Looking for Outsiders and 1D FanFics to read

  • _hellojello1313
    3 years ago

    Any takers? I'm really looking for a good Outsiders story mostly, but I'll check out some 1D FanFics too :)

  • _1Dsavedmyheart
    3 years ago
  • smilelikehoran
    3 years ago

    Here's Mine, it is a 1D FanFic!


    When the boys of One Direction are called by Management unexpectedly, they are forced to move in with Talia, a girl they have never met, to become closer to one another. Didn't they already know everything about each other or will they find out a secret from someone past? Burried so deep they don't even know it themselves? Read to find out

  • perksofbeingaweirdo
    3 years ago

    After Harry continues to struggle to keep up with the others, the boys' manager suggest Harry get an inspiration like the rest of the boys; A girl. Harry agrees, not expecting to get much out, but he'll do anything to get his writing-mojo back. But he definitely wasn't expecting to meet a girl like Olivia.


    @hellojello1313 Sorry it's not an Outsider's fanfic, I love that book too! :)

  • _AllOurHearts
    3 years ago

    @hellojello1313 Sorry it's not an outsiders fan fic but I do have a One Direction one.


    When 16-year-old, small-town girl Shelby Adams first starts putting music videos of herself singing covers on the internet she never excpected to be called into a meeting with Simon Cowell let alone be asked to move to the UK. It seems like all her dreams are coming true; not only is she on the road to stardom but shes taking the adventure with none other than One Direction. But with Fame comes hatered, rumors, and forbidden love. Will she crackunder the pressure or will she rise above it and show the world who she really is

  • doubleheart
    3 years ago

    I've got a 1D fanfic. Maybe you'll be interested?


    Anna Walker is a fan of One Direction. Who isn't? It's her dream to meet the British (and Irish) boy band, but with money tight around the house, Anna is running out of time. Follow her story through the eyes of her elder sister, Beth, and how their lives changed forever.

  • shimefuan
    3 years ago


    Link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1381478-the-way-to-my-heart-one-direction-fan-fiction

    Synopsis: Niall Horan is a regular band member of One Direction. His life completely changed when he announced on the whole world that he like boys. To make his life more complicated, his band mates, Zayn and Liam are starting to compete for his attention and eventually, steal his heart. How is he going to able to cope with it? And also, Harry and Louis made public about their relationship.

    Status: Ongoing series

  • AndreBsGirl
    3 years ago

    This one is mine, it's a spin-off of the "A Cinderella Story" movie with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray. I really hope you'll read and if you do, you'll like it :)


    Here's a little summary about it:

    Niall Horan isn't popular in high school. After his father's death and not having a will left to him, his evil stepmum Caroline gets everything that his father left behind and makes Niall do everything at his dad's restaurant. At his school he is bullied by the populars but mainly Cher Lloyd, a very wealthy, spoiled person. Liam Payne and Niall interact with each other through emails and text messages not knowing who each other is in the school. They decide to meet at the school dance on the dance floor at 11 o'clock but their time together gets interrupted when Niall has to race back to Nando's. As he is running out, he leaves his cell phone behind and Liam finds it and picks it up. To this Liam tries to find out who Prince Charming is and Niall is afraid that if Liam finds out who Niall really is, Liam may not want anything to do with him.

    Hope you'll enjoy :)

  • singtomesoftly
    3 years ago

    Harry Styles fanfic- Isn't She Lovely He taught to her live big and more importantly dream big. She taught him to stay grounded, that the little things in life matter too. They were best friends forever, a moment can change everything though.


  • fxckyouharrystyles
    3 years ago

    Shannon had a gift for singing but was always too shy to show it. Can the boy of her dreams bring her out of her shell? Inspired by Taylor Swift's "Superstar".


  • _Shela_rock
    3 years ago
  • holdontilthenight
    3 years ago

    could you check out my new 1D story called Moments? thank you :) the main focus is on Zayn in the story but the other boys will definitely be in it too :) http://www.wattpad.com/4187756-moments-a-one-direction-fan-fiction-prologue

  • _LadyDirectioner
    3 years ago
  • Aerowyn
    3 years ago

    This is my 1DFutureFic… check it out please?

    ZAYN MALIK lost everything when One Direction split. Away went his fame, his fans, and his brothers. Six years later and Zayn is still hiding the pain. Working as a London English teacher, he spends the weekends in the bar below his flat. Broken and alone, he's reached rock bottom, the last place anyone thought he'd go. KARA MCKENNA wants to forget it all. Fresh out of Medical School in the United States, she's still in social exile from the media scandal surrounding her teenage pregnancy. Faced with the choice of social ostrasizment or the job of a lifetime in London, she whisked her daughter Alice away on the first international flight out of California. Little did she know that her teenage idol would be living in the apartment downstairs. Their blossoming friendship might be what it takes to reunite a family torn apart, and save both of them. When disaster strikes, neither has a place to turn to, except to each other. But that might not be enough to save either of them. To make it through, they'll need a Stand Up.


  • Astrofarts
    3 years ago

    I don't know how you'd feel about my story but It's called Up All Night.

    Here's the link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/1049661-up-all-night-one-direction

    And here is the description: What do you do when got One Direction on your tail? Simple; you gotta keep them Up All Night.

    Please check it out, it's pretty funny if I do say so myself. :3

  • mshotstuff
    3 years ago
  • Sempiternalbliss
    3 years ago
  • _1Daisy
    3 years ago

    I'm new and just sharing my story around... Its a One Direction one that focuses o Harry Styles before and after he was famous...


    I hope you enjoy!!

  • Nargles
    3 years ago


    Title: Lost & Found

    *One Direction Fanfic* As Zayn and the rest of the guys from One Direction arrived at their concert in NY, Zayn spots a crying girl and feels the need to help find her missing dog. From that day on, Zayn tries to meet the girl again, for there's something totally different about her, something intriguing and he needs to find out what it is. Soon, Ellie finds herself on tour with One Direction where she slowly starts falling for Zayn and vise versa. Not to mention eating at Nandos for the first time, becoming best friends with the rest of the group, meeting some of their parents, getting her first kiss, donating her hair and doing all of it in two weeks.

  • sensatioNIALL
    3 years ago

    please check out my Ziam fan fic :) it would mean so much :) http://www.wattpad.com/story/1260445-unexpected-a-ziam-fan-fiction :) x

  • musicrazi
    3 years ago


    Thanks for reading! (:


    "To tell the truth, just talking aloud soothes me. Maybe it’s because telling these stories is like reliving those breathtaking moments. Or maybe because it reassures me that I won’t ever forget them. To me, making sure these memories stay alive means Harry will, too."
  • _hellojello1313
    3 years ago

    Wow! Thank you everyone for comenting, I'll be sure to check out your stories if I haven't yet ^_^

  • turnblue
    3 years ago


    Stole My Heart ♥

    Becca Richardson and Harry Styles have been inseperable for as long as they can remember but have been apart for the last 9 months due to Harry being on tour with his band One Direction. Becca and Harry have always had a completely platonic friendship, but will that change when they reunite for the summer? And how will Becca's life change when she meets the other boys for the first time? Be ready for an unforgettable summer with Becca and 5 sexy boys!


  • _gOtFaNs
    3 years ago



    Alex and Kim were just two normal American girls living in a normal world- okay well maybe they weren’t totally normal…actually they weren’t normal at all, they were something worse…they were DIRACTIONERS- DUN DUN DUHHH! But their world was still considered normal. All it took was a forgetful Kim, A door swinging Alex, a sexy as hell British-Irish boy band, and some…zombies? Yeah zombies, to turn their world upside-down. Now the girls are running in one direction WITH One Direction! This story is as hilarious action packed filled adventure! Directionators are not allowed to read, they couldn’t handle this much awesome. Jk everyone is welcome into Harry’s Pants! Wait-wut?