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  • passerine
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    "I understand. You heard the place you loved was in trouble, so you came back, but I don't-I just-why didn't you take me?" Here it was, at last. Catharsis, or something close to it. "I would have hunted them down with you, Philza, the people who did that to your town. I would have given you your vengeance on a silver...

  • Dear Dream,
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    "I promise you. I promise I'll come back." He promises, George thinks wistfully. He promises such a thing- to offer George with his word on something, to uphold it. It's as if he's saying that he'll give the world to him, just for him. But somewhere is the lingering thought in George's mind is that he won't come back...

  • that's, like, a hundred miles
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    [2.] Dream would kill him. Dream was going to kill him- he was going to- no, he wouldn't. Dream was his friend- friends don't hit each other- Dream was supposed to take care of him- Dream /was/ taking care of him. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to think. He couldn't clear his thoughts as he stumbled to the family compute...

  • one shot collection
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    a master collection of my one shots includes mature themes, trigger warnings before chapters.