Why isn't wattpad letting me upload a profile picture?

  • _ForbiddenRosexx
    3 years ago


    So I heard that Wattpad has been acting all weird lately, like the whole chapter thing on Facebook and everything...so I was wondering if it might have to do with profile pictures too? I try to change my profile picture, and my background, but wattpad won't let me? It says that the image isn't valid, but I've made sure that it's a jpg, and everything! And I'm pretty sure that image is pretty appropriate...?

    So why the heck won't wattpad let me change my picture? I've been trying to get it to do it for the past half hour to hour...

    please tell me what's wrong?

    Thanks! :)

  • NinjaAssassin
    3 years ago

    Yes, Wattpad's been having problem with uploading pictures too, it's extremely possible. Though it hasn't happened for me, a bunch of other people have been having the same problem. Just make sure the size of the image is okay and you might just have to wait a few days. You can always try it on a new computer/ different browser too, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox :)

    Hope I helped!

  • Faithie
    3 years ago

    It has been a big glitch lately, Happened to me yesterday but I got the picture back. you could try uploading the picture once every hour or just do it a few times randomly. Wattpad is getting another update soon, So please dont worry about it! I hope that this information was useful! :D

  • Shadow_Darkness
    3 years ago

    @NinjaAssassin I'm on goggle chrome, but it won't let me upload a profile picture

  • NinjaAssassin
    3 years ago

    @Shadow_Darkness Make sure it's the correct format (I think it's .gif or .jpg) AND about the correct size (whatever that is. Like 128x128?) Otherwise... I don't really know how to help :/ You could try again with the above, or just contact the Wattpad support, I guess. It's kind of glitchy with pictures sometimes, unfortunately.

  • _SurferChick98
    2 years ago

    Same thing with me, I know it says 128x128 but that's so darn tiny! Why does Wattpad have to make it so hard to upload a profile pic! Stuck with the default one for a while then. I managed to upload a background, though it's a pic from the internet. It also said the photo has to be under 1 MB.... :/