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  • The Infernal Crown: Of Roses and Lies
    9.1K 5.1K 34

    A WATTPAD FEATURED BOOK *** Her heart or her people. Only she can decide. Hated, cursed, outcasted. It was Eleena Asterin's life ever since she was blamed to have betrayed her village. So when she is offered a task to earn back her honour and pride as well as her family's safety, she takes it. But to do so, she must c...

  • The Seasons of Sissera
    2.2K 212 12

    When Nokkland found himself setting off with the inn's barmaid to track down an ice-dragon, he hadn't realized that he would be thrust into the center of a prophecy he knew nothing about. Nor that he would become part of an undercover group of revolutionaries, determined to keep each of Sissera's five races from annih...

  • The Gazelle (A Rapunzel Retelling)
    7.7K 1.3K 62

    A Fantasy Retelling of Rapunzel Inspired by Mesopotamia Having lived alone in a tower all her life, Tabeya can only dream of the outside world. That changes when she meets Humban, a young general from a rival kingdom who isn't afraid to ask the questions she has long given up on. Those questions bring answers that lea...

  • Blood Rocket Memories over Capsule Bay
    260 63 35

    Finally, something different. Why couldn't I have found a giant black castle before? But fine, at least it happened at all. I guess I know Dracula now, and I never noticed. And he has someone living with him: turns out I was best friends with a future vampire as a kid. I thought he scored: Why didn't I think of being...