Stories WANTED-will read anything great!

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    3 years ago

    I have trouble finding good stories and so I want to try something different, so I am up for something different. So here it is I will read,vote,maybe fan, and add but I will try and read all stories that you post on here. so please suggest mea story post your story do whatever yo got to do just PLEASE GET ME SOMETHING GOOD TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • _Prodigee123
    3 years ago
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    Humor| Romance| Teen Fiction

    According to Jake Avery Mayor, aka JAM, Jake's life is asinine. Including Jake's school, teachers, classmates, parents, etc. But worst of all, Jake's name! What can be so bad about Jake's name? It's a common boy name, sure. BUT, Jake, shockingly, is a GIRL! Who would name their only daughter a boyish name? On top of that, everyone in the school thinks she's a boy. Forced to live her life as a dude, she encounters a popular guy that sees through her disguise... by accident

  • _Prodigee123
    3 years ago

    @Fanganator sounds awesome checking it out right now

  • _Fanganator
    3 years ago

    @Prodigee123 Thanks! Unfortunately, I only have the prologue available = =

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    3 years ago

    <Image Hosted by
    Photobucket Emma is a bad seed, the prank girl. Until her last prank gets her expelled, now she's sent away to a boarding school, where she already caused trouble with the popular girl in school.

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    3 years ago

    @Fanganator that's all right that's actually good because there is a better chance I will follow the story. @SyannePotts I'll try and check it out pronto.

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  • ScarletGameWriters
    3 years ago Four girls are being tortured by a woman dressed in scarlet. Melissa, Sarah, Alia, and Mona were once best friends, but a decision they made ruined them forever. Now, they have to attempt to kill each other or else their loved ones will die. Each of the girls thinks it is just them that are being threatened, but they soon find out that someone has it out for all of them. Sure, they could just tell the police, but then their deathly little secret will get out. It's that secret that is holding the group together, but also what is driving them their death should I say. The Scarlet Lady knows their secret and she's making more. They think they're such great friends, but would good friends try to kill each other? Each secret is like a move on the game board. Not to the end, but to fulfilled vengeance. When will the Game of Death end?

  • KHTurley
    3 years ago

    JUST STARTED ▼ Photobucket

    ALMOST COMPLETED ▼ Photobucket

    Hope you enjoy :))

  • _HarmonyHouse
    3 years ago

    Circumvent Photobucket It's Lilith's second year at Arella University and she is finally taking core classes in her Demon Summoning major, but due to an unfortunate turn of events, she finds herself enslaved to a Figura Trabea- a shape shifter. In exchange for her freedom, Lilith agrees to show the shape shifter what life was like for people. After hearing Lilith's boyfriend was in a coma he would most likely never awake from, the demon shifts into a spitting image of him. Over time, Lilith finds herself falling in love all over again. She can't help wondering though, is she in love, or is she just influenced by her master's power? Did she fall in love with him, or with the spitting image of her lover?

  • _waterhemlock
    3 years ago
    Adventure | Romance



    A fifteen year old girl attended a wedding of her mother’s goddaughter and found herself as a witness of an assassination. In panic, the assassin fled with the girl and carried her to their hideout unintentionally. There, she met two more cold-hearted assassins and became their hostage. Having failed escape attempts, she had no choice but to stay in the hideout. In time, she realized that the assassins she knew were not as cold-hearted as they seemed to be and they were only persons deprived of love. As she learned more of these people, she swore to have them open up to her and make their hearts warmer. However, what she did not intend is to have them fall for her.

  • Eunica
    3 years ago

    @Prodigee123 Thanks! Here's mine! :)


  • ii4oo49
    3 years ago

    It's not a lot thou!

    Humans and Utopians have never got along, ever since 2020 when the Utopians left Earth to go to Utopia to claim the planet as their own. The two specimen could never get along and have been in a "muted war" for decades, but when a Utopian spy comes back from America claiming that a scientist has invented the ultimate weapon that could kill all Utopians, Galea is sent on a mission by the Queen. She is to develop a relationship with the scientist's son and find out the weapon is and destroy it along with the scientist and his family so that no man will ever be able to create it again. However, when Galea meets Leo she is annoyed with his cocky attitude at first, but as she spends more time with him she develops feelings for him. How will she be able to continue this mission when the man she loves will have to be the one she kills in the end?

    (ik it sounds a little bizarre but culd u pleaz give it a chance)

  • WikidlyInept
    3 years ago

    Heres a good one: Nonsense - A Short Story

    James Walsh is your average thirty year old living in New York city. He has a cozy condo, a beautiful girlfriend, and thoroughly enjoys his job as a lawyer ridding the city of the rebellious youth. Except for one minor fact; he hates anything out of the ordinary and despises the use of imagination.

    It's not until an untimely encounter with a strange man in a back alley that his world begins to turn upside down.

    After the chance meeting, James is beginning to see the world in a new light; that is between air planes using city streets as runways; respectable judges stripping erotically in court and strange hooded men chasing him further into insanity.

  • UAusten
    3 years ago

    Something out of the ordinary is happening at Celestine Heights...

    Ever since she got hit by lightning that almost killed her, Stella Miles has been going through insidious changes.

    Changes that made her best friend afraid of her, and her boyfriend passive-aggressive towards her.  Then there was the guy she saved from certain death, and his weird effect on her.

    Why, almost from the get-go, was she intimately drawn to him?

    And more importantly, as their lives increasingly got tangled in unexplainable events, what did his arrival mean to everyone in Celestine Heights?


    Please click on the cover to read story:


    Romance | Teen fiction | Paranormal | Watty Awards 2012

    Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

  • _SavyB3
    3 years ago

    Frozen Forever

    If everything we ever knew was in the hands of three people, who would you pick? Definetly not three people who you believe are crazy, idiotic, and mean, but since you aren't picking, they are the only people that can save us. Not just us, but the people in the paintings or that are statues. A lot of work for three teenagers who just so happen that they are related to three of the most famous artists. The three most famous artists that died because it was their job to protect, but it didn't work out. While they tried to protect, someone else tried to destroy. That person died when the last one of them died, but now, their successors, the three painters and the destroyer, are out to save-or destroy the world. Save or destroy the world with a magic hidden behind art.


    What if everything that you know disappears? What would you do if the world just stopped, stopped rotatating on it's axis and stopped revolving around the sun? What if everything you know is ripped from you? What is happening? The end of the world. Everything is just....Stopped

    Enjoy & thanks!

  • Rouletted
    3 years ago

    The first more than the second? It's a short story. (:

    To Fall Out of Love

    From Drop Box Finding Destiny

    From Drop Box

    Destiny Cohen is living the perfect life. Her permanent residence is a mansion in sunny Santa Barbara, she has a sweet and loving boyfriend, two best friends who willingly go on wild shopping sprees, and it’s almost the summer before her senior year. But, when her parents decide that Destiny has become too spoiled, Destiny’s perfectly planned out summer of tanning at the beach and partying with friends falls down. Instead, her summer will encompass working in the Jalae tribe village in Thailand. Here, oceans away from her friends, eons out of her comfort zone, and miles away from the nearest telephone, Destiny discovers what it truly means to live the perfect life as she finds herself.

  • NearSanctum182
    3 years ago


    The Experimental Girl

    L33 is one of 200 experiments. She's a human guinea Pig, or she would be, if she were fully human. As a side-effect of one of their experiments she can only remember the last four days of her life. Now something is happening to L33, and she needs to figure it out in four days before she forgets again, The Question is, how can she save herself, if she can't even remember who she is.....

  • PichanDesu
    3 years ago - It isn't a horror genre novel pipz mistook it because of the cover so pls try reading it - if you like vampies story with a little twist then this is for you - this is romance taken in classics, pls do read too

    Any comment will be accepted.

    Lots of Love :"))

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    3 years ago You can find the original here on Wattpad, too.

    Bill of Wrongs Cover

    Bill Lukas was a phenomenal lawyer by all standards. He had a wonderful wife and a beautiful home near downtown Denver, Colorado. But what can this man of many trades do when his whole world is turned upside down?

    This story has gone through many processes, and I've slaved and slaved. I can't even telling how many pages I've flipped through in pursuit of gaining as much knowledge on the subject as I can. Can't tell you the subject, though! The fun of the subject is that it's a surprise.

    A quick note on the genre: It's meant to be a folklore story. Not fantasy. But that was the closest genre on here. Wattpad certainly needs to expand a bit more.

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    Teen, romance, suspense (climax part)

  • prettysmartgrl
    3 years ago


    She wanted to get away. A trip to India, a gorgeous house, sweet family friends, and zero responsibility were supposed to make this the perfect vacation! But a guy with a hate vendetta trying to make her leave from day one, makes things a little more complicated. Now she finds herself with a whole lot of questions and no answers. One thing is for sure, that summer, she remembered.

    my frst story and its in watty awards so i need all the help i can get!