• petraZOEpan
    4 years ago

    Any books to read?

  • xWhiteLightning
    4 years ago

    sure I have two here is one! @BubblegumPops2oe


    Title: Enshroud

    By: Ryan Walker (rwalker)

    (1945)- Adolf Hitler, stuck in the bunker which would become his tomb secretly allowed the entrance of Soviet commander, Marshall Zhukov into the bunker so that he may receive the blueprints for a powerful machine that Hitler chose for Stalin to have control of. (1966)- Aloysha Dratshev is chosen from the elite ranks of Spetsnaz soldiers to be subject to the Bell and become the world's first super human. After a successful physical transformation he is set into Vietnam under the status of full black. Deep underground and off the grid the only communication he has with his commanders concerns who to kill next. When Aloysha comes to realize that he doesn't want to harm good men and women he goes rogue and the USSR will send his way more sons of the Bell and he must fight to survive, and protect the world from a machine that has fallen into the wrong hands and he vows to destroy it and its sons, even if it means his death.

    Similar style to these writers: James Rollins, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, Steve Berry, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn.

  • xWhiteLightning
    4 years ago

    @BubblegumPops2oe and here is the other

    Enshroud: An Avery Carter Novel

    By: Ryan Walker (rwalker)


    Genre: Thriller/Action

    Similar stories by these authors: Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, James Rollins, Vince Flynn, Robert Ludlum, Steve Berry, and of course the author of the Da Vinci Code Dan Brown

    Everything starts with the assassination of the Orthodox Patriarch in cold blood. From there a trinity of villainous terrorists come out from behind the curtain of the view of the modern world and began their deadly religious crusade backed by their millions of armed followers. Using terror tactics and assassinations, they coerce the political and religious scenes across the globe into total anarchy. Avery Carter and John Huxley are mobilized by the CIA's counter terrorism strike and investigation unit. Avery and John are thrust into a powerful global struggle with a determined force and they have to stop a looming World War III at any costs necessary.

  • Dream_Luver
    4 years ago

    In Progress

    Genre:Action/Teen Fiction Photobucket

    Daniel (Dani) Preston grew up being raised by her brother. Dani goes through ups and downs during her time with her brother. She's tired of being treated like someone who doesn't exist. Dani decides to leave her town and goes to the big city New York. There she claims the title as one of the most wanted criminals. Dani decides that now that's she's done with New York it's time to go back home and become the best there too. The only thing stopping her is her brother and his gang, a mystery stalker, and her mental issue...

  • petraZOEpan
    4 years ago

    Thanks guys!

  • Jonaaaa
    4 years ago


    Three girls.One Job. Vanessa, Alana and Clara have one mission in mind and only one. They are three seemingly ordinary teenage girls... out to catch criminals. Having been trained to kick ass since they were 13 these 16 year old agents have it in for them when they are sent on their next mission to an American High School. But what happens when the gang leaders they have to hunt down... just happen to the the hottest guys in school? Will the girls be able to take them down after getting attached?

  • NinaJay
    4 years ago

    Could you please check out mine.

    Zador Theroux is the king of the night. He's the owner of the ever successful club that is the most famous spot for serious fun. He's heartless and rich, and no one ever deals on his turf.

    Robert Middleton knew all this but he still sold drugs on the Devil's turf. And then got himself caught. To get himself out of the mess, he sells his young daughter.

    Maddy was enjoying her life as a young teacher. Till she was sold by her drugee father to The Boss of the night. Scared and frightened she tries accepting her fate. That's until she realizes that Zador does not only rule the streets. The Boss hides a secret that excels his reputation as a Drug Lord.

  • _Jambug150
    4 years ago

    hey! i hope you like mine, thank-you in advance, hehe. :D

    story link:

    story title: The Ninth Boarding School


    story summary: On September 9th, 2090 The Ninth Boarding School is opened. It's one of the biggest, most expensive and most prestigious schools in the entire world. It's situated on an remote island and teaches everything from Maths and English to Archaeology and Opera. Oliver Collins has been attending it for four years now. One day Principle Hetherington calls all the students for an assembly in the school hall. He tells them about a special programme called The Purification which they have all been selected to be a part of. A group of men and women called The Caretakers come in and asses each student individually. During this chaotic process Oliver meets Josh. Before they can get antiquated though The Caretakers shoot a boy dead and all hell breaks loose. Everyone tries to escape but only a few do. Oliver, Josh and eight other students manage to and are now stuck inside the school with no way out and off of the remote island. They're trapped and can only travel deeper into the gigantic school if they want to survive...

    story genre: Action and Romance

  • _KeyserSuze
    4 years ago
  • sgeunqk
    4 years ago

    You can check mine out. The Legend of Irene


    Nine years ago Irene and her mother fled from their home planet of Majestic to escape King Tory and his evil deeds. They sought Earth as their home. Now it is present day and King Tory has finally found them. He succeeds in kidnapping Irene's mother. Instead of killing her as he originally planned, Tory decides to humor Irene. Instead of a fight, Irene gets the biggest bargain of her life. This surprises Irene as she was expecting a big fight. She accepts her father's challenge thinking it would be easy to complete. However, little does she know how hard it will be........

    Thanks for reading!

  • FrankColes
    4 years ago




    "In the style of Lee Child." "Well worth a read." Vine Voice. Amazon top 50 Reviewer.

    "Right from the prologue it's like having the literary equivalent of a stun grenade thrown at your feet." Donal Elsted.

    "I stepped off the Tube this morning and walked to work fancying myself as some sort of covert operative. Note to self: I'm not a black ops special forces operative." Diccon Green Photobucket

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION John Savage is a special force of one. A corporate investigator who had to leave when an investigation went wrong. He's become a 21st century warrior serving overseas but not for any one government only the highest bidder.

    When he finds a dead body with links to his old life he returns and finds that what forced him out was only the beginning of a conspiracy to commit murder on a grand scale. The Dark Market. In which anyone can take part and anyone can be a victim. Now Savage must battle to finish what he started.

    "There is something refreshingly Hemingway-esque about Coles..." BBC's Focus magazine.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR Frank Coles is a media professional of nearly 20 years standing across TV, radio, news media, marketing, branding, publishing and the internet. He is a published author and has his own National Geographic web channel.

    Frank has lived and worked all over the Middle East, SE Asia, Europe, and as far north as the pole.

    You can find out more about him, watch NatGeo videos, or contact him at:

  • wolfene_
    3 years ago


    She's tough, anti-social and not the brightest crayon in the box. Her name is Evangeline Cromwell, a girl who is known not to back down from a fight. From her previous schools she's set alight to one teacher's car, vandalized an art room and shattered all the windows of the first floor around a school building. Yes, she was purely insane and with a slight case of anger management. Aside from that, behind the bandages of her right arm, there is a sinister secret she keeps hidden. She holds incredible power that would do wonders, if in the right hands. However the secrets of her past catch up to her and she is faced off with some familiar faces who also wear the same branded mark.

  • _DavRipmeapaRt
    3 years ago


    [click the cover image to proceed]

    Action | Adventures | Thriller | Watty Awards 2012

    Exactly what it says on the tin. A story about an Assassin. But did I forget to mention he's only 17?

    Hope you enjoy! Thank you!

  • _SallyMarina
    3 years ago

    hey ! hope u'll read this one

    Set in the Victorian Era, Marianne has one passion: The Violin. At the age of 20 she was deeply in love with Sir. Douglas's son and was ready to runaway and marry him even with the refusal of her family, but what happens when she caught him cheating on her the same day they were suppose to leave their homes. Running away from her life Marianna finds herself and her violin in a world that only exists in her imagination

  • MayEsdot
    3 years ago

    I am writing a superhero action. If you want to check it out here is a link.

    “Is this what you guys do? Go and find random men on the streets and sign children off to them? I mean, Charlotte was my friend, why can’t he go with the other guy? Huh? Why can’t he go with his dad?” Steven sighed and placed his hands on Mike’s shoulders. “Mike,” he started, his voice low, “you are his dad.” Michael Collin Liemen was not your normal office worker. At night he became the small town hero named 'Virile'. He had heightened senses, great speed, and a nearly endless supply of strength. The one thing that he didn't have was patience for a kid. Unknowingly he signs away the paper of adoption for his own child. At first their path is rough, which isn't helped by the fact that Charles, Mike's once upon a time high school friend, is trying to kill him. Will Mike be able to make it up to his son or will Charles get to them first?

  • Jamie_Robyn
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  • breathedeep
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  • IronCladx
    3 years ago

    Here's mine: Spec Ops Book:

    Cover :

    "The world is a dangerous place. From sticks and rocks to guns and bombs Man has always found new ways to kill each other, in wars and not. But like time itself everything must change, including warfare. Uniforms and front lines have become relics of the past. The new uniforms could be a suit and a tie or a shirt and jeans. New front lines have been drawn and they range from the slums of Brazil to the Steppes of Russia. Tactics have changed, weapons more deadly and people more dangerous. The Men of today are murderous and ruthless taking lives like they were specs of sand on an everlasting beach. But there are men, men of honor and justice, who know what must be done and will give their lives to see it through. I am one of those men. These are dangerous times, regular soldiers are not going to cut it. We don't need good men, we need great men. Because men like us; are willing to do what others are not and sacrifice everything for the fate of the world. Like I always say good men do what they are told, but great men do what is right"

    -Captain John Macmillian. Task Force 101

  • _shanine143
    3 years ago


    who likes hunger games??

    silver wings

    rockele and her best freind leray are picked to fight in the hunger games. Rockeles sister died in the last hunger games.rockele doesnt think she can make it but can she?rockele and her best freind cant both make it through so which one of them will? find out in silver wings.


  • _JamesClifton
    3 years ago


    This is a story about a mother and son who are the world's most deadly assassins. Alone they are unbeatable. Together they are invincible. Taken by force and trained by the elite to be an unstoppable duo. They will take down the Agency that betrayed them. One mission at a time. This is their story.

  • IronCladx
    3 years ago

    @JamesClifton Nice cover! I was thinking about writing a spy book and the person who made it would be perfect to create one for me

  • _JamesClifton
    3 years ago


    Hi Philip! Yeah, the girl who made me this cover is Awesome! If you type in her username in the search window which is: lozcain And send her a message that you would like her to create a cover for you, just tell her what you want it to look like, and i'm sure that she would be happy to help you.

  • _lindsey_p
    3 years ago Action/Romance "Colette Chamberlain was only fourteen when her family, her parents and eight-year-old sister Olivia, were killed in a fire that engulfed their entire house on their ranch in North Carolina, and she was supposed to die along with them. Now, nearly six years later, the truth about why her family was targeted, and why she's being targeted once again, comes out. "

  • iheartcheese
    3 years ago
  • MinnieLyly
    3 years ago Its good and i'm still new at this writing thing but i think i did a good job on this one

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