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  • Mafia Changed Me {Taehyung FF}
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    "Dont let the pain take over you Y/N, Play along with the pain and feel the pleasure" -Taehyung #FanFiction #Taehyung #BTS #V

  • Mafias property (jjk X readers)
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    "Your body does not belong to u any more u are mine your body is mine every part of you is mine "you can never escape from me baby girl

  • Mafia 2 | BTS JUNGKOOK✔
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    RECAP! In season 1 ---> Arrange Marriage. They Despise each other. Fell in love. Misunderstood. Abused. Cheated. Left. In season 2 ---> Raped. Kidnapped. Children. Break up. Apologies. Idk. Marriage. Misunderstood. Ending. __ "Well I want nothing but you." He said and turned around and I was shocked to see Jeon...

  • Jungkook ff { Mafia Girl }
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    Intro you as Jane Kim.. someone who's have a normal life.. until someone name Jeon Jungkook kidnapped you and make you stay with him.. fall in love with him.. and make you as his wife..

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    a girl name y/n was walking down the street until she saw a man name Kim taehyung killing someone and the Kim taehyung saw her and made a deal with her to be the mafia wife what do you think will happen ?

  • Mafias Babygirl😈❤🔥🔥
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    You are 19 Years old and live very happy but one Day you meet a Man and this Man is....Jeon Jungkook.Your normal life will get messed up and you will get in Dangerous Plans.You don't know who you can trust and if you will stay alive in all of this but One thing is sure ....A Enemy appears ....they want to do impossib...

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    jungkook the world feared gangster fall in love with a beautiful young girl and raped her she got pregnant but that girl is really small to be a mom read out to find out what happens next🖤

  • •𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐬𝐨𝐧•
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    "Noona! I had a dream and you were my mommy!" >>>>--•𝐯•-->>>---•𝐯•--->>>---•𝐯•--->>>---•𝐯•--->>>---•𝐯•--->>>---•𝐯•---<<<<

  • Sassy and Pervert
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    Sassy and Pervert Taehyung and Jungkook didn't know each other nor seeing each other. They just got arranged marriage by their parents. They both single so both of them don't have a problem with that. The only problem is their attitude. "Do you accept Jeon Jungkook as your husband?" Father asked. "I accept Jeon Fuck...

  • Photobomb [Taekook au]
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    [A social media AU] Up and rising Korean model Kim Taehyung didn't realize the circumstances of an innocent picture he posted on his twitter, only when he started getting more and more comments about a certain famous idol that happened to photobomb his picture unintentionally, known by the name Jeon jungkook.

  • affliction - tk.
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    jungkook might not have been religious, but man, was his dick godly. "i still want to slap the hell out of you, kook." "yeah, that's great & all, but are we going to mention how we literally just fucked in the school's kitchen, or-" completed march 2019

  • Pretty Little Psycho ✔️
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    "He's a fucking freak..." <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Jungkook gets kidnapped by the new kid at school who claims to be his brother. Vkook Fanfic MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME READERS ⚠️ Th...