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  • Children of the Woods
    3.8K 411 17

    "Unrighteousness is like mercury, which robs even the purest gold of it's lusture." "Karna is that golden water.... Which can purify the darkest copper and make them shine. " "Showing kindness and love with weapons in your hands and death in your mind is not goodness, but stupidity. " A Mahabharat fanfiction which fol...

    3.8K 350 7

    What if the person who is hated the most decides enough is enough. The person who was manipulated for others benefit decides to manipulate others for his and the kingdoms benefit.What if all those who hated him start to adore him. Lets embark on the journey of the 'WISE' Gandharinandan.

  • A twist in the tale
    12.5K 711 9


  • Queen Of Hearts
    220 17 1

    Karna had spent 15 years under the tutelage of Bhagvan Parshuram. His teacher had trained him to use countless weapons, to wage wars like an unbeatable force, to defeat opponents who seemed invincible, to control his senses and weponise them, and to use his bow as if it was an extension of his own body. But none of t...

  • The Forgotten Generation [what if they got to bond?]
    553 45 2

    The battle of Kurukshetra resulted in many things. One of them was the names of the Pandavs and Kauravs becoming immortal till the end of time. But this is not their story, for it has been told many times. This is the story of the generation that was killed young for the greed of the throne and thirst for revenge, mos...

  • All for One
    914 121 3

    The kids of the Light Giver of the World, who have been watching the the youngest Suryaputra not get his share of respect for a long time, decide to interfere. So follow a bunch of Disguised Demigods as they pamper their little sibling.

  • Not in Blood, but in Bond
    1.1K 110 3

    The deadly War, the one that was bound to happen, to avenge the humiliated and set Dharm on the soils of Aryavart, the one that left nothing but cries for widows and kids in its wake, has started. It is the thirteenth day of the Kurukshetra War when just like Pitamah Bhishm, the ethics and rules of War lay in its ruin...

  • Dhi
    105K 10.5K 82

    Thoughts are quite dangerous things; fleeting one moment and drowning us the other. A tangle of fine web that slowly entraps us; influencing our speech and actions. And when woven together, it presents a tale of unwavering love. "The setting sun, the moon and the stars were the witness to our love in Kamyaka Forest a...

  • Mending Broken Bonds
    7.9K 726 13

    In a universe where the eldest and the youngest of the Kuruvansh overhear a very private conversation of Kunti and Gandhari that leads to them trying to mend the half broken relationships between cousins with the help of the Brahmin Panchaalraj. This is a work of fiction that does not mean to harm the feelings of anyo...

  • Wheels of time- Reversed
    2.1K 75 5

    This story is about a young girl Shanaya , a modern and easy going girl. She lives with her lovely parents ,her brother and caring friends. Everything went fine until the day -The day which took her to the past - To the great Mahabharata period. Will an ultra modern girl survive a very traditional place? What are th...

    21K 1.4K 16

    We all seen karn's sacrifices but still did he get what he deserved. No right but if he get a chance on his deathbed. Follow the journey of karn .

  • Eclipsed
    32.3K 2.6K 37

    Aahana A normal girl turned into a samragyi A daughter turned into a wife A wife turned into a mother From being brother less, she turned into a sister to four brothers. Unaware of her reality, she walked into an unfamiliar life only to emerge like a phoenix from ashes. But what is the purpose of her life? Why only...

  • Alternate universe
    50.4K 4.2K 40

    "I accept my fate Govind. I have committed several sins in these past years without intention of committing them. But that doesn't change the fact that I am a sinner."Karn said during his death. "You are a noble man Radheye. I grant you a boon. You will get what you want in your next life. Tell me what is it you that...

  • To Love What Was Left Behind
    16.7K 1K 12

    //Mahabharat Time Travel Fanfiction// Aadrika was a simple arts student who just graduated BBA from IIM with top rank and waiting for her MBA result. But due to the covid pandemic she got stuck inside her home which lead to her ultimate boredom. In her boredom she ended up watching the epic Mahabharat and her heart br...

  • Emergence
    6.1K 774 14

    " Amba - a name present in the Indian epic called Mahabharata. A name associated to revenge, abduction, humiliation and Kashi. A name which reminds us of Devavrata - the son of Goddesses Ganga and King Shantanu. What if a girl from 21st century who has very less knowledge of Mahabharata or it's specifics wakes up as A...

  • Journey to the Old Era (Drisana's Mahabharat #1)
    141K 8.9K 80

    Drisana has always felt like she's in the wrong place, wrong time. Why? That has no answer. After her parents death, adventure lover Drisana has been travelling around the world to find peace in her heart which has always been missing. But things take a drastic change when she comes to visit the place that her parents...

  • A Simple Task ➳ Suryaputra Karn
    17.4K 1.1K 18

    A Mahabharat Fanfiction. ... The first time Princess Abhinaya wanted to do what she believed was the right thing, she was unsuccessful. She became nervous and second-guessed herself. Before she could make up her mind, she was too late and somebody else grabbed the opportunity. Later on, she understood that it was not...

  • Queen of His Heart.
    43.3K 3.2K 49

    ' I look alive . I am dead inside. My Heart has holes and black blood flows.' - Ishani Rai . 'Love, If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes. Then...

  • Tale as Old as Time
    40.2K 5.2K 32

    2nd Book after Love Across Time. Continues the same plot from where it was left. __________________________________________ Mysteries are a part of life and nothing happens without a reason. The six came to a time which wasn't their own or so they thought. What was the truth and what was lie? Will they find out? Will...

  • To Fix What Is Broken
    42K 2.4K 29

    The great epic; Mahabharata, was a war for dharma, but how can we forget the countless lives that were lost... Was there no way to save warriors like Karn, Abhimanyu, Mahamahim Bheeshm? Karn's death devastated Arjun. After fighting this horrid war, losing his son, having to kill his own family... finding out that he...

  • Ananya -- Time Traveler
    55.7K 5.7K 87

    🕉 || 🕉 Namah Shivaye 🕉 || 🕉 Ananya-- Time Traveler ⬇ ******** "Aaj yahan kaise aana hua, Murli Manohar?" (Why are you here today, Murli Manohar?) Ananya asked, without lifting her head. "Arre, ab kya bhai aapne bhen se bhi milne nahi aa sakta?" (Hey! Now can't a brother visit his sister?) "Achcha?" (Really?) Ana...

  • || AgnijaaSuta : The Fire of Fire - Born ||
    35.5K 3.8K 46

    Book 2 of PandavaNandini chronicles - " The course of true love never did run smooth. " " My heart is grated with ordeals of time, love shall never exist in my life ", her watery eyes gazed into his azure liquid ones. Their sights locked as he took her golden hands, lips parting to concede unsaid words. " My existen...

  • || DharmaAtmaja : The Spark of Truth ||
    78.1K 385 2

    Book 1 of PandavaNandini chronicles " No winter lasts forever ,no spring skips its turn " . Suthanu , the only daughter of the Pandavas . Born from the union of Samrat Yudisthira and Samragini Draupadi . The beauty of her life is elucidated by her fathers , mothers and brothers . Being the princess of Indraprastha...

  • Karn Sangini
    7.9K 921 13

    What if along with Draupadi, another maiden was born from the holy fire of the Yagna. What if she chose the cursed warrior, and changed the destiny of Aaryavrat. Read the story to know more. Credits for the book cover - @_RUDRA_ ----------------------------------- Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction, and is not int...

  • A Rift in the Destiny
    2.8K 372 5

    What if on the 13th day of the Kurukshetra war, Karna would not have been able to see his nephew suffer. What if he decided to create a rift in the destiny of the whole Aaryavrat. Read this book to know more. ----------------------------------- Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction, and is not intended to hurt anyone...

  • Changing the Tides
    14.3K 1.3K 21

    The Story revolves around, what would have happened if an unexpected person had stood up for Draupadi in the cursed Dyut Sabha. Lets dive into the story to know more. ----------------------------------- Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction, and is not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments and feelings.

  • Suryaputra Karna (Editing)
    32.6K 3.2K 29

    What will happen if Karna is adopted by the Kuru family when he was just a newborn baby. What role will Kauravs and Pandavs play in his life? What will be Kunti's reaction? Will everyone love him or will there be conspiracies against him? _________________ A warning as this is my first time writing any story there wil...

  • Bishma and Karn- Destiny Players
    23.1K 2.9K 37

    🕉 || 🕉 Namah Shivaye 🕉 || 🕉 Bishma & Karn-- Destiny Players ⬇ ****** "Papa" Karn giggles as Bishma holds his son close to him, hugging him. "Why do you make me run around so much, huh?" Bishma asks his son. "If you won't run then who will?" Karn asks, looking at his father with big eyes and a cute pout. Bishma na...

  • Karn's Realization
    51.7K 4.4K 54

    "Truth is like the Sun, whereas Realization is the first encounter with reality." But when woven, an unwavering path of Self-Realization is created. "Destiny has been changed by you, Karna! Remember that eventide, when you had come to learn archery from me. Remember that moment when you had spoken about your true iden...

    Completed   Mature
  • My life is a Mistake
    11.6K 1K 13

    I have to stop rajmata kunti and pandavas from going varnavat, what happened to duryodhan, why he obeys his mamashree always, this is wrong, and I am not going to allow this, Priyamvada! Karna is my elder son, he is my first born, before marriage, he is suryaputra not sutputra. if you want to reveal the truth mea...