is. The only other person I've seen for, well, I don't even know how long. She offers me a small smile--one that even a fool could see through--and extends her hand. I take it. How did we end up like this? In small town that used to bloom with life, two girls wake up to find themselves the only ones left...

  • Everything Wrong with Ruth O'Ryan
    19 0 1

    To hate something takes even more than to like it.

  • The Night School [Revised]
    3K 108 5

    No one ever had, or ever really would, mistake Hazel Sinclair for being normal. It just wasn't in her character; it wasn't in her stony eyes, or in the way she held herself, something reminiscent of a predator; lithe and calculated. It wasn't in the way her body was sculpted; meticulously refined, poised, deliberate...

  • Story of Her (GirlxGirl)
    8.1K 296 8

    •3• Crushing on the Queen Bee of the high school was never the wisest thing to do. 1) She is popular. 2) She is gorgeous. 3) She is smart. Basically, she is out of your league. But falling for the straight Queen Bee? That is one hell of another story.

  • Sword and Shield [Rewritten]
    1.1K 61 2

    Across the Great Sea, the kingdoms of Hilan, Tores, and Saripha face budding tensions from the war kingdom, Aremor, that threaten to test Saripha's fledgling princess Lyla and her newest guard, a mysterious young woman who only wishes to be known as Jarita. Both must overcome great obstacles in not only each other, bu...

  • 𝐓𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝
    108 14 4

    Lyssa and Celeste are tethered, but don't tell them that.

  • (Rewrite)Together Never Again
    22.5K 669 13

    (Rewrite with new plot) Sarah lives with her parents in a rural town in the midwest. She lives a proud Christian life with her brothers and sisters, her older boyfriend, and friends. As Sarah enters her second semester of her Senior year in high school, she and her abstinent boyfriend of a year are both wavering on t...

  • More To Life Than....(GirlxGirl)
    15.2K 397 4

    "I realize we are completely different. Like fire and ice. I may look tough, but I'm actually weak. And she may look sweet, innocent even, but she's the bravest girl I've ever met." Anastasia Parks, Bayside Princess. She was a straight A student, she never missed a class in her life, captain of the cheerleading team...

  • My Stubborn Alpha [GirlxGirl]
    127K 4.4K 16

    Werewolves and Vampires? What is this? Twilight? I always thought I'd just graduate, live in an apartment alone with atleast 10 cats to keep me company, and then die due to unnatural causes. But this, this isn't what I signed up for, what used to be just another normal day in school has turned into an eventful roller...

  • Sunkissed (GirlxGirl)
    18 4 1

    The sun came in through the window, it colored the room in gold, and Bailey couldn't help herself and turned around, to face Annabelle bare back Bailey exhaled sharply, watching Annabelle's tanned skin and her long arms, fascinated by a tattoo of wings between Annabelle's shoulder blades. At that moment, when Bailey f...

  • When I See You Again (gxg)
    228K 7.3K 23

    What will happen if you finally saw your ex best friend after a very long time of separation? Will you be able to salvage your friendship or will you be able to rebuild something more? This is a gxg story Highest ranking : #36 in Romance Highest ranking : #6 girlxgirl Highest ranking : #40 in love Highest ranking : #...

  • I Hate You Too (GirlxGirl)(GxG) [Editing]
    421K 8.7K 18

    Kaye, is what some people would call, a player. To her, all she was doing was giving cheerleaders a piece of the humble pie they all needed. Everywhere she goes, there's a trail of emotionally unstable cheerleaders, all thanks to her irresistible charms and her mission to break every single cheerleader she encountered...

  • Glasses.
    448K 16.8K 24

    Taylor Monroe always kept to herself. She genuinely enjoyed spending her weekends and weekdays alone, losing herself in the bundle of notebooks she'd spend hours filling with beautiful poems and thoughts no one else would understand but her. Sometimes, if she was feeling a little inspired, she'd sketch. Other times, s...

  • Everything I'm Not (GirlxGirl)
    880K 34.2K 44

    Alexandra Isabelle Alvarrez - a driven, Filipino-American 17-year-old girl who just wants to breeze through her senior year and fulfill her bigger dreams. But things go haywire when she gets partnered up with the school's untouchable princess, Alexis Gray. Julia Alexis Gray - a brilliant 18-year-old girl who keeps he...

  • She's Dangerous (GirlxGirl) |On Hold|
    172K 4.8K 14

    She stepped closer and my breath hitched in my throat. Her fingers trailed up my arm leaving a line of goosebumps. I closed my eyes when a deep stinging pain shot straight through my neck making me wince in pain. Her lips came closer to my ear, I can still feel her finger nails burried in my skin "I want what's mine" ...

  • Royal Rose (GirlxGirl)
    2M 87.3K 42

    Leo's been hiding her identity for years to fight in the arena where women are not allowed. She got away with it so far and won all her battles, but what if she was assigned as the Princess' personal protector and hiding her identity became much more complicated than before. #1 gxg #1 girlxgirl #1 lesbian #1 gay #1 pr...

  • Hopelessly Heroic (Rewritten)
    11.6K 898 21

    "Then do it." June challenged, watching Flame's eyebrows shoot up. "I don't think you're as tough as you want everyone to think. You want to hurt me? Do it." The fire in her hand grew, and June watched it with bated breath. She was inviting the town's best known villain to do whatever she wanted with her. It was a dan...

  • You Stole My Breath (YSMB)
    127K 3.6K 47

    "What did you just called me?" "Nice ass bitch." Rachael Josephine McCraken, an outgoing girl who moved to North Carolina when her Dad's job transferred to North Carolina. Rachael broke up with her ex recently, but little did she know, she would experience something new when she meets Samantha Rosaline Baltimore. Ha...

  • Cigarettes (girl x girl)
    132K 4.1K 20

    How thin is the line between love and hate? Cindy Leclair. She's what could be the personification of perfect. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect family, perfect life. You couldn't find a single flaw on or about her. Considered the school sweetheart, she gets outstanding grades and is an exemplary student. But what i...

  • Girl Crush (GirlxGirl)
    320K 9.5K 24

    Veronica's life was more than enough. That is, until her life gets upgraded to a new one. She moves to a private school, meets new friends, and develops a crush on the Queen Bee. One tiny little problem, the girl hates her! Join her as she tries to navigate her way through her new life and win the heart of the most st...

  • In Love With My Best Friend (GirlxGirl)
    821K 21.8K 37

    "Seven minutes in heaven. You and Charlotte," he said glaring. "Oh come on, don't be such a child," Olivia complained. "Whatever, cmon." She grabbed me by the hand into the tiny spaced closet and shut the door. "We don't actually have to do this, do we?" I asked nervously. I could feel the tension and sweat droplets r...

  • This Love, This Hate (A Lesbian Romance)
    267K 5.3K 37

    Zoe moved to a new school in an unfamiliar town and immediately falls in love with the most popular person in the school, who just happens to be a straight, female cheerleader with the seemingly perfect quarterback boyfriend. Can Zoe win her heart without driving her away?

  • Teach Me (GxG)
    83.8K 2.7K 17

    Peyton Wright was the human embodiment of perfect: she was beautiful and from a rich family and a model. Of course, this earned her the title of the "it" girl at school. However, her popular life catches up with her when her grades begin to slip from missing too many days from skipping school, and the only way to get...

  • Not Your Romeo & Juliet
    51.5K 1.9K 31

    The player can get whoever they want and they're used to exactly that. Scarlet Rose Academy's Queen Bee is adored, and feared, by all but just can't be bothered. Each person enjoying their own world where they're the queen and having everything anyone could ever want, yet neither want anything. What happens when the Q...