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  • The Aristocrat's Daughter | 18+ ✓
    21.8K 1.5K 39

    [@NA's read of the month in October, 2021] The servant's daughter and the aristocrat's son engage in a prohibited bond. Melanie moves in with her mother to work in the Kingston aristocrats' household. The Kingstons have just had their son come back from a mysterious absence. When Kai walks in on her at an ungodly ti...

    Completed   Mature
  • 2 A.M. Silence | ✓
    67K 4.8K 14

    "If love could talk, hearts would never break." In which murder is mistaken for mercy, and love is mistaken for lies. #1 - madlove / psychopath #3 - insanity

  • The Girl on the Bus ✔️
    241K 17.9K 15

    "Is this seat taken?" "Yes, someone is sitting there." "Who?" "Not you." • At the golden age of five, Nathan Ackerman had developed a charming and patient personality. At the golden age of five, Lilian Burk had developed a sassy and caring personality. At the golden age of five, these two sat together on the bus. Cred...

  • A lie in church. ON RADISH
    23.9M 150K 19

    Highest rank[#1 in Billionaire] [#1 in youngadult] [#1 in NewAdult] [#1 in Fiction] STARTED:10th January 2019 FINISHED: 11th August 2019 When Chloe followed her big sister to her sister's best friend's wedding, she didn't expect the groom to st...