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  • The Broke Deal
    105K 3.6K 12

    "Keep in mind I'm doing this for the money." "Correction. You're doing me for the money."

  • Massage My Straightness Away (Larry AU)
    895K 20.9K 20

    *COMPLETED* Louis Tomlinson is a famous vlogger, admired by many, but little do they know that he's gay. Louis' been experiencing a sharp pain in his back, and ends up at a massage clinic. Harry Styles, the clinic's hottest and gayest masseuse, decides to take care of Louis' pain himself. •top harry •smut smut smut ...

  • You're Psychotic, Baby {L.S}✔️
    62.6K 2.1K 12

    Completed The one where Louis is a psychotic little and Harry is his Shrink Rated M for Mature ⚠️ WARNINGS⚠️ Louis will be called baby girl Harry will be called daddy Louis crossdresses Murderous themes Foul language Smut ©️Harrys_Space_Buns2017 All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be r...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Nerd And The Bad Boy (l.s) ✔️
    1.3M 62.9K 45

    Where Louis is the typical nerd, son of the local pastor and Harry is the bad boy that just can't keep his hands to himself. *completed* *under editing* *highest ranking: #1 in larrystylinson* "I was hooked the second I started reading. If you want to cry both happy and sad tears: please read this book." -jetstreambu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Seven Seas - Complete | LARRY
    309K 15.2K 30

    In which innocent prince Louis is captured by a less than innocent pirate named Harry.

    167K 5.8K 16

    Louis brothers report him missing after they can't get hold of him for 24hours Harry Styles and Charlie Stone, detectives of the teenage homicide and missing persons division, are long time friends of the Tomlinson's and take the case. Angst, Fluff and Drama ensured

  • The Mile High Club (Larry AU)
    108K 3.2K 10

    **COMPLETED** Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Niall are all flight attendants. Louis and Harry are the leaders of the Mile high club, and people often fly only to shag in the toilets with them. They take advantage of their job in order to get laid, and they love it. Everyone knows they're in love except them, so what ha...

  • i'm not gay tho |l.s.|
    101K 3.5K 14

    harry styles: a "straight" 23 year-old instagram famous actor/model that lives in L.A., U.S.A. louis tomlinson: a gay 19 year-old who works in a grocery store in Doncaster, England somehow their paths happen to cross.

  • love island // larry au
    221K 8.3K 29

    a love island usa larry au. lots of flirting, pining, sexual tension, bit of drama to mix it up and of course, everyone's favorite; fluff.

  • american ☼ l.s
    5.8K 455 9

    where louis sings lou reed while harry plays guitar as they travel across the country in their little rv during the freedom land of the 70's. needless to say, they find quite a few bumps in the way. /rock band au/ set in the 70's* inspired by lana's "brooklyn baby" © copyright to -americanhealy

  • Twitter // ✘
    579K 26.6K 34

    @Louis_Tomlinson: party this weekend, if you're cool, go. if you're @Harry_Styles stay home in reply to Louis @Harry_Styles: you're an asshole you know that right in reply to Harry @Louis_Tomlinson: yeah. an asshole that you undeniably want.

  • ✧ Little Lavender Louis ∞ L.S ✧
    611K 28.7K 67

    -NO TRANSLATIONS, SORRY- ---- Louis just loved the color lavender, and Harry just loved him ---- Thank you for all the memories, this story will always have a dear place in my heart. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed reading it, it was truly an adventure. See you later xo highest rankings: #1 in #harrystyles , #1 in...

  • TomGirl - Larry Stylinson
    537K 26.9K 33

    >>ORIGINALLY TOMMO THE TRANNY<< "I hate him. I fucking hate him." (beware that this was written in 2015, read at your own risk.)

  • Mile High Sneezes✈️ l.s
    169K 6.5K 14

    Harry is on a plane to Spain and the boy next to him keeps sneezing.

  • By Now
    61.8K 1.4K 20

    In which Harry confesses to Louis about cheating on him. And what happened before and afterwards.

  • Loser And Femboy- OneShots
    536 29 1

    Louis, Harry'nin kendisini izlediğini biliyor. Louis 19/Harry 25

  • divorcées.
    95.5K 3K 25

    where harry and louis get a divorce. • weekly updates

  • This House (l.s.)
    156K 4.8K 19

    Harry and Louis have been together for 20 years. Harry cheats. Louis cries. Harry is given a year to fix their family. Copyright 2020 @hilourry on AO3 If you don't like the ending of this book, check out its companion book, No Longer Home, with a much different ending. Even if you did like this ending, check it out an...

  • Invisible (Larry Stylinson AU)
    1.9M 68.9K 19

    Louis has always been an outcast. Now he goes to high school. He has always had feelings for none other than Harry Styles, the school's most popular guy, who gets all the girls and is the team captain of the school's football team. Harry on the other hand, has never paid attention to Louis, barely knows he goes to his...

  • The Gay Project
    1.3M 50.6K 54

    "I feel like I should suck your dick." "That's the point." Reached #1 in Larry Stylinson au ❤️ December 2020

  • Little Dandelion ➳ Larry
    906K 37.4K 21

    When Harry was little, he hated living in Oak Hollow. It was a stuck-up neighborhood in the suburbs full of broken families and white picket fences. But then, on a hot Summer day, a strange boy wearing heart-shaped sunglasses moved in across the street.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr.Styles
    982K 47.1K 41

    "So this is my new secretary?" Mr.Styles asked, raising one of his eyebrows. "Yes." The now ex-secretary replied. Mr. Styles frowned, giving Louis a once over, "I was expecting...someone...I don't know, better?" "Excuse me, Mr.Rude, I will be the one managing your schedules from now on so you might want to watch you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stutter (Larry Stylinson)
    937K 36.1K 45

    What's wrong with Louis Tomlinson? He looks so shy and innocent, you would never guess he had a single flaw; Well, at least until you heard him speak. "H-hi." Louis has a stutter. He's been picked on his entire life because of it. With his Mum being a helping hand in a major company his family packs up and moves a lo...

  • cookie boy ୨୧ larry
    4.9K 863 6

    her gün okula kurabiye getiren harry ve her zaman onlardan iki tane alan louis hakkında kısa bir hikaye. story by @innerartsy ❕🐰too much fluff🐰❕ -Nisan/2018-

  • LAST BEST MEMORIES |Larry Stylinson| Two Shot
    384 45 2

    Harry gerçekten iyi bir dayı. Ama Darcy bir yeğen olmak için fazla meraklı. Ve Harry kendini aşık olduğu adamı anlatırken buluyor. Yani en son ama en güzel anılarını...

  • Runaway | Larry ✔
    174K 15.7K 36

    Harry Styles azılı bir suçlu olarak kabul edilmektedir. Fakat polisten kaçmayı başarıp masum birinin evine sığınınca işler ummadığı şekilde gelişir. Harry,25 Louis,20

    Completed   Mature
  • A. « OneShot
    968 112 1

    "Merhaba Harry, eğer bunu dinliyorsan-" Bir süre durdu ve ne diyeceğini düşündü. Sanki tüm sözcükleri unutmuş gibiydi. "Eğer bunu dinliyorsan ben Louis. Eski bir dostun. Sana burada her zamankinden daha çok ihtiyacım var." Sonlara doğru gözleri dolduğu için telefonu birden gelen bir hisle kapattı. Oysa ki daha söyle...

  • love is a fragile dance |l.s|
    345 21 1

    aşk kırılgan bir dans, bizim aşkımız kırılgan bir dans *life is short and love is sweet so love until you're dead alec benjamin'in "love is a fragile dance" adlı şarkısından esinlenilmiştir. *one-shot*

  • special | larry stylinson
    3.3K 414 10

    Harry, en büyük korkusu yalnızlık olan Louis'ye kendisi için özel olduğunu söylüyor. (Bu kurgu orijinalinde 2017 yılında yazılmış ve yeniden düzenlenmiştir.)

  • Missing you is just killing me!
    670 52 1

    Harry Louis'in onu sevmediğine inandığı için gitti ve Louis, Harry yokken çok kötü.. Top!Harry Bottom!Louis