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    Ashton has known " the boys" since her junior year of high school. Her brothers friends were constantly getting her into trouble, Harry especially. She hated him more than anyone but as much as she wanted to go her own way, his hands pull pulled her back to him time and time again. Things have changed since then. Sh...

  • DRAG - [h.s. au]
    2.3M 65.1K 81

    [COMPLETED] Bentley Hale is the best street racer in the Bay Area, but everything changes when she becomes wrapped up with Harry Styles, the new official racer for the Oakland Kings gang. Bentley's got a wicked mind and the attitude to match, but so does Harry. Money, murder, family, love, gangs, drugs, sex, cars, Ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fine Art Of Annoying A Mafia King
    1.1M 46.7K 79

    What happens when The Mafia King gets a weird text one night from a girl who is hell bent on making him hers? She is a badass who wins each and every street race and street fight. She always gets what she wants. Freedom and having control over everything is her motto. She is Valentina Martinez. He is a Mafia King wh...

  • Stall
    52.8M 1.2M 119

    *Story Contains Mature and Explicit Content* [COMPLETED] "Strangers in the dark can change your life in the light." "As I reach the front door I can't help the same question swimming around in my mind, what could possibly be on all of those tapes?" ----- Preview: "You wanna try and be my medicine Abby?" he asks with a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Duplicity [h.s]
    72.1M 1.4M 101

    "Smoking is bad, you know." The placid voice speaks up from the distant dark corner, nothing to see but a tall silhouette and an orange glow of a cigarette cherry. "It's the least of my problems," I murmur with my own between my lips, proceeding to feel the stagnant debris valley my throat when I suck delicately. He...

  • Absolution [h.s.]
    4.9M 105K 60

    Bloodletter. Everyone on campus knows the name, but few know the man behind it. He's a legend, the most ruthless fighter in a local, underground fight club, nicknamed for how often he makes his opponents bleed. When Zara Clark, an ambitious writer on the school's newspaper, decides that she's going to make him her nex...

    Completed   Mature
  • We'll Never be Sane
    6.1M 149K 73

    Born into a world of crime and evil, Shy Solace is the wreckless daughter of the American mafia leader. She spends her nights as the infamous assassin named Dawn, having a reputation of ruthlessly killing her victims with precision. She is emotionless, but what happens when she crosses the heartless and feared Enzo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Regina | hiatus
    2M 63.8K 68

    ❝ Be careful with what you say Consigliere, this 'princess' has a dagger in her boot and knows how to use it. ❞ ──────────────────────── Athena Ferrari has basically been raising herself since she was nine. Stuck in the system and staying at an orphanage, she avoided getting adopted like the plague, counting down the...

  • The Italian Mafia's Son
    178K 3.6K 14

    (ON HOLD) Brooks Ember, 16 years old soon to be 17,smartass /badass, she has to move to Italy in order to attend all mafia high school. Blake steel, newly turned 18, almost done with high school,the son of the Italian mafia's leader, your usual fuck boy? Of course is that even a question. Two happen to be at the same...