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  • Five / Nicky / Aidan oneshots
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    I simp, you simp, let's simp together. Welcome to my one shot book Lot of fluff Im just hoping my ideas are different from others lol (A lot of these are Five) Warning: Swearing Cuteness overload (ENDED) I went to go write a oneshot book just for Five lol

  • Rivals || Nicky Harper x Reader
    23.6K 686 22

    The best dynamic of Rivals to lovers. Y/n l/n has known the Harpers since birth practically, though, since they were 7, they have hated one of the siblings, Nicky Harper. Who doesn't love a good bickering? I do not own any of the characters except y/n, most of the dialogue is from the show! Season one: Finished Season...

  • Happy together 🤍 (Nicky Harper x Reader)
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    Y/n isn't a typical girl everyone meets. She's Outgoing, Tomboyish, Quirky and somewhat Mischievous. Shes known the Quads for quite some time. She practically lives with them, or she is also known as the fifth quad since she hangs out with them daily. What's happens when her feelings change for one of the quads? Seaso...

  • Nicky Harper + X- Reader
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    Fan fiction about Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn

  • Friendship 💖 (Nicky x reader 👉👈) (NRDD)
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    You've known the Harpers for a year or so, going through every bickering and disaster they come across. You're kind and caring, laid back but anxious, and a pretty good kid. (I'm going off the episodes from the show :) NOTICE: I am NOT doing every single episode. Some just don't seem reasonable :/ SEASON 1: Complete! ...