Any good teen romance stories?

  • Nargles
    3 years ago

    I love to read stories about the bad boy or player boy that falls for the girl and vise versa. Do you guys know any good ones?

  • victoria-writes
    3 years ago


    Hazel Clarke's life used to make perfect sense; now, she's living in a new house, with a man she hardly knows, millions of miles away from everything she's ever called home. Even the sun, sea and sand of the beautiful East Coast of Australia aren't enough to take her mind off the past she was forced to leave behind in London - that is, until she meets Red, a night-time resident of the beach outside her window, and his elusive, troubled twin Luca, and things begin to look up. Will Hazel find that some scars run too deeply to ever truly heal, or will she be able to piece together her life and look towards her future?

  • _Fanganator
    3 years ago

    Try mine? :)

    The Boy on the Other Side of the Street:


     Abigail Richerson. In her past, she had a crush on the most coolest boy in school--Connor Swift--but at that time, she was an outcast. When her crush was about to leave to Miami, she asks what he feels towards her. Unfortunately, he does not feel the same. On top of that, he insults her! One year later, Abigail is having the time of her life in high school. She's consider pretty, nice, and a boy-hater. One day, when Abigail was taking a stroll, she sees Connor Swift standing on the other side of the street! She soon finds out that Connor is staying in South Carolina and will be attending her school. Since she is afraid of him exposing her past, she makes a bet with him. A bet that will change her life...

    The Birds of PreyS

    “The Eximius’s numbers are decreasing… I think we are on the brink of extinction.” Elizabeth or Lizzy Imholz is having her 15th birthday party soon. She's delighted that she could finally get her permit and live a normal life like any teenager. But the moment when she officially becomes 15, she can understand what birds say?!?!?! Thinking that she has become paraniod, Avery Miller and Hoag Flanagan enters her life and turns her world upside down...even more. They say that, they are the Eximius or Birds of PreyS and that she is the white leporem that Lord Hanz wants

  • XxSPMxX
    3 years ago

    The bad boy comes in later but please read the summary before completely ignoring it. Thanks :)♥s Sierra Thompson has the looks, the brains and the personality, only problem is, she doesn't have the body. Standing at 5 ft 2, and weighing 130 lbs, she's got Kim Kardashian's ass, and an equally sized bust. The only problem is, she's not skinny, but she's not exactly fat either. You could say she's caught in between but that would make her perfect, and she's nowhere near perfect. But being the way she is, she's a complete outcast in her judgemental highschool. It doesn't mean she doesn't have friends, she has friends, but they're all skinny, tall and beautiful, they couldn't possibly understand the pain of being overweight, nobody really does.

    Until one day Sierra be-friends the head jock Alistair over snake medicine. He's the last person Sierra would think would understand the pain of being overweight, but strangely he does. Alistair takes Sierra under his wing and brings her into his 'circle'. A circle consisting of six of the most popular guys in school (including Alistair), Ian the basket ball captain, Landon the soccer team goalie, Chandler the school's hotshot playboy, Sam the smart, buff valedictorian and Torrance the school's very hot, very sexy bad boy. (Nicknamed the Sexy Six in the story :D)

    They all, one by one, teach Sierra that not being a anorexic stick can actually be pretty awesome. But as Sierra's self confidence increases, their undeniable feelings for her seem to grow stronger, making Sierra's life a lot more complicated. Because you don't suddenly become the most wanted girl in high school without gaining a few enemies. (BEWARE THE ARMY OF PLASTIC BIMBOS! xD) Oh and then you throw in the rest of the drama that comes along with highschool and it's a school year you'll never ever forget!

  • _Iamthetrapdoorspider
    3 years ago

    Renae is a sixteen year old girl who has been locked away from the outside world by her evil adoptive mother. However when Renae pushes the old witch's temper just that little bit too far she is told that she is being forced into the local school. This is the opportunity Renae has been waiting for- follow her as she embarks a life in an American high school where she will have to battle with the cheerleaders jealousy and forbidden love with the jock who can't seem to take no for an answer. For Renae, this isn't your normal fairytale.

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  • LoveConquersAll94
    3 years ago

    Title: By Your Side

    Description: Tedi and Peyton are two sisters whose lives are about to drastically change.

    Tedi has always kept to herself, finding more comfort in her books and never really paying attention to guys much. But what happens when she meets Elijah, the new kid in school and he takes a special interest in her. Will she give him a chance? And if she does, will she end up broken-hearted?

    Peyton couldn't be happier. She has the perfect boyfriend who loves her just as much as she love him, friends that are always on her side no matter what and a sister that protects her. But when certain news is revealed, Peyton has to learn that you can't always rely on everyone else to fix your problems.

  • deeana
    3 years ago

    @Nargles here are a few there really good: addicted to meth, the cheerleader and the cage fighter...are dance partners?, never have i ever, the kissing booth, and always you.

  • _PassionWriter101
    3 years ago

    @Nargles I haven't started on that part yet but that's the main point of this story. :) And there would be a lot of twists. :)

    Title: Glittery Dust

    Genre: Romance, Teen Fiction


    Summary: In an unexpected scene, Farah Alcantara met Nathan Young, a cocky, arogant boy who thought only for himself. By his side, she’d experience something Shaun Moreau never let her experience; to finally be out of her shell and into reality. She’d be on an adventure she’d never forget; feeling happiness, sorrow, love and pain from small things. Unfortunately, fate had a new twist for them. Will Farah be able to weigh a high school friend over a childhood friend?

  • frenchfry_addict19
    3 years ago Summary: Don't you just hate it when you like someone and you shouldn't like them? Jessica Meade has recently broken up with her 2 year boyfriend, Ron Williams. She claims to have moved on, and says that she doesn't give a crap about Ron anymore. But what happens when she finds out Ron is dating a new girl? would her feelings for her Ex-boyfriend come back? Or would she meet someone new along the way? Read this story and find out about the Love Game.

  • MidnightStarz
    3 years ago


    Charlotte Ashfort and Bryce McRoy used to be childhood friends, inseparable until one tragic event forces them apart. Before the two separated, a promise was made that whatever happened to them, they would try to find each other. Ten years later, Bryce is a whole different person; he’s a cold, ruthless assassin, and he’s on the hunt. His main goal: to find a girl of royal decent, steal a piece of information, and kill her. When the mission lands him face to face with a girl he tried to forget….a girl that was once his friend, will he have some pity on her? Or will he fight his feelings? Will he fall in love? Or will things turn into a bitter ending?

  • faithjohnson_
    3 years ago



    Lorelei Path was a normal teenage girl with a little brother and fighting parents. But when her dad gets too abusive sending her and her mother to the hospital, her total look on life changed. Being a girl, she hopelessly falls in love, causing her to make poor decisions. When her world is turned upside down, she finds out that her boyfriend isn't the most reliable guy to be with. She experiences love and pain and realizes that love is a long-shot causing her heart to beat in the Rhythm of a Heartbreak.

  • NoFreakin1
    3 years ago

    @Nargles just a page long n completed so give it a try...thnx

  • UnForgivable15
    3 years ago


    Mel was perfect in Jo’s eyes. She had perfect curly brown hair he wanted to run his fingers through. Her perfect green eyes and brilliant white smile that could light up any room captivated him. Any time he would dare to hug her, her perfect petite curvy body fit into his perfectly. As he sat across from her and his sister, her eyes finally caught his stare. Perfect chills went down his spine as she smirked, amusement shining in her eyes. She was untouchable. She was something he could never have. She, Mellissa Rose Young was his little sister’s best friend. He catches her looking at him….GOD…completely and utterly unattainable.

    Mel let out a longing sigh. She tried to act normal, she really did. Never the less it was becoming harder and harder to pretend that she wasn’t jealous when Jo’s girlfriend was brought up, that she didn’t want to find a dagger and plunge it into her heart every time she saw them kiss, and that she wasn’t completely and uncontrollably in love with him. Maybe it was his soft dark hair, or his perfect face, or his strong arms and chest, or maybe it was how nice he treated her. She guesses she always had loved him, even though she didn’t realize it until last year.

    Jo agrees to go to a party to protect his sister. he is alpha, its the right thing to do. what he didnt know is that he was actually going to be protecting her best friend, mel. nor did he think this young human girl would be his mate.

  • dacerfreak
    3 years ago Brianna was one of the greatest Jr. Jockeys of the season...that is until her horse stumbled, and fell during a race. Brie found her self in a life threatening scenario, but survived it...barley. She's blinded and has been ever since then. Now, two years later she is eager to begin racing again, but Callis and her father aren't as willing to risk her blinded life.

  • sparkalicious
    3 years ago I'm in Love with My Ex Best Friend

    Abby and Sabastian were best friends up until the first day of high school. Abby had no idea what she had done for him to all of a sudden stop talking to her but it had torn her apart. Now after 4 years she has been able to handle it better then she first did but she still can't shake the feelings she has for Sabastian all she can do is hide them and she has become really good at that but when things start to change between Abby and Sabastain will she able to handle the possibilty of getting her heart broken all over again?

  • EverInYourFavor
    3 years ago

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    Now or Never

    “I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing it.” According to Logan Zeus, Mila West is a stuck up bitch that cares for no one but herself and constantly pushes people away. According to Mila West, Logan Zeus is a rich prick that plays with girls hearts then throws them to the side like garbage, not having a care in the world about their feelings. When you put two people that absolutely hate each other together in a car on a cross country trip from California to New York, odds are something is going to go wrong, or someone is going to kill the other. Wrong directions, robberies, secrets, heartbreak, confessions, jealously, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. It's now or never.

  • BrighterDreams
    3 years ago

    Mine has a bad boy in it.. Haha. Hope you'll enjoy


        Summary: Alexandra "Lexi" Leatherman is a 17 year old girl who has yet to experience life's many difficulties. Being a regular teenager in High School, her biggest concern is to get into the cheerleading squad, find a prom date, and try to stay on top of the popularity food chain. When she meets Tyler Adams, the first impression is everything but good. He's cocky, bigheaded and careless, and seems to be bringing trouble with him wherever he goes. He doesn't give a damn about anyone. But every coin has its two sides, because Lexi soon realizes that Tyler is hiding behind his mysterious and secretive attitude for a reason. As time passes, will she finally be able to break down his walls, or will she only build them up?

  • BaekEbyan
    3 years ago

    Title: One Hundred Days

    Plot:Life is a matter of choice.. Monday, a 17 year old provincial girl who chose to study at Manila for a brighter future. Suddenly. she met a guy who made her day worse than ever. Because of an incident, everything changed. What will you do if destiny plays on you? This story depicts love, sacrifice and decisions.

  • MsFtGtJH
    3 years ago

    hello! :D just wanted to share my story, hope you guys, read and like it! :D Thanks and godbless us all! :D

  • abbielou12
    3 years ago

    Wanna take a look at mine?? :) - Thank you! :D

  • BaekEbyan
    3 years ago

    Hello Everyone (:

  • Bellaaa_
    3 years ago


    The Startled Princess

    "What the hell? So you're saying that my grandfather and the prince's grandfather arranged our marriage? Are you crazy? I'm just 19 years old!" Rose Humprey yelled. That's how her life changed forever. She's been forced to marry the handsome and heir to the throne, Prince Seth Larston to help her family with their house bills.

    Thank you for reading! Much LOve!!

  • raixxsa
    3 years ago

    hi everyone! I'm just new here in wattpad...

    please support my first fanfic...

    hope you like it

  • _ramya02599
    3 years ago

    @Nargles Hi! My story is something along the lines of what you like. Maybe try it?

    Title: Forget Me Not.

    Genre: Teen Fiction and Humor


    Summary: Chaselynn Jane Howard is no longer Plain Jane. She's a hard nut to crack, with her uncaring attitude and sarcastic wisecracks. Now, she's back in New York. New York, the one place she detested. New York, where everything happened. New York, where she escaped from 2 years ago. New York, where she'll find 'them' again. What Chaselynn doesn't know, that she might have changed, but so has a certain boy from her past

  • MsFtGtJH
    3 years ago

    hello, guys! check out my story! hehe. Hope you like it :)) this is a FICTION story, you can criticize my work but please don't judge the writer. thank you! :*

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