All Discussions https:// Thu, 11 Feb 16 23:57:23 -0800 All Discussions en-CA How to Make Friends in Wattpad https:/https:/ Mon, 08 Feb 2016 04:25:31 -0800 alpha-calum 1093466@/forums/discussions So I've been writing and reading in Wattpad for three years and I never thought of joining any Wattpad Clubs at all— which probably has a relation to me being an awkward person, virtually or in real life. But I guess after reading that advice from a friend, I think I should give this a shot. But I'm not sure though. Three years of being in Wattpad but I never really gained any wattpad friends. I always wanted to though. I tried. Like I message some writers that I idolized (didn't spam them lol) and replied back to comments, which I really tried to be funny so they would think that I have the humor— because who doesn't dig a person with humor? So now, celebrating my three years in Wattpad, I am going to join the Cafe Club and I am hoping that I will create a bond here.