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  • Eleven minutes
    7.4K 371 13

    Eleven minutes isn't very long. But eleven minutes can cause life or death and a lot can happen in that short amount of time. The question is, will Tony get to him in time. Or will it be too late.

  • the ones we run to
    14K 643 1

    Peter takes a step forward. Breathes. Peers down to the busy streets, trying to ignore the steady pounding of his heart, drowning and drowning his mind's cries. He's tired. He's so, so tired. Just another step, and he'll... fall. He's so, so, so close to the edge, that if he just leans- "Kid?" Peter startles. He turn...

  • 5 times Tony was at Peter's Sickbed, and the 1 time Peter was at his.
    4.9K 189 2

    The kid was going to give Tony a heart-attack one of these days - always webbing into trouble. Until the day it's Tony in trouble, and Peter's world falls apart. (Special mention to Spidey-Art, the artist of the beautiful cover art)

  • Give him back to me, or so help me god
    73.2K 2.7K 10

    ...aka that time Ross took Tony's Spidy-son, and Tony was 39237234% not okay with it. *Kudos to the artist Sami Pray for the cover-work

  • A Slice Of Life, Death And Everything In-Between
    211K 7.4K 65

    Tony Stark never thought he would start to get an entire head-full of gray hair at only 48-years-old. Then along came a certain Spider-Baby that turned his whole world upside down. (Or: A series of unrelated fluffy, angsty and soft IronDad fics. Enjoy!)

  • Irondad Oneshots
    230K 5.3K 41

    Oneshots of everyone's favorite Irondad and Spiderson. Lots of angst and fluff and young Peter.

  • The World Is Wide (But I Feel So Small)
    105K 3K 12

    When Peter is abruptly taken from Tony by a mysterious criminal, the teen has to fight tooth and nail to make it out of the man's clutches, testing him every step of the way as he tries desperately to get back to his Dad. Tony just wants to find his child and make the bastard responsible pay for his actions. By any me...

  • 5 Times Peter Fell, and Tony caught him. And the 1 Time Tony didn't.
    69.3K 2.7K 6

    Peter has a nasty habit of falling. And Tony, bless him, will catch him every. single. time. Until the day he can't.

  • Memories
    32 2 1

    Peter Parker was kidnapped. His family searched the globe for him. When they finally get him back he is different. He can't remember a thing.

  • Interning for Tony Stark
    62.1K 2.6K 23

    When Peter Parker get qualified for an internship position he unknowingly applied for, things get messy. Especially when the one who's interning Peter Parker is Tony Stark. Add that to the Avengers are chasing down Spider-man, Ned is confused, and a scheme in the streets of New York.

  • Shuri + Youtube = Disaster
    4.9K 196 4

    Shuri comes to New York for a meeting with the government about vibranium, but first she has to cause some trouble with er best friend Peter Parker of course. Basically, Shuri has a Youtube account, and these are just video's of Peter and her, messing around, pranking people, and a lot more. (Will eventually turn into...

  • That tiny loophole
    6.6K 330 26

    you know being a runaway in the streets when the world thinks your dead is one thing, it's another when you're being framed for your own aunt's death and your death as your alter ego. wat hold up-tony's hallucinating me?! oh yeah mabye thats cause i wished he was never my dad huh weird

  • Irondad and Spiderson oneshots
    150K 3.1K 16

    Mostly fluffy oneshots of the best father and son duo. !!NO SHIPPING OF THESE 2 CAUSE PEDOFILIA IS NASTY!!

  • Wrong Number
    21.7K 792 22

    Just read it!

  • Alone
    3.9K 56 12

    When Mysterio reveals to the world who Spider-Man Man is, the world can't believe it. He's just a kid! But when Beck broadcasted the video ,all who saw it, believed Spider-Man tried to order the execution of almost everyone in Europe. Everyone but Ned, Mj, Happy, May, and what was left of the Avengers thought Sp...

  • Irondad and Spiderson One Shots- B2
    241K 6.1K 89

    Hello, I'm back with the second installment. Ask for requests if you like, but just enjoy.

  • I See Them
    5.8K 275 11

    Peter's past is shrouded in darkness. Memories filled with nothing but torture, agony, loneliness, and grief. Death and misfortune seem to follow him around no matter where he goes, leaving him broken and hollow. Yet, despite everything, the Avengers accepted Peter and call him one of their own. But just as things see...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spiderman/Peter Parker Oneshots
    113K 2.3K 25

    Oneshots of spiderman aka Peter parker in his spidery world. Sometimes i get stuck, so don't be afraid to request! Contains: -Field trips -Instagram -wrong number -soulstone -irondad -avengers -fluff -a truckload of angst All rights go to marvel :D

  • Avenger teens Oneshots
    47.5K 1.1K 12

    The Avengers teens and there crazy antics! Pretty much, a bunch of stories of Shuri, Wanda, and Peter being friends. You can comment suggestions and/or DM me! (I'm best at writing angst btw so :3) *REQUESTS BACK OPEN* *Also on*

    48.9K 1.3K 22

    Spiderman has just had his identity revealed, and everybody thinks he is a villain. Now Peter Parker must stay out of trouble. After everybody (including Flash) find out who he is, he must go into hiding with all those he cares about until something can be done to prove that Mysterio's parting gift with the world was...

    14.9K 668 6

    Assembling the Avengers (often abbreviated as ATA) is an American reality television series that airs on the E! cable network. The show focuses on the personal and professional lives of the Avengers and their nerdy intern. ~~~ Peter Parker is pulled into a world of controversy and overly-dramatized arguments once S.H...

  • Months Later- Spiderman- Avengers
    122K 4.2K 33

    On a mission Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman is taken.

  • Avengers Family
    133K 3.7K 36

    A series of oneshots featuring the Avengers acting as a family. Open for requests.

  • Sorry, Wrong Number; but here to help
    270K 8K 15

    Peter is a smart teen, his grades at the well respected Midtown High could attest to that. But everyone makes mistakes, Peter's was texting the wrong number. Hurriedly typing in Ned's number into his phone Peter sent a text to his best friend. But, it wasn't Ned's number.

  • Break the Water
    26.7K 1.3K 8

    Peter Parker just went on his first mission with the Avengers. At first, he is excited and ready to prove himself that he is strong enough, but that soon changes when the hydra base they are cleaning up happens to be a ship in the middle of the ocean. After the events of Homecoming, Peter developed a great fear of dro...

  • Drowning In Oxygen [2] {Sequel}
    35.5K 1.3K 17

    Peter wasn't going to try and save himself. The last time that happened, it cost him somebody's life. That mistake would never happen again. ~~~ Disclaimer: If I owned Marvel, Infinity War and Endgame would've gone way differently. Also, SEQUEL TO HUNTED! IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THAT YET, I'D RECOMMEND IT! Please?

  • Spider-man Homecoming. Identity reveal
    64.9K 1.1K 11

    These are one-shots about reveal fits from Spider-man Homecoming. Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters.

  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man Headcanons and Oneshots
    715K 18.4K 53

    Peter Parker/Spider-Man headcanons/oneshots about spiderson and Iron dad, some random stuff I have found, and, sadly... IW and Endgame... *NOT COMPLETED AND DISCONTINUED*

  • Marvel Instagram
    192K 3.1K 59

  • Spider-Man One-shots
    263K 6K 50

    Everything from boring field trips to caffeine-induced insanity, it's all here! I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them. I am a Christian author. All of my books are clean and free of lots of things you'll see in most other books, but don't think for a second that it detracts from t...