• By The Pool (A Tom Daley Fanfiction) - New Chapters
    • HeyItsBex
    • 8 Parts
    • Updated May 26, 2013 07:26PM
    4.7K 89

    Georgia is a pretty normal 17 year old, until she goes on a girls holiday with her 3 friends to Plymouth. She meets superstar diver Tom Daley by the pool, and...

  • Trust
    242K 5.9K

    Stephen Hawking said "If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out ve...

  • Somewhere Out There- A Merlin Story
    5K 63

    Haldis is a mage. She controls the element of spirit. In a time when magic is not accepted and the punishment is death, can her and her newly found sisters of...

  • La Belle Bête (A Fairytale Retelling) (Adult Perspective Watty 2012)
    3.4M 67.2K

    Emerald Block is one step away from being straight vanilla recluse after leaving her fiancee. Gryphon Isles owns Cursed, the hottest, members only club in the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dont trust the Girl with a Sword
    • nature18
    • 19 Parts
    • Updated Aug 12, 2012 08:02PM
    12K 387

    BBC's MERLIN FAN FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Merlin: The Secret
    54.8K 2.1K

    This is a Fan-Fiction based upon the BBC series 'Merlin':D Merlin is busy as always, doing chores for Arthur. He rarely gets a good night's sleep, and it's b...

  • Merlin FanFic
    80K 1.5K

    Merlin tries to hid his magic from Arthur on a daily basis and saves his life. he works hard to Arthur so when Arthur is king they can create Albion. That all...

  • I've been a very bad babysitter (OLD AND UNEDITED 2011)
    12.1M 158K

    Kalise is always surrounded by a bunch of kids. A bunch of evil little monsters that is. She's been a babysitter for the last few years, and hates every minute...

  • The Mind of a Queen
    • SissaNovoa
    • 18 Parts
    • Updated Mar 24, 2014 12:18AM
    6.1K 466

    New collection of poems, now following the metrics, not just rambling words rhyming at a point. Also short stories and flash fictions, anything that comes near...

  • The Life Of Lori Salvatore (A Vampire Diaries Fan Fic) ~ DISCONTINUED
    • Izziaa
    • 20 Parts
    • Updated Apr 06, 2013 02:30PM
    85.6K 942

    DISCONTINUED This is the first story I ever wrote and I wrote the first chapter when I was 11 years old so please excuse this whole books grammar and spelling...

  • A Torn Wing (on hold)
    • Jacciie
    • 4 Parts
    • Updated Feb 02, 2013 03:34AM
    131 17

    Charlie was normal on the outside, she goes to school makes great grades has a great friend and is loved by mostly everyone. Except when you dig a little deepe...

  • Bedtime (Watty Awards 2012)
    555K 7.6K

    "The most frightening story I have ever read", "Terrifying", "I never want to sleep alone again", "The first time I have read a story which has made my heart r...

  • His Revenge
    22.1M 284K

    Ethan Lachlan, wealthy businessman and CEO of a fortune 500 company had planned his revenge down to the very last detail...He would shake Erin Gosling's perfec...

  • Paranoia
    2.2M 13.5K

    The game is called paranoia. Everyone gets a name. The object of the game is to 'kill' that person. This time, the game was taken too far. And now, someone has...

  • My Tumblr Boy (On Hold)
    61.3K 1.8K

    Nova is still getting over being dumped by her ex Nathan when she comes across Mycah, one of the most famous Tumblr bloggers amongst teens. When her best frien...

  • Slenderman...
    334K 8.5K

  • Black Heart
    16.3K 520

    "Who is he?" I asked. "His name is Black Heart." my grandmother whispered. "Legend has it that he was Satan's unwanted son. Apparently Satan had a fling wi...

  • My Abusive Alpha
    4.3M 54.8K

    Meet Lacey Drews, she's your average soon to be shewolf just enjoying her life but when Alpha Ryder steps in well let's say things are about to get ugly. Lacey...

  • The Virgin's Weakness
    668K 11.4K

    She always knew she was different. The strange dreams, the voices in her head, they had her convinced she was losing her mind. And then she met him. 20 years o...

  • Their Paid Girl
    24.7M 321K

    Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple p...

  • The Cellar
    17.6M 284K

    For months Summer is trapped in a cellar with the man who took her - and three other girls: Rose, Poppy, and Violet. His perfect, pure flowers. His family. B...

  • Royally in Love
    30.9K 758

    “Kiss me.” Her mouth dropped open, his statement seemed to bring her to her senses as she pushed away from him stuttering and flushing a bright hue of red...

  • You Can Run Away With Me [My Chemical Romance]
    5.3K 237

    Juliana has waited for this day for a long time. To meet her idols. Gerard, Mikey, Bob, Ray and Frank. Only it doesn't go as she planned. At all. Being kidnapp...

  • Demolition Lovers (Frank Iero)
    115K 2.4K

    Holly is invited to go on tour with My Chemical Romance over the summer. She finally has a chance to start a new life and get away from all her troubles back h...

  • This Can't Be Real
    313 17

    Mythical creatures that are just supposed to exist in books roam the earth with oblivious humans living seemingly normal lives. But when the US government hire...

  • Power and Wisdom
    930K 13.5K

    Athena Celeste just moved into a new town and is still living out of her car. Looking for a job she lands the perfect job for her... Cleaning. What she doesn't...

  • Satan's Son
    2.8M 58.7K

    Addison’s life started when she died. But if you told her that she wouldn’t believe you. Her life was taken suddenly, and then she awoke in Hell. She is now m...

  • Don't come near me... [on hold]
    1.3K 91

    Keira Lynn Walker. Her name says it all. She's rich, beautiful, her father is famous and gets what she wants. Perfect right? Well, not really. Her mother was m...

  • The Guilty Inside
    • iDreamer
    • 7 Parts
    • Updated Aug 21, 2012 03:21PM
    1.4K 12

    sixteen year old April Adams gets way more than she expected when her dad and her move in with his new wife and her two sons, Eric and Dylan who abuse and do t...