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  • Random OneShots
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    This is a bunch of oneshots I'm gonna make because I'm to lazy to make them into full stories 👌🏻 I'm willing to accept requests, also go check out TaestyKookNow >:0 I'll be offended if you don't Requests are open, dm me or ask on my page

  • HOME (Otayuri - OS)
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    "The very familiar sound of an incoming Skype call pried his attention away from the mirror, without a second thought, he clicked the answer button and sat down in front of his laptop with a wide smile." Otabek is a full-time DJ now and Yuri can no longer accompany him on his tours. With a baby on the way, this is a g...

  • A New Family
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    Has some angst tho will end happily and it has some damn fluff! Main story is that yurio's grandfather is in coma and his mean father wants to adopt him but viktor n yuuri will fight in a lawsuit to adopt yurio. Btw right viktuuri so male x male and probably will have some mpreg in it and i decided not to kill anyone...

  • The tides: Otayuri Fanfic
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    { COMPLETED } Otabek longs for something more then what his parents want him to do. He wants to venture out to sea with the person he loves and spend the rest of his life on wild adventures. Once he meets Yuri, a lost mermaid wishing for something more than life under the sea, his whole world changes. Will he be happy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kiss Viktor Not me! ~Yuri On Ice - Kiss Him Not Me CROSSOVER
    4.1K 252 22

    Kae Serinuma is CRAZY about yaoi and bl. She will do anything to get any boy that she sees that would make a good couple together. Lately she has been going crazy over the anime 'Yuri on ice'. She's fallen in love with the two characters Yuri Katsuki's and Viktor Nikiforov's love toward each other. She wishes they cou...

  • Figure Skating Hero?||Yuri on ice x My Hero Academia Crossover||short fanfic||
    21.5K 574 7

    Yuri Plisetsky was walking home when he encountered a villain and saved the child that was dragged into the mess. News spread like wild fire of the "Figure Skating Hero". Yuuei saw potential and decided why not? It was a shame to waste such potential. Yuri was convinced by Yakov and took a flight to Japan but that's n...

  • You've Got To Be Kidding Me
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    Yuri Plisetsky is currently in a relationship with the hero of Kazakhstan, Otabek Altin. Plus this angsty unpresented Russian tiger has to deal with his boyfriends traditional and creepy ass family who thinks that dynamics define what kind of lifestyle each person should have, not to mention Mr. and Mrs. Altin are som...

  • We're just 'friends' [Yuri x Otabek COMPLETE]
    4.5K 167 4

    Otabek and Yuri have been friends since childhood but feel a more strong connection...

  • Unconditional Love (Otayuri fluff)
    5.9K 166 16

    Just two figure skating dudes, trying to figure out life (and failing).

  • Friends or more? - Otabek x Yurio
    12.2K 459 4

    After grand prix, Yurio and Otabek hang out and train together. Wonder what will come of this? Yurio's pov the beautiful cover is art by narnarmon on tumblr

  • The Boy With The Black Bike - OtaYuri
    30.8K 1.1K 12

    Yurio Plisetsky, a fifteen year old figure skater who lives with his very gay parents, Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki, is loud and short tempered. He doesn't really have any friends, but he likes it that way. One day he finds himself on a walk in town, encountering a major threat. Will someone come to his rescue? F...

  • Otayuri (fluff) The boy with the golden hair.
    7.8K 415 45

    What happens after the Grand Prix Final. I can't write smut so fluff it is! the writing gets better the further you read. It is ultimately the story of two teenage boys opening up to their feelings. There will be some birthdays, a little of angst, a wedding and a hospital trip but our boys can handle it right? right...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's Mine | Viktuuri/Otayuri Oneshots
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    "He's mine. He's mine, and everything about him completes me." - His green eyes. Those of a soldier's. His platinum hair. Those of an angel's. His seductive gaze. Those of a sex god's. Now let me ask you a question. Can you hear my heartbeat?

    Completed   Mature
  • OtaYuri One Shots
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    ~Hit 100 reads on Easter 2k17~ Hit 200 reads 4/27/17~ 300 reads 4/30/17~ no clue when 400 reads was reached~500 reads 5/16/17~ None of the art is mine :))) This oneshots is probably done, I haven't watched yuri on ice in over a year, so i have no inspiration... Thanks for the Support

  • to be young and in love (Otayuri AU)
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    "you get ready, you get all dressed up to go nowhere in particular back to work or the coffee shop doesn't matter cause it's enough to be young and in love, to be young and in love" Yuri is stuck in a small town where time stands still, spending his days working in a crappy Diner and dancing his nights away at dodgy c...

  • My Enigma. (yurio x otabek)yuri on ice.
    18.3K 383 4

    omegaverse. BIG SEXY TIME PLENTY OF SMUT N THE GOOD STUFF!! otabek n yurio are kinky~!

  • Otayuri!! - Yuri On Ice
    30.9K 1.1K 15

    "Give me back my virginity, you bastard." "You weirdo! Hanging out is not a way to take someone else's virginity." © _jewelry_

  • Yurio x Otabek
    4.2K 160 9

    Love at first sight Yurio and Otabek meet up at the local cafe and Otabek surprises Yurio with something that could lead to the most amazing or tragic event of their lives Will it go horribly wrong... or will their lives change for the better?

  • messages ➳ yurio x otabek
    38.9K 2.6K 24

    [DISCONTINUED] just some text messages between yurio and otabek, they're just harmless texts right? begins in the scene where otabek and yurio are having coffee. warning: representation of the lgbtqa+ community will be in this fanfic, along with some mild language and short chapters. if you do not want to see/read an...

  • Ocean Eyes (Otayuri)
    26.6K 1.3K 13

    Prince Yuri had a curse placed on him when he was a baby. When he grows up, a wish intended to fix the curse goes awry, making the problem even worse. Eligible princesses come from far and wide to try to offer a solution in hopes of winning the prince's hand, but nothing works. Besides, Yuri only has eyes for the myst...

  • Otayuri: lovers or not?
    18.2K 389 20

    Otabek and Yurio finally meet up after one of Yurios competitions, leading to multiple events after, including finding out Otabek was rooming with JJ. JJ took a turn for the worse while getting opportunities with yurio in some pretty bad ways. Smut warning!!! (Also rape kinda so be aware)

  • Yandere Yuri (Otayuri)
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    "Otabek Altin will be MINE. He doesn't have a choice." -Yuri Plisetsky WARNING!!! This story includes gory details, mature languages, and killing! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

  • High School LoveLife (Otayuri) (Undergoing Editing)
    7.6K 445 15

    Basically, the story is that there is a new kid in Union high (such a great name, right) named otabek. otabek is a super shy person that ends up becoming friends with the schools outcast, Yuri. disclaimer: I don't own any images in this fanfic. all credit goes to artist and photographers.

  • In The Claws Of A Bear (Otayuri LEMON)
    47.3K 528 9

    Yuri is a russian punk but will he fall for Otabek the fears bear?

  • Cafe
    116K 5.3K 34

    Alright so I'm a sucker for fluff, so I think this will just be a bunch of adorable idiots like my other fic. This story will contain Otayuri and Victyuuri and it is boyxboy so if you do not like that please don't read. The idea is that Yuri is a worker at a famous cafe called the "Ice Cafe". He works there along wit...

  • Back to the past "New Generation" Yuri on Ice (Discontinue)
    1.1K 59 22

    This story is discontinue This story takes far from the future where the Victuuri and Otayuri are married and have children, this is my first ever story so go easy on me, and also this story contains other ship too like Phichit x Seung-Gil, Mila x Sala and Guang Hong x Leo Victuuri Children Yuna Katsuki-Nikiforov:...

  • Of Monsters and Men (Yuri + Otabek)
    30K 2.1K 28

    Ever since the day dark and endearing Otabek Altin told Yuri Plisetsky that he had the eyes of a soldier, Yuri hasn't been able to stop thinking about him, the boy who saw him as something other than a beautiful, delicate fairy. Now three years later, Otabek has moved to Russia to live with Mila, his new fiancee and Y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Prima {Otayuri}
    2.6K 114 9

    Yuri Plisetsky is a prima ballerina. One night after he was made preform by his instructor, Lilia, he goes out for a night full of vodka and angrily shouting at the other drunk people who bump into him. But he did not expect to bump into his best friend. Or rather, ex best friend.

    Completed   Mature
  • Pretty Little Thing (Otayuri)
    1.4K 30 6

    When Yuri saw Otabek, he never thought he'd end up being Otabek's play toy, let alone in a relationship with the famous gang member. But little did he know, that's exactly what happened.

  • ~4 Years~ ||re-writing||
    41.2K 2K 20

    (Otayuri) In Barcelona Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek Altin became friends. After the GPF they lost connection and never talk to each other. Until Yuuri and Viktor's wedding.

    Completed   Mature