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  • The Peace Offering
    269K 11.2K 36

    River Milton and Maxine Hoffman have been sworn enemies since kindergarten. When it comes to romance they are complete opposites, with River constantly being dumped by her "more adventurous" girlfriends and Maxine being stuck with her troubled long-term girlfriend. One day after another public humiliation from Maxine...

  • Deception (Lesbian Story)
    1.6M 39.3K 45

    --- "I was forced to master the Art of Deception in order to save my brother's ass. I was just supposed to do what I had do and disappear like I didn't even fucking exist. Forget everyone; forget I had met you. But I found myself realizing that it was impossible to do that after meeting you... because you consumed my...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Hate You (girlxgirl)
    2.7M 81.4K 44

    This is a girlxgirl story. June Parker absolutely hated Adrienne Andrews. She's hated her ever since Adrienne pushed her down the stairs in the second grade, ratted her out for cheating on a history test in the fourth, and especially when she stole the deserving title of volleyball captain from her. Adrienne Andrews...

    Completed   Mature
  • Who Are You? (Anna Shumate X Ag McDaniel)
    194K 5.4K 80

    soccer athlete, Anna Shumate, encounters basketball jock, Ag McDaniel. Will they be enemies? friends? lovers? Only one way to find out..

    Completed   Mature
  • Enemies (GirlxGirl)
    1.2M 34.9K 38

    [Completed] Corin Dubois and Fia Kendrick have never been friends, despite having lived next to each other their entire lives. In fact, they hated each other, and were not shy about telling each other that. But Corin hasn't had to think about that since she went to a different college, but when Fia transfers to Corin...

  • The Summer I Drowned (Wattpad Books Edition)
    41.8K 1.1K 34

    WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. The past always resurfaces . . . Five years after almost drowning, Olivia Cathart returns home to Caldwell Beach determined to face her fears and take some risks-not just by swimming but by opening her heart. Hoping to rekindle her friendships, she's excited about a carefree summer with her best...

  • Cigarettes (girl x girl)
    132K 4.1K 20

    How thin is the line between love and hate? Cindy Leclair. She's what could be the personification of perfect. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect family, perfect life. You couldn't find a single flaw on or about her. Considered the school sweetheart, she gets outstanding grades and is an exemplary student. But what i...

  • Kissing Olivia Winchester (Girlxgirl)(SAMPLE) (PUBLISHED)
    4.4M 84.9K 24

    Josephine was the daughter to a rich doctor father and trophy wife. She wasn't a socialite like her sister Gwen, she was just shy plain old Josephine. She was the pariah of high society. When her mother sticks her with the job of managing a kissing booth at a stuck up charity event, one kiss from beautiful and popular...

  • A Walk On Ice
    54.7K 2.2K 34

    In an all-girls school, there studies Carroll Coleman and Melissa Madison, who are rivals ever since they shared classes. Melissa just wanted to mess with the ice queen, so she competes with her in almost everything. The president position in student council, top in class, and in every other possible way Melissa could...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's Beautiful And Mine (gxg)
    1M 29.9K 54

    Samantha Winston. The hottest girl in Blue Valley High. The popular girl. The girl who every other girl wanted to be, who everyone loved. The girl who people dreamed of being friends with, who every guy wanted to date. With her charm, beautifully disarming smile and deep, blue-green eyes that screamed innocence, nob...

  • P.S. I hate you! (lesbian story)
    5.3M 112K 22

    Isabelle Parrier seemingly has everything, she is beautiful, has handsome boyfriend and is the most popular girl in her high school. But she is also cold and conniving, and does everything she wants. Everyone in her school is trying not to get on her bad side, because she has ways of destroying people through her vici...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Love With My Best Friend (GirlxGirl)
    821K 21.8K 37

    "Seven minutes in heaven. You and Charlotte," he said glaring. "Oh come on, don't be such a child," Olivia complained. "Whatever, cmon." She grabbed me by the hand into the tiny spaced closet and shut the door. "We don't actually have to do this, do we?" I asked nervously. I could feel the tension and sweat droplets r...

  • Starstruck (GirlXGirl) lesbian [Edited Copy Published At Amazon]
    9.6M 242K 45

    Dulce Gavin, a 17 years old girl who doesn't like to watch TV accidentally met and helped a drop dead gorgeous teenager named Glace. They hit it off instantly, but soon lost contact. A week later, Glace turned up at Dulce's school and ended up as her seatmate. The catch? Glace is a Hollywood celebrity who is about to...

  • Cupboard Love
    290K 15.8K 47

    After a bad breakup, Ruen finds herself at the mercy of her grandfather, again. Knowing that he is a homophobe, imagine her surprise to be matched to the stunning Amelia, the famous straight actress. Cornered into taking his brother's place, Amelia had no other choice. She marries even though her heart already belongs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Everything I'm Not (GirlxGirl)
    882K 34.3K 44

    Alexandra Isabelle Alvarrez - a driven, Filipino-American 17-year-old girl who just wants to breeze through her senior year and fulfill her bigger dreams. But things go haywire when she gets partnered up with the school's untouchable princess, Alexis Gray. Julia Alexis Gray - a brilliant 18-year-old girl who keeps he...

  • Ruining Fame (Girl X Girl)
    350K 10.9K 46

    Olive Mencher, a finishing senior at Columbia University in New Yorks most expensive entering a career in Journalism. Her life is finally beginning when she lands an internship with one of the biggest magazine companies in New York. Toughening out the 23-year-old mind, she thought she would be just as nervous starting...

  • Stuck With You
    552K 22.9K 37

    Kai Raymond, player, reckless, immature, arrogant and has little to no care about anything in her life regarding any kind of responsibility that is not partying, travelling or fucking around. Iliana Barnes, hard worker, well mannered, professional, very temperamental and likes to be in control of everything in her li...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something Like You ( GirlxGirl )
    816K 24.9K 41

    Finally being able to have her own Bistro is a dream come true for Blake. But what will happen when one of her staff accidentally sent a raw meat to a well known model? Trying to save their opening night from a disaster, Blake took the blame and decided to apologize to her. But once she get a glimpse of Parker, her h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spare Princess To The Rescue (GXG & BXB) | ✔️
    4.8K 316 16

    The bravest and most handsome prince in the entire kingdom is getting married to the beautiful princess, when a dragon attacks and kidnaps his future wife. He embarks on a quest to save her, but takes too damn long to return, so his sister leaves the palace to go rescue her stupid excuse of a brother and his kinda cut...

  • Homophobic // GxG
    456K 23.5K 66

    "The fuck? Girl it's 2020 why hate?" "I know what year it is, I have my own calendar" I replied but she just gave me an eye roll. "Just...I just don't like that look of it, I don't know... I don't understand." I said, my voice barely a whisper. "Hmm..." She placed her hand on her chin and tapped her lips, "try and kis...

  • Glasses.
    448K 16.9K 24

    Taylor Monroe always kept to herself. She genuinely enjoyed spending her weekends and weekdays alone, losing herself in the bundle of notebooks she'd spend hours filling with beautiful poems and thoughts no one else would understand but her. Sometimes, if she was feeling a little inspired, she'd sketch. Other times, s...

  • The Bet (Lesbian Story)
    1.8M 53.9K 44

    Katherine Hills had it all, she was extremely beautiful but yet intelligent and ambitious. She had money and amazing parents who would do anything for her. She was the most popular girl in school and hanged out with the cool kids, and not to mention she was the most desired girl in school. But even though she had it a...

    Completed   Mature