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  • Riddle - |Mattheo Riddle| Under Revision
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    Voldemort, the one person you're supposed to hate, to fear him. but his son is the one your heart desires most . the hatred of riddle and the stereotype of his family. y/n Malfoy beings in year 2 doesn't follow all of harry potter story line MATTHEO RIDDLE IS NOT MY CHARACTER HE'S @yasmineamaroo LORENZO BERKSHIR...

  • ~numb~mattheo riddle
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    She's numb. No feelings. No thoughts. No nothing. It's a good job she's great at hiding it. He's numb. No feelings. No thoughts. No nothing. It's a good job he's great at hiding it too. Malfoy. It's a tough name to live up too. Mattheo Riddle fanfic I do not own any characters except Dalia and Davy Malfoy and Dexte...

  • FALLING HARD // Mattheo Riddle X Reader
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    FALLING HARD// Y/N Goes to Hogwarts hoping that she wouldn't have to expose her biggest secret when she meets Matheo Riddle what will happen ...? What's her secret?.. Then she suddenly realizes she's falling hard ....

  • You are mine(Mattheo Riddle × Michael Langdon +Y/N)
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    Y/N comes from a pureblood family and has one sister Cordelia Blackwood was raised by her mother and her step father whos a muggle? Read this story if u are 16+ years old it involves sexual scene and drugs:) Toxic relationship,suicidal dont not read if sensitive l repeat!🤝

  • Against It All ~ Mattheo Riddle x Reader
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    Y/n Esmeray is a Slytherin student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Y/n has a traumatic past with her family and is viewed as a pathological liar by her mother and father. She and Draco Malfoy were childhood best friends who started dating. Although Y/n and Mattheo Riddle are mortal enemies, he agrees to...