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    Episode Name: Crash and Burn, Girl! Air date: 7/23/2013 Summary: With Hanna occupied because of her mom's upcoming trial, Aria, Spencer and Emily band together to continue to investigate Wilden for information that could be used at Ashley's trial.

    Anyway, ignoring Spencer and Toby’s trip to Ravenswood, there was still plenty of drama going on back in Rosewood. Hannah’s problems are only getting worse, making it clear to everyone that this new A isn’t messing around. It’s grown far beyond high school hijinks and now the girls’ nemesis is capable of murdering a thorn in her side and pinning it on one of their families. If Hanna says anything, then A swears she’ll pin the murder on both of her parents – plausible given that the gun she found belongs to her father.

    The sheer amount of evidence stacked against Ashley Marin does nothing but encourage us to believe her side of the story, but sadly we can’t expect the same of the police. She’s arrested when it’s proven the gun Hannah tried to dispose of was the one used to kill Wilden, and Hannah’s told that she could face at least seven years jail time for attempting to conceal evidence. How is she going to get out of this one? Even if Ashley is proven innocent in the coming weeks, what Hannah did was still pretty illegal. Stupid, stupid Hannah.

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