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    "I know you're twisted, but baby I'm twisted, too." [THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SEASON 4&6] STARTED: DECEMBER 03, 2016 FINISHED: MAY 02, 2018 REWRITE STARTED: AUGUST 27, 2020 REWRITE FINISHED: MARCH 07, 2021

  • Kenzie Gilbert: The Mute Twin (1)
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    Kenzie Gilbert was the rebellious twin. She was desperate for attention, in hopes to standout from her goody-two-shoes twin sister's shadow. Until her parents died in a car crash. Kenzie hasn't spoken a word in months since. Then the Salvatore brothers move into town. Seventeen-year-old Stefan with a soft smile that m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gabriella Gilbert || Vampire Diaries
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    Gabriella Gilbert and her identical twin sister, Elena Gilbert had a normal life. Besides the fact that their parents are dead. First day back at school seems fun right? For Elena it is when she meets Stefan Salvatore. Gabriella though meets the older brother Damon Salvatore. Will she fall in love with him? Or will sh...

  • Gabriella Gilbert Two || Vampire Diaries
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    Sequel to Gabriella Gilbert. Gabby Gilbert has been through what most people would call hell. After basically selling her soul to the devil, Klaus, she endures what it is like to be the vampire she is. What happens when she finds the ripper inside her? Will she love it? Or will she try to fight it for the rest of he...

  • Arianna Gilbert (Vampire Diaries)
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    Arianna Gilbert has felt like she's drowning ever since her parents died. People seem to think only her twin sister, Elena, is struggling. After all, Elena is the good twin. Arianna is just the fun one who always gets herself into trouble. People figure she can handle things by herself just fine. Can't she? But both g...

  • Sister, Sister ▷ Damon Salvatore [1] [COMPLETED]
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    The youngest Mikaelson and the oldest Salvatore meet under unlikely circumstances and fall in love. [SEASON TWO - THE VAMPIRE DIARIES] [BOOK ONE OF THE ARABELLA SERIES] [COVER BY: @voluntears] SEQUEL IS NOW PUBLISHED, 'The Family Jewels' #43 in Fanfiction - 7/24/16 holly james © 2016