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  • GalaxyBillies
    84.4K 5.6K 46

    When a semi-sentient starship loses its crew it must find a new one quickly. The nearest planet with intelligence is a small blue globe third out from its parent star. The ship, intelligence fading, kidnaps five humans from the mountains of the Appalachians and re-enters civilization. Unfortunately, said humans are qu...

  • Super SciFi Smackdown
    3.6K 242 31

    A space adventure for Forbidden Planet's Super SFSD, Cover art By Dan Legierski.

  • Hand Over Fist
    472K 19.9K 45

    Like a phoenix, they arose. From the ashes of a world burnt by massive nuclear holocaust and frozen by a millennia of nuclear winter. They are the Fisted Races and they struggle against the tattered remnant of Humanity for what little resources are left on a battered Earth. Ryon, Tigris, Kanid and Pantor; all equal...

  • Risen: Darklight
    3.9M 62.9K 86

    They buried him with a broken heart, unable to go on after his wife of 50 years passed away from cancer. Then they dug him up 300 years later, gave him a new body, new abilities and made him fight in a war to defeat the Velkin, a race of terrible alien invaders. He helped the Risen destroy the Velkin armies, defeat t...

  • Memoirs of a Fallen God
    265K 4.7K 32

    Once I was a god. Worshiped. Revered. The huddled masses cast themselves at my feet, heads bowed and eyes wide. Save us, they begged. Spare us, they pleaded. And, fool that I was, I tried. Now I am nothing. Fallen. A bitter memory of an age long passed. A broken old fool too stubborn to die. This is my story. My r...

  • Cooking With the Cat
    4.8K 193 10

    A book of recipes, some of which that have been concocted by myself and others I have found along my discovery of the foreign entity of cooking. I encourage you make some suggestions or even try some of the recipes detailed within.

  • Etana
    3.9K 138 5

    Eva is returning to Earth with the first specimens of extra-terrestrial life. Miles is following a billionaire couple on a tour of their newly constructed luxury bunker located five miles beneath the Pacific Ocean. When an apocalyptic event affects almost every living creature on Earth, the two disparate groups of su...

  • Verbal Graffiti
    10.3K 226 13

    This is what comes of having too much sugar and access to word.

  • A Bit of Sci-Fi
    3.4K 129 8

    My Science Fiction smackdown contest entries and other little mental ditties.

  • Quantum Parenting
    22.3K 918 7

    Facial Hair Confuses Babies. One of a number of random observations from an unprepared, unreliable and probably mentally unstable parent (although a small minority of the mental health board decided in my favour, I have the certificate to prove it). This thingy, diatribe, publication, list, call it what you...

  • ~ Blink ~
    153K 2.8K 1

    [NOVEL COMING SOON!] Dot is a young boy with a very unique outlook on the world. Note: some people will find this hard to read, but please stick with it because it pays off in the end. [#1 Science Fiction - 10/01/12].