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  • Harry's Sweater
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    8th year Draco finds Harry's sweater

  • Finding Potter (HP - Drarry)
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    **Hogwarts 8th year Drarry AU**When returning 8th year Draco Malfoy spins the bottle under duress and gets Harry Potter, he thinks things couldn't get any worse. But that was before Harry disappeared. Draco, bereft and adrift, sets out to find himself, and in the process finds much more than he expected. A strange, ra...

  • Nobody || Drarry
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    Junior Auror Potter runs errands, takes witness interviews, does paperwork, and gets the coffee. Rarely, very rarely, he's sent out on the most routine calls, such as when Draco Malfoy misses a meeting with his parole officer. (Inspired by the song Nobody by Mitski)

  • To Those Who Wait
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    Harry's come is trickling out of my arse as I say 'I do' and promise to love and cherish Blaise in sickness and in health. The love of my life is preparing to leave the country as I smile for photographs. The excruciating agony of my heart shattering nearly brings me to my knees on what ought to have been the happiest...

    Completed   Mature