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  • Not Pack (Sterek/Stackson)(boyxboy)
    62.3K 2K 5

    When Stiles leaves Beacon Hills for a year, he completely changes. With a whole new physical and mental image, how will his old friends react? Old friends that had completely dropped him. He's there to set things straight but one things for sure; He is definitely not.

  • Wentworth Miller Imagines
    127K 3.3K 82

    A series of short Wentworth Miller imagines. As Michael Scofield, Leonard Snart and Himself Wentworth Miller. • - #1 in Wentworth Miller

  • Even In Death (Manolo x Male OC)
    11.7K 385 13

    "Everyone Has A Story..." What if La Muerte had a brother, what if he helped his sister rule the land of forgotten? What if he loved life and the after life, but he has traveled all over the world of the living, but What If he entered the bet his sister and Xibalba made that day? What does fate have in-store when not...

  • It's called fate a mikaelson LS
    344K 8.3K 45

    I will not go by the vampire diaries or the originals because that shit is to hard to do. Going to make my own storyline.

  • Possessive (One-Shots/Imagines)
    50.5K 836 20

    A series of one-shots revolving around Kol and Diamond. The best part is that YOU get to choose what I should write next. You guys just give me 1-5 random words, and I shall create short, sometimes long, one-shots for each word. This is perfect for those of you wanting to see a different side to our favorite crazy cou...

  • a shot of love fin and munch
    818 13 7

    Fin and munch have been working along side with each other for a few months and fin can say that his been in love with the man. But will he tell him or does Munch feel the same

  • Destroying The Plot 5
    10K 631 17

    After Lilith takes another hit at Crystal and wipes her of her memories, Crystal finds herself stuck in the middle of a war between Tony Stark and Captain America. Will she gain her memories back and will her family ever find her again? Or will she be stuck forever not knowing who she truly is? *I only own Crystal Wa...

  • Destroying The Plot 4
    31.4K 1.1K 24

    After the battle of Twilight Breaking Dawn part two, Crystal and her mates have ventured to the magical world of Harry Potter. During the tyranny of Professor Umbridge, will Crystal be hunted down and eradicated or will she be able to aid Harry and stop Voldemort? Secrets are being kept and the true meaning of Crystal...

  • Destroying the Plot 3
    23.1K 706 10

    After getting the Gladers out of the Maze and being rescued from Ava Paige by her father Lucifer, Crystal and her mates have dimension hopped into one of Crystal's least favourite places.... Twilight. And worst of all right in the middle of Breaking Dawn Part Two. Will Crystal and her mates survive the conflict or wi...

  • Destroying The Plot 2
    28.9K 986 11

    After the attack of Bonnie and the ancestors, Crystal Waters and her mates have disappeared to a new dimension. The Maze Runner. With W.I.C.K.E.D trying to capture her, will Crystal and her two newly found mates be able to escape? Or will they be in the cage of W.I.C.K.E.D forever? *i do not own maze runner or any of...

  • Destroying The Plot
    169K 4.7K 20

    I died in my universe. I was brought back into the universe of The Vampire Diaries. All I know is that I'm going to kill, torture and save people. I'm going to fuck this plot up. After Crystal Waters dies, she is resurrected into The Vampire Diaries universe as a half angel immortal, that has unique abilities to chan...

  • Queen's Pack
    204 8 2

    Arrow A/B/O Universe (Will change Summary later)

  • Multi Gif Imagines
    153K 2.6K 200

    Mostly my favorite shows, movies, and favorite actors.

  • Mikaelson Brothers (Niklaus Elijah Kol Mikaelson)
    104 3 2

    Do you think she will pick one or all? Does she want to ruin their brotherly bond, or is she so noble that she'll put her feelings aside and choose none? Niklaus the Bastard, Elijah the Noble, or Kol the Psycho? Which one?

  • | DISCONTINUED. | Evergreen |Shadowhunters|
    41.3K 1.2K 22

    "And I'll just keep changing my colors.. I'm not in the same place that I was. But if somebody tells me I'll go back to My old ways I'm gonna say no Way I'm out of the door way I'm not going back to my Old Ways."

  • Daddy's Little Wolf {SLOW UPDATES}
    33.6K 647 14

    Emily Thomas is a 20-year-old girl from Mystic Falls. About halfway through her sophomore year of high school, Emmy had to move away because her dad's job relocated him. Now Emmy is back, she lost contact with all her friends. However her friend, Elena never stopped trying to contact her. Now that Emmy is back, Elena...

  • Hybrids Little Love// Klaus Mikaelson
    450K 9K 49

    Maddox Lockwood is Tyler's cousin. She's Masons Daughter. She went through being distraught that he was dead and had her vengeance on Damon for Killing him. She triggered her curse years ago but besides that shes hiding a secret that no one would understand. She's a Little, she likes being pampered but never had a dad...

  • Bunny and the Wolf
    27.2K 1.2K 15

    "I've always knew you Klaus, don't make no mistake about that. I'm probably the only one who knows the real you the most," I sad to him looking up at him, " I will always help, support, and love you, but you have to let me in." I let him go and walked to the door, I looked at him and smirk, "But if you ever hurt me, I...

  • Stiles Salvatore
    3.4K 79 4

    Stiles gets thrown out of the pack, because of him being a human. But little did they know that he wasn't human at all. Stiles leaves with his two only real friends, Peter and Allison. True colours are shown Secrets are revealed What happens when the three former pack members return to Beacon Hills?