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  • Hiding the Green Carnation's Heirs | ✔︎
    15.2M 435K 37

    C O M P L E T E D - currently editing W A R N I N G: MATURED CONTENT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. (DE AZARRO SECONDO) Virginity is one of the greatest gifts a woman can give her husband. That is what Calixta's parents told her but due to the influence of alcohol, she accidentally gave it to a stranger that she met in the b...

    Completed   Mature
  • In the Midst of the Crowd (Loser #1)
    11.6M 622K 50

    THE LOSERS' CLUB SERIES #1 Started: 10/05/2021 Ended: 04/03/2022 Have you ever been so smitten with someone that you were just so grateful he existed? Tipong makita mo lang siya, solved ka na. Kahit hindi mo siya makausap o makasama, inspired na inspired ka. That was the case for Dawn Karsen Navarro, a die-hard fan of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mistakes We Can't Laugh About (Loser #2)
    7.7M 481K 54

    THE LOSERS' CLUB SERIES #2 (No portrayer intended) Started: 05/03/22 Ended: 11/04/22 Someday you'll look back on your mistakes and laugh. To name a few instances, these are those awkward first kisses you shared with your first boyfriend, those failed recitations that your classmates don't seem to forget, and those poo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing in the Wild (University Series #3)
    115M 3.2M 44

    University Series #3. Sevi, the team captain of Growling Tigers, never expected to fall in love again after his first heartbreak with his bestfriend.. until he met Elyse, the spoiled cheerleader from La Salle.

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Yesterday's Escape (University Series #6)
    35.3M 1.4M 48

    UNIVERSITY SERIES #6 Past experiences. Broken hearts. Present tragedy. Those are the things Kierra Ynares from UST Architecture and Shan Lopez from DLSU Psychology have in common. No matter how wretched their similarities are, they still found ways to escape... to look forward to tomorrow, and keep everything that hap...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Rebellious Night (GLS/Del Fierro #1)
    18.6M 644K 27

    GLS second generation. 1 of 3

  • Against the Heart (Azucarera Series #1)
    40.9M 1.4M 43

    Charlotta Yvonna del Real is the queen of Altagracia. Anak ng may-ari ng malaking Azucarera, she has it all - friends, popularity, riches, boys. But well, maybe, not all. May madilim na lihim ang kanyang pamilya. Isang bagay na hindi inaasahan para sa kanila. The deal Real's were always the epitome of a perfect family...

  • Why Do You Hate Me? (To be Published under Majesty Press)
    62.9M 1.3M 55

    If you hate something, would you change it? And if you change it, will you like it? Hindi alam ni Charity kung bakit ayaw na ayaw sa kanya ni Jayden Corpuz. Hindi pa kailanman ito nangyari sa buhay niya. Simula pagkabata, mahal na siya ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Ni isa, mapa babae o lalaki, wala siyang naging...

  • Alphabet of Death (Published)
    19.9M 444K 79

    AlphaBakaTa Trilogy [Book1]: Alphabet of Death (The Arrival of Unforgiveness) Handa ka na bang harapin ang iyong kamatayan sa pamamagitan ng letrang iyong pinangangalagaan? Mag-ingat ka dahil ang letrang pinanghahawakan mo ay ang magiging sanhi ng kamatayan mo.

  • With The Moon
    444 72 37

    Love is a game that two can play and both win. Selenenia is girl with traumas and can't express her feelings properly. She went through a lot at a young age, she preferred to be alone and without talking to other people, she preferred to be with her books. She's numb, that's what others think but she's just protecting...

    Completed   Mature
  • When She Finally Gives Up (Hughes Series)
    1.7M 36.6K 44

    Geron Hughes' story. Samira loves fully to the extent of being too desperate. Her love craziness will knock her hard when she faces the consequences of loving the guy who does not even love her a bit. Samira's journey of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. Will she get the love she deserves? **Under Revision. Slow up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing the Sun (College Series #1)
    28.5M 1.3M 46

    PUBLISHED UNDER LIB (No portrayer intended) Note: If you're not into flawed characters who make wrong decisions, don't read this. Save yourself from stress. Started: 09/09/2020 Ended: 10/07/2020 Solene Clemente was a typical Civil Engineering student who struggled to put up with her studies. Kung pwede ngang i-bake na...

    Completed   Mature
  • End This War (Alegria Boys #3) (Published under MPress)
    90.1M 2.1M 74

    Alam mong kalaban pero nagawa mo paring mahalin. Alam mong hindi pwede pero mas lalo ka paring nagpupumilit. Alam mong mali pero ginagawa mong tama. Totoong masarap ang mga bawal. Pero masarap parin ba pag magkasakitan na? Masarap parin ba pag pinaiyak ka na? Hanggang kailan mo kayang ipaglaban ang pag ibig na hindi m...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Kidnapper's Mistake (Watty's 2020 Winner)
    3.5M 120K 29

    Isang misyon, isang hindi inaasahang pagtatagpo at isang pagkamamali na magiging dahilan ng pagbabago ng plano. Paano maitutuwid ang isang pagkakamali kung tatakpan ito ng panibago pang pagkakamali? Namulat si Nightmare sa mundo ng digmaan at paghihiganti para sa katarunangan ng kaniyang mga magulang na walang-awang...