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  • Yes sir ? Yandere Teacher Sugawara x reader
    735K 32.4K 39

    All about your teachers insane, unhealthy obsession with you- his student. Suga uses his power and authority to spend time with you, going to extreme lengths to keep you in check. 🚨 TW: disturbing themes and content, self harm, trauma, death, murder, suicide, r*pe, sexual assault, dub con, necrophilia

    Completed   Mature
  • What if..? // Sugawara X Reader
    813K 27.1K 32

    Imagine yourself as Kageyama's hypothetical twin sister, [Name]. You are in your first day at Karasuno's female volleyball club and... ------------------------ Attention!: the characters and pictures are not of my property but the story is! ------------------------ Enjoy the read! Please vote and leave comments with a...

  • forever | sugawara x reader
    675K 20.1K 24

    sugawara was content playing volleyball and grabbing meat buns with his friends before he met (y/n). sugawara didn't even think about how he'd never had his first kiss, or been on a date, or fallen in love before he met (y/n). sugawara never even considered what forever meant before he met (y/n). - story contains some...

  • Now I Can See You // Nishinoya X Reader
    1M 37.6K 39

    You're a common third year at Karasuno High. According to other students, you have nothing peculiar besides being Shimizu's best friend. The only moment people happen to really see you is when you're on the court, since you're the libero of the female volleyball team. Enjoy the read! ~ Best positions: #2 in "Nishinoy...