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  • Transformers Memes
    125K 4.4K 146

    The Title Says it All ! Just A Book Of Transformers Memes!

  • The Knight Of Hallownest
    5.2K 115 8

    After the end of hallownest infestation two people named hornet and ghost to get far away to have a family and thus brings our new knight izuku midoriya to the test to be strong and surpass his ancestors

  • The Future Is The Past (Transformers G1 FanFiction)
    154K 4.7K 92

    Vaughan Witwickey is a music lover. Listens to any kind of music she can get her hands on. When she creates a brand new genre, Dubstep, her name spreads throughout the world as a music revolutionary. Although she feels her favourite hobby won't do her any good. So she decides to work along side her cousin and uncle as...

  • burrning flame
    13.2K 271 9

    what if Mikaela had an adopted sister and she had known the autobot's before they came to earth.

  • 20 Facts About Me!
    100 9 3

    Just because, Yeah just because.

  • Transformers existence proof
    1.1K 25 11

    If you have any proof to help please let me know it would be lots of help for example stories or experiences or pictures of real transformers really any proof

  • 100 or more reasons why megatron hates humans
    216 8 4

    This total explains it all

  • Transformers chat room
    375 12 3

    Deceptions Auto it's Allies All in one chat room what could go wrong

  • oppisites attract
    16 2 1

    Skywarp had a sparkmate named whifire. Who is a autobot that died . But what happens when he meets her reincarnation ?

  • Warrior Spoofs!
    376 78 9

    Hello there! I'm Twilight! I'm writing some warrior spoofs, and this is my first book, so it may not be the best, but I hope to improve!

  • Blake German (Transformers Prime Sequel)
    308 17 17

    In world where everyone knows everything, Blake German thinks that he's a average high school kid, but he knows nothing about extra terrestrial or the transformers. When the FBI come to his house to get him, he discovered powers he never knew he had. His car, Wheeljack tells him that he is half human, half robot, an t...

  • Battle Scars(Transformers Age of Extinction)(HIATUS)
    102K 3.4K 29

    Maria Farfalla has been bullied at school and in orphanages due to her somewhat "battle scars." She tries to ignore them, but eventually they get to her. She decides to run away, and live on the streets. What happen if she ends up finding a transformer? THIS IS IS THE BAYVERSE. I DO NOT OWN THE TRANSFORMERS, NOR DO I...

  • The Third Brother of Cybertron {TFP Fanfiction}
    1.6K 26 21

    Andrew wasn't sure why he couldn't remember anything before William Fowler finding him in the woods. He was terrified of what others would do if they knew about his true visions. But he knew if Vince and his group laid another hand on his friends, he would send them to kingdom come. Note: In this, Megatron and Optimus...

  • Transformers Prime and Rescue Bots Shenanigans
    21 2 1

    I think you can guess what this book is about from the title :/ ENJOY!!!! Oc x TF characters and maybe some non family friendly mentions(IT WILL NOT BE SHOWN, THAT'S WAY TO FAR)

  • Nice Kitty {Transformers Prime FanFic} [Discontinued]
    30.6K 571 30

    When a new femme arrives on earth badly wounded from a previous battle and sends out a distress signal hoping that someone Cybertronian will find her before her spark extinguishes. When Knockout is sent on a mission to recover what made the signal he finds a femme. Soon after she is repaired they become friends, exact...

  • its all a lie
    128K 2.5K 18

    Harry comes into his inheritance early while his uncle Vernon was punishing him. seeing Harry's new looks, his uncle does something his Never done before as a punishment. . Harry then runs away to gringotts and finds out his life is a lie. ships in this: Bellamort drarry Snape X Lucius wolfstar

  • Creatures of Hogwarts (book 1)
    155K 3.8K 28

    Everyone gets there creature inheritance on there eleventh birthday. So what happens when Harry gets his and a letter from his mom stating he should create a group of people he really trusts. And to only pretend to trust Dumbledore why is that. Well read and find out ...

  • The Family is Complete Edward Cullen/Harry Potter boyxboy
    812 22 1

    The war is over and Harry and his family of choice move to Forks. Where they meet the Cullens and are suprised to find who is living with them, that they thought was dead. THIS STORY CONTAINS SLASH

  • Aseptic Vitality Harry Potter/Edward Cullen
    969 21 4

    AU. On the run from the wizarding world, Remus and Harry end up in Forks, Washington. Edward/Harry. Creature!fic. Abandoned/Discontinued. If you have any ideas to how to finnish this story I would gladly see your ideas.

  • Timeless (On A TBD Hiatus)
    26.9K 1.1K 6

    Hadrian had only known these dark cell walls for what he had assumed to be many years. It could no longer be 1367, the year he was born. It could no longer be 1385, which was the year his inheritance came in. It could no longer be because all of his guards had finally switched out. A new set of wizards now occupied th...

  • The Addiction
    48 19 3

    When Rodimus was young, his parents tried to convince him to join one of them wisely, but Rodimus ends up with his mother with a wrong turn and it turned his life around. Now, he's the sexiest captain of all of Cybertron and his mother taught him how to get other attention by doing the wrong thing. His father, on the...

  • Our Adoptive Father
    705 80 9

    Jetstorm and Slipstream were brothers, until they were in a basket and the current took them to Griffon Rock and were nearly drowning, until a couple found them and called for back up. Now, the rescue bots are waiting for a response for someone to adopt them. Luckily, it was Drift the Samurai who would take care of th...

  • The Damned Crystal (a TFA Fanfic)
    17 2 2

    @staymagical123 I'm doing an RP with this user and I love it so much I'm writing my own book about it. Here ya' go! ~ Acidosis and Phoebe. Two normal females that live in a universe that's much like our own, watching Transformers: Animated. Until, one day, they fall into the TV an end up IN the TFA Universe. Acidosis...

  • Lost Light shitposts
    22 3 1

    This series gave me traumas. I'mma fix them with a shitpost book. Basically a mix of images and kinda one-shots. Yeah! Feat. other universes (*cough*TFRiDCombinerWars*cough*) ~ I do not own Transformers nor characters (unless they're my OCs). All rights belong to Hasbro.

  • Sweet Child
    833 35 6

    This is the story of how I met Orion Pax. Of course, he is now known as Optimus Prime.

  • My Life :v
    5.8K 642 86

    What the Title says 😘 You will find a lot of art, spoof, funny moments and other crazy hell in here that happens with my family.

  • Transformers Prime Bloopers
    2K 41 5

    A blooper reel for TFP

  • The Neutral
    19.2K 1K 25

    Sequel to The Hackers: For those who where waiting I present you the second book to Hackers, hope you all like it! Meet Roisin a human turned to a Cybertronian dragon that has been in a hibernation state as she recovers from her battle with M.E.C.H. The month has now passed and Roisin has now awaken from her slumbers...

  • TFP Group Chat Crack
    600 17 5

    What happens when you give human version Autobots, Decepticons, and a Predacon phones? Well, guess you'll find out.... *warning there's swearing and some suggestive humor ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° if ya get what I mean* Oh, and fair warning, I suck at updates. So be prepared for long-aft waits my friends.

  • ✧ *: sunflower ・゚✧
    111K 5.7K 36

    [ #3 in transpeterparker ] peter had always been different. he never felt... right. by puberty, questions arose within him. he scoured the internet for answers to his burning inquiries, and once he found them, he became his true self. now 15, peter was very happy with his life. sure there were many ups and downs, but...