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  • Spoby Ever After
    24.4K 716 24

    Spencer's life keeps getting worst, and worst. But when an old childhood crush comes back to Rosewood, did she just find her safe place to land?

  • Two negAtives attract. A spoby fanfiction.
    8.5K 140 17

    A daring love story of two teenage lovers and a clique going through the same torture from an unknown girl named Redcoat, who puts them through hell. After so long, how have they survived? Was it their love, or was something else pulling them together?

  • Love After Mayhem
    3.9K 164 7

    Toby and Spencer have the perfect life. A is gone, and they have a picture-perfect relationship. But that will be put to the test when a series of bad events unfold before their eyes. Can love sustain after mayhem?

  • Spoby- Pretty little liars fan story
    71.7K 1.1K 16

  • The New Generation of Pretty Little Liars
    153K 3K 6

    Tilly Cavanaugh. Keira Fitz. Tori Fields. Lilliana Rivers. The daughter's of the Pretty Little Liars. More secrets. More threats. More drama. What happens next? You just have to keep reading to find out. Yes, this is a Pretty Little Liars Fan-Fiction.

  • The New Salvatores: A Delena Story (In Major Editing)
    227K 5.1K 33

    It's been 4 years since Stefan Salvatore gave over his allegiance and humanity to Klaus, the hot tempered hybrid Original, and fell in love with Rebekah, Klaus's younger sister. In his baby brother's absence, Damon Salvatore has kept Elena Gilbert, the girl that they both love, safe and happy. What will happen when Da...

  • The Pretty Little Kids (PLL)
    8.1K 137 3

    Cirri is battling to come to terms with the way her parents met. Camilla always wondering why her aunt cant see. Celeste trying to figure out why the cops are always on her father. Chastity fighting to understand why she has two mothers. all of them are going into their 6th grade year with the omen of A hanging over t...

  • Spoby Ever After
    6.2K 119 8

    Will Toby and Spencer have their happy ending that everyone wants? Will A still be apart of their lives and ruin everything they have? Will they have kids? Read to find out.

  • Our new future |NOT WRITING ANYMORE|
    3.2K 90 8

    This is book two to a spencer and toby story.

  • You know I love you. Pretty Little Liars Fan Fiction.
    17.8K 176 3

    Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh are in love. They've been through rough patches but they've always managed to get through it. Spencer's family can't stand Toby. Toby's step-sister can't stand Spencer. Follow Spencer and Toby as they go through daily life of trying to be the normal couple they want to be. Well, as...

  • Can there be an us?
    8K 207 18

    Spencer and toby had broken up over something small. They never stopped growing feelings for each other. The more they saw each other, the harder it got. Will there ever be an us?

  • The Love Of Liars
    996 19 1

    This story is about Toby and Spencer and there life after A.

  • Everything Has Changed
    1.5K 35 2

    After toby leaves for a couple of weeks, which turns into years, Spencer is heartbroken. All of her friends are happy, and -A is over. But when toby surprisingly returns will spencer be able to forgive him for all the years that he was gone? read to find out.

  • Pretty Little Liars (ON HOLD)
    154K 1.7K 6

    Alison, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily are four best friends. But when Ali goes missing on thier slumber party all hell breaks loose. The girls get mysterious text messages of a blocked number, 'A'. They are pretty sure Ali is 'A' until Emily's friend's mom finds Ali's decased body in her backyard. Now 'A' has gotten...

  • The Spoby Diaries
    9.2K 207 4

    This is a Spby PLL fanfic. It will leave your in tears, smiles and anger as you go with Spencer on her journey to find her other half.

  • Pretty Little Liars 10 years later
    3K 32 3

    4 girls, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer are all grown up and have kids.

  • My Pretty Little Love (Spoby)
    11.2K 217 5

    What if Spencer and Toby had always been together even before "The Jenna Thing." how can they hide from the others, how will Spencer keep her friends from accusing Toby of things he never did? and how will everyone take it when they find out what actually happened to Alison DiLaurentis?

  • A Lover and a Liar
    12.9K 255 26

    A Pretty Little Liars fanfic based on Spoby (Spencer and Toby) written from Spencer's view. All of these characters and some of the plot belong to the author of the books and the creators of the tv show, I do not own any of this, this is a fan fiction. Some events will be the same thing that happened in the show but m...

  • Pretty Little Future (under major construction)
    429 12 4

    *to start off I'm doing major editing and crap. So sorry, not sorry!) What happens when the pretty little liars have a pretty little future? And possibly a not so pretty new enemy? Find out in Pretty Little Future!

  • I'll Find a Way
    12.6K 314 17

    2,994 miles separate Spencer and Toby's love. Spencer got accepted into Princeton for college on full scholarship, an offer she couldn't refuse. Toby had gotten accepted into Stanford university in California. Will they be able to make it work while on opposite sides of the country? Or will another man come in and ste...

  • Undress These Beautiful Lies
    2.2K 38 3

    Pretty Little Liars Spoby fan fiction. Based on a Tumblr prompt. Alternate ending to Season 3B. An increasingly-brittle Spencer is determined to bring "A" down once and for all. Toby won't let her face the danger alone. Three chapters.

  • LOVE
    3K 74 2

    'LOVE' is a story about the PLL couple Spoby ( Spencer and Toby )

  • Once Upon a Romance: A Spoby Story
    2.3K 53 2

    Two lovers, Spencer and Toby, go on a trip to the Caribbean where things run smoothly... until disaster hits. Join Spencer and Toby on a "scavenger hunt" to find the clues to save their best friend's life. Will they make it on time, or will their friend's life be terminated? Not to mention they are both being stalked...

  • To Infinity and Beyond
    876 33 3

    When two people love eachother nothing can come between them. That's what Toby Cavanaugh and Spencer Hastings thought when they began dating. With their relationship being tested by the powers of A, college, and Spencer's "crazy" family, will their love last?

  • Pretty Little Liars, The Unpretty
    862 6 2

    #PLL This short story (which has yet to be completed) tells the story of our 4 favorite Liars and the new A in town. It begins by ushering us through the worries of Hanna, who has been dealing with the return of her bulimia, before introducing a new member of the A-team (who happens to have some info about the death...